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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Killer Instinct running on SNES

Killer Instinct

Cheats & Hints for Killer Instinct - SNES

At the player select sceen chose Cinder. At the vs. Screen do this combo, hold Right on the controller and press L,R,X,B,Y and A if you hear 'Eyedol' take your finger off of Right and your Eyedol. - Sent by [AmanPrasad]

To view a ending of a character go to options, put in 4 or more stars on the difficulty section, stat a new game (1 player game) select any character and complete the game by defeating Eyedol now enjoy your character's ending you can view it again by completing the game again. - Sent by [Mohammed]

Press down and start at same time for combo breaker.

In the vs menu hold right while pressing all the punch buttons (y-x-r).

Pick cinder then at the versus hit L,R,X,B,Y,A,

If you are losing at the end of the fight. And your opponent doesn't finish you. Press L+R+A+B+X+Y around 5 times to fight back. You will after 2 hits from your opponent.

In VS mode, when you run out of life and your opponent has the opportunity to finish you off, start hitting random buttons like crazy. There is no specific sequence. If you manage to hit the buttons fast enough before your opponent hits you again, you will come back to life with only a sliver of health, but your attack power will be enhanced greatly. If you get hit again, it's over.

When the Vs. Screen appears (with a close up of each character's face), press Down and Start. - Sent by [inter_a]

When announce says "Danger" get very close to your opponent and quickly press Left, Down, Right, A.

When the screen shows to pick a person press [Down+B] and you will be in sky stage. A next code is to go to spinal's new stage when you have to choose a person press [Up+Y] and you will go to the new stage. - Sent by [FrankMathew]

Pick Cinder and beat your opponent. When screen turns red and says "danger" press back, back, A.

Fight your way up to Eyedol, then let him kill you. At the game-over screen, let the timer run down and then go to "Practice", pick your character, then you'll be practicing against Eyedol.

(To pick the stage in a two-player game, you must first choose your character. Then simultaneously press the following pad directions and buttons to access these stages)

Random Stage Select: Press UP and START

Eyedol's Stage: Press DOWN and Fierce punch (X button)

Glaciul's Stage: Press UP and Fierce Punch (X Button)

Street Stage: Press DOWN and Weak Kick (R Button)

Orchid's Stage: Press UP and Medium Kick (B Button)

Spinal's Stage: Press UP and Weak Kick (R Button)

Cinder's Stage: Press UP and Fierce Kick (A Button

Riptor's Stage: Press DOWN and Medium Punch (Y Button)

Sabrewulf's Stage: Press DOWN and Medium Kick (B Button)

Fulgore's Stage: Press DOWN and Fierce Kick (A Button) - Sent by [Elliot]

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