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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest on SNES

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After you beat the whole game, save right before you defeat the Dark King. Now go to fight until you get to level 41. You should have around 42 White Spells, 21 Black Spells, and 1O Wizard Spells. Now fight until you get around 1O,OOO,OO Extra Points. Your spells should have increased by 2 or 3! Do this until you have 99 in all three types of Spells.

When fighting in a battlefield against an enemy that can selfdestruct, make sure all but that one enemy is dead. Also, make sure your hp is low enough for the selfdestruct to kill you as well. Wait for the enemy to selfdestruct and kill both of you. The battle will end, you will gain all the experience, gp, and even the battle count will decrease, and then it will ask you to try again. Do so and repeat the previous steps until you see that you have won the prize for defeating all the enemies. Win the next battle and exit. The battlefield icon will look like one that has been cleared out and the battlefield will now say: Battlefield Round 255 of 10.

The first part of Doom Castle is guarded by another version of Flamerous Rex called Skullrus Rex. Most people would sigh and use all the magic in their inventory. Instead, just equip the hero with the Dragon Claw and scratch him once and he goes down. His ninja flunkies shouldn't be too much trouble after that.

The final boss is the Dark King, which is very hard. But an easy way to beat him is to use Cure on him. He should be dead in no time.

In the menu screen, press START and SELECT at the same time. You should then get a box telling you which version number all the chips in your SNES are. Afterwards, the text in the menu screens might act a bit wacky. Just exit the menu and enter it again to fix it.

When you first start a game, you have to get Kaeli and go to the Level Forest to defeat the monster that poisened the trees. His name is Minotaur and is really easy to defeat. When he attacks Kaeli, you have to fight him. To kill him instantly, have Kaeli use the Life Spell on him and he's automatically defeated!

Keep using cures on the final Boss to hurt him. Use it on him approximately twenty times and he will vanish into thin air.

When you fight in a battle field, fight the first nine battles and leave one. Go somewhere besides a battle field (for instance, the Bone Dungeon) and get to where your exp. points are very, very low. About 1-100. Go to a battle field where you don't win anything and defeat the last battle. You'll get two level ups instead of one.

Go to any town, and if you find a treasure box, open it. Go out of town, then go back in. Open the box again and the item will be available. This can be of great help when you are stocking 99 of each item.

Using the Cure spell 4-5 times to heal yourself and quaffing tons of cure potions can be very annoying. To get a full heal, just use the Life spell. This works IN and OUT of battle, so when you find a boss that has a special attack that can mutilate your party in a few hits, use a Life spell to pump hp's back up.

When Phobe joins press A 3 times to get her to join as a 680 hp character. She will be a powerful ally for a long time if you take care of her.

Normally you're not expected to have the amount of money Tristan wants for the dragon claw when he gets it and offers to sell it. If you want to spend time trying to get $9000, though, he'll give it to you. Unfortunately this can take about as long as it would for you to normally get the dragon claw, Depending how frivolous you are in spending your money.

On American versions of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, there is a particular glitch regarding the Life spell. Like in most Final Fantasies (and the EU/JP versions of this game), it is intended to be able to do extreme damage to undead enemies. However, a few flags got mixed up in the US versions of the game: in this version, you can use Life to kill non-undead enemies, although you can't damage undead enemies at all with this spell.

At the beginning of the game, at the first forest, there is a treasure box carrying potions. Take the potions and leave the forest. Now go back to the forest and the treasure box will be full of potions again! Repeat this process until you have as many potions as you want. NOTE: You can do this in any town, forest, dungeon, etc. that has a treasure box with any kind of healing item in it.

This glitch will completely skip getting the fire crystal and/or getting Reuben for the first time. To start, you need your items to be in this order for consumables, Seeds, Cure Potion, Refresher and Heal Potion last. Best way to get this order set up is to get the Seed in Bone Dungeon, getting the Cure Potion right after killing the Flamerus Rex. Get the Refresher in the Ice Pyramid's first room, waiting to get the Heal Potion in the room where you get the second chest armor (It's the right chest of the bottom two.) Okay, now once you beat the Ice Golem, get the coin and make way to Fireburg and go into the Hotel. Use up the last of your seeds so none are left and talk to the npc behind the counter on the right, they sell seeds, set it to buy 0 seeds and accept, open your menu and you'll see the zero seeds, use one and you'll see your Cure Potions turn into the Sun Coin, the final coin to get through Doom Castle. Okay, next thing we'll want to do is talk to the person sitting at the table just to the left and up a bit, they're selling Cure Potions, you want to buy 19 and then open your menu again, actually look at your items, you'll see you've lost both coins you've collected at this point from the first two dungeons, but now, where they were, you now have the last two coins. All you have to do from here is leave fireburg, go back to the focus tower, and enter the next area. Reuben will still pop out of your ass for the little scene at the bridge,, broken game is broken.

Defeat one of the battle fields in the Fire zone.

Once you get your Heal Spell,( Falls Basin ) you can really hurt an enemy. If you use your Heal Spell on an enemy, it could put them to sleep, paralyze them, poison them, confuse them, and petrify them. It works well against those enemys that are hard to kill.

The Exit and Life Spells are very deadly.
Most people think that the Exit Spell will stop the battle you are currently in, and most people think that the Life Spell will bring an enemy back to Life you have defeated. Well, the Life Spell kills almost everybody unless they are strong against fatal attacks. The Exit Spell kills everybody except the bosses.

In the game, go to a battlefield and fight a couple times. Then leave for something else. When you get to a part of the game where you need more power, go back to the battlefields and clear it out. Then, when you come back you won't have to go through everything all over again.

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