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Illusion Of Gaia

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Illusion Of Gaia on SNES

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When you wish to begin a playthrough of this game, go to the file selection screen, then reset the console. Start a new file as normal and immediately find the two other Red Jewels in South Cape (one in the school belfry and one in a pot in the lower floor of Lance's house). From there immediately go to the Seaside Cave, and enter and exit seven times. What this does is ensure that a fisherman appears just outside the cave, on the pier. Examine his pot for a Red Jewel. These tasks done in this order circumvents what can otherwise be a very time consuming task of entering and leaving the cave sometimes dozens of times, and possibly missing the Jewel by accident.

To unlock a secret stage in the game, collect all 50 Red Jewels throughout the game, then visit Gem The Jeweler in the Village Of Dao. He will see you have fifty Red Jewels and will automatically take you to his place (The Secret Mansion).

The strategy guide states that when in the native village one must go back to Euro to save the game. A closer save point is located in the Native Village. It is in the upper right corner of the village in an alley beside a hut.

During the course of the game, you can find up to 50 (sometimes missable) Red Jewels. By collecting them and giving to Gem the Jeweler, you can get additional rewards alongside the secret mansion in "Unlocking Gem's Secret Mansion" cheat.

UnlockableHow to unlock

In Euro, go up from the entrance, then turn left into the alley that leads to the shrine. As you are moving left, press up against the walls of the houses and you will discover a hidden entrance. Talking to the man inside will give you +1 to strength. You can thus end the game with 30 strength rather than 29.

When saving the slaves in the mine, go to the corner of the map, where the wind blows your hair. use young will's phyco dash to break the wall, the man inside will give you 3 gems for the effort.


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