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Madden NFL Football '97

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Madden NFL Football '97 on Saturn

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Select Exhibition or Season Mode, and select any team. On the User Records screen, move the cursor under "None" and press C, then enter a name using the D-Pad. When you're finished, press C again. | Submitted by HRBEK

When you are watching an instant replay press the right and left shift buttons for alternate camera angles. | Submitted by HRBEK

Pick Pro Formation, WR Quick Out, and then roll to your right with the QB and act like you are going to run the ball. More often than not, the Defender will pull off the receiver to the right and you can throw a 30 to 40 yard pass! | Submitted by HRBEK

After starting a game, enter Tiburon as a user/player name to gain access to all the secret teams. After entering Tiburon's name, press B repeatedly until you return to the Team Select screen. | Submitted by HRBEK

1. At the Select Team screen hold Z and press X, this will select a random
2. If you press it enough times, some secret teams will appear.

To view all of the FMVs, hold Right Shift while the game is booting (starting). | Submitted by HRBEK

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