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Lufia 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Lufia 2 - SNES

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To easily win against the Master in the Ancient Dungeon, kill yourself. It may sound weird, but in the end, it will be treated as if you had won.

Complete the game once, then select the "Retry" option. Gold and experience in this new game will accumulate at four times the standard rate during battles.

If you can get to floor B99 in the Ancient Cave, ( outside of Gruberick ) you will find a huge slime called ancient slime. Beat it. It is an Iris treasure. - Sent by [Michael]

The following code increases all your stats to 999 while you are at level 0. Note: Doing this while in a town is recommended. First, go to the configuration option in the menu. Scroll down to the music option. Do not press Right or
the code will not work. Press Left, then press Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, B. Open your menu screen and then your level should be 0. Save at a church, then power off the SNES. Start again and load the saved game. Go to a inn and sleep. Your HP and MP should be around 999, and if you check your status, all your stats should be 999. Repeat this for all your characters. Note: Use this code on Maxim when you first complete the cave that the old man helps with. - Sent by [Kaia]

Gain Level After each fight - AAE1-7ED5
Unlimited Hit Points - 8236-0F34
Immune to all petrifing effects - 6D8F-0DC4
Unlimited Magic Points in battle mode - 823A-0FC4

DD68-D7AD Add this code in Pro Action Replay Codes in order to do more damage in battles. - Sent by [Kaia]

Go to config click misc hit left than right if done right you'll see your items than go left,up,right,down,right,up, left,down than go to the main screen wher you can look at items ect. if the charcters at level 0 go save come back in and you'll be in max level. note:it make it slower because it has a huge memory. Note:It mave Vary effects on the charccter exsample you might have a 999 atc. power one time and the nexst 399 Note: MP's might become infinite. Note: most monsters can't hurt you.


Enter the configuration screen after four characters are in your party. Highlight the "Music" option, then press Left, Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down. Select reset and continue game play.

The game will allow to stay at inns with no charge if you do not have enough money to pay.

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