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Final Fantasy 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Final Fantasy 3 on SNES

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first learn VANISH and X- zone or VANISH and DOOM.
<1>cast vanish on desired enemy.
<2>cast ether x-zone or doom.
<3>watch them die.
p.s will not work on KeFA C-yah  | Submitted by Aaron Baer

1. Enter a battle.
2. Get the person u want to duplicate items from.
3. Go to items menu.
4. Select an empty slot, then the item you want to duplicate by pressing up(This person must be holding the item).
5. Start running and press B.
6. Press X, then go to the equip menu.
7. Equip the item u unequiped durring the battle.
8. Have fun with the 2 items you now have.


1. Sell 1 item u duplicated and get money.
2. The Excalibur is worth more than the crystal sword. | Submitted by James B.

Enter C2DDE8CC as the PAR Code. | Submitted by Gimpy_69

Enter C2DF0CCC as the PAR code. | Submitted by Gimpy_69

Go to the forest east of Gau's father's house and kill 4000 dragons and then a gold dragon will appear (like the one in kefka's tower) and when you kill it, it should give you reserect, it may take 2 or three tries (the dragon will still be there). After you get reserect go to leo's grave and use it and he will join your party.

"note" it would be wise to have at least one warp stone. You must be in the ruined world to get Gogo. When you have your airship fly to the triangle island search the island until you find a "Zoneeater" when you get into battle let him use the "engluf" attack on all you guys/gals. When he does you should end up in a cave then there will be these bridges in the next room or two. Once you find the be exreemly careful the guys on the bridges will throw you of if they get close enough. when you get across the briges you will enter another room,SAVE IT,TRUST ME. Then you enter another room were the ceiling falls and rises. Look for holes in the ceiling because you never know when it will fall "note if the ceiling hits you your dead"! Once you get through there you will enter another room once you take a step there will be a test to see if you are strong enough to get Gogo (this may not work for you but I fought with Tara,Sabin,Edgar,and Celes).If you win you will enter a room with a lot of treasure chests just walk up to them and you will jump across them. When you get through there you will enter another room where you will find Gogo! | Submitted by JasonD.

To get all of the lores, go to Kefka's tower and fight DARK FORCE. Use life three on all of your party members. Also take Strago with you because he has to learn the lores. The Dark Force will use all of the lore attacks that Strago needs to know. (You will have to wait awhile to get the dark force to use Quassar) | Submitted by elvis

Just enter C0C8340C as a pro action replay code in your emulators menu (SNES9X). | Submitted by Gimpy_69

Enter C2E050FF as the PAR code. | Submitted by Gimpy_69

To achieve the paladin shield you must use the cursed shield 255 times in battle consecutively without going into a town or status menu ( including the airship.) I suggest you use the cursed shield in an easy fighting zone for quicker battle. | Submitted by Randy Jack

When you're supposed to catch some fish for Cid, be sure to catch the fast ones that moves around in the water and give those to Cid so he can live. If you catch the slow ones and feed them to Cid, he'll die because the slow ones are the sick fish and the fast ones are the healthy ones.

Just enter C0CE2E00 as the PAR code in your SNES emulator. | Submitted by Gimpy_69

Once you are in the Ruined World and have an airship go north of the velt. There will be a forest in the rough shape of a head and a mountain just east of it. Gau's father lives west of it, if that helps. Now, you must have only one person in your group and put on "vanish." Just fight around and bathe in all the exp. | Submitted by KevinM.

The exp. doubles exp. you recieve in a battle. You must be in the ruined world. Enter Darel's Tomb (where the air ship is). Starting from the enterance walk down as far as you can without entering the door, go left, down, and right through the door to the basement. Search the right wall until you find a wall that you can walk right through, enter and get the exp. egg in the treasure chest. | Submitted by KevinM.

Just enter C0D04FFF as the PAR code in your SNES emulator or if you have the PAR replay gameshark device. | Submitted by Gimpy_69

To get Sabin's final blitz, Bum Rush, you must be in the Ruined World. Fly north to Narshe, the cave town, and look on that continent for four trees shaped in a cross. Land and walk into the trees. You will meet Sabin's trainer and he will teach him the final blitz. | Submitted by KevinM.

To get Mog's best dance, Water Rondo, you need to get him in your party in the World of Balance. To do this, you must go to Narshe, and into the house with the locked treasure chests. Lone Wolf will be there, ONLY if you let him escape earlier. He'll run away with the treasure. Follow him. At the top of the snowfields, Lone Wolf will hold Mog hostage. You must choose between Mog and a Golden Hairpin. You can get the Hairpin later in the game, and this is the only time you can get Mog to learn the Water Rondo. Once you learn it, head over to Nikeah in your airship. There is a chocobo stable around, rent one, and follow the path to Mobliz, and Crescent Mountain. Jump in the current, and you'll be delivered to your airship. | Submitted by KyleJ.

In the thief town, Zozo, go to the building where you have to set the clock. Then enter: 6, 10, 50 this will enable you to open the secret passage and get Edgar's new tool. | Submitted by Kevin

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