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PlayStation 4 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End screenshot

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on PlayStation 4

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Go to the indicated locations in Chapter 10 to knock over all 16 rock cairns (rock piles) with your vehicle and get the "Not A Cairn In The World" trophy. Simply drive over them and they will fall apart. At certain points in the mission, you cannot go back. This means you must get them in the correct order or you will have to start over again by replaying the chapter. The cairns can be found at the following locations (in order):

1. In front of where you start.

2. In the larger area shortly after the start (area with waterfall on the left).

3. Same area as previous cairn, but at the end of the area (where you drive up the mud).

4. After driving up the mud, before the wooden bridge on the left.

5. After crossing the wooden bridge on the left.

6. Shortly after passing the bridge, you drive up a muddy hill. After that, you reach a new area with a small river and you must drive up a large rock. On the rock is a cairn.

7. After driving up the second rock on the right (same area as previous cairn).

8. You will drive down a muddy hill and see some ruins in front of you. Before the ruins on the left is a cairn.

9. After the last cairn, you jump down a little rock and reach a relatively small circular area. At the end of this area is a cairn.

10. In the area after destroying a wooden bridge with the winch. When Sully talks about Nadine.

11. In the very large area on your way to the beacon. It is at the start of that area, after you see some trucks driving away in the distance.

12. Same area as before, further up the hill.

13. Same area as before, on the hill on the left side with the manmade sculptures.

14. Same area as before, near the top of the hill (but before the beacon). This is the best hidden one, as it is standing in some tall grass and hard to see. It is just before making a right turn to the hilltop with the beacon. To the left of it is a path that leads to a village with enemies.

15. On the hilltop where the beacon is located. In front of the beacon.

16. After the second beacon/tower, on the right side of a cliff. You will drive right past it.

Search the indicted locations to find all three strange items and get the "Relic Finder" trophy:.

Strange Pendant: In Chapter 9, after solving the puzzle with the water bucket and three crucifixes, you must jump down the cliff on the right side. At this point, you can attach your rope and swing to a platform with a skeleton on it that has the pendant.

Strange Relic: In Chapter 12, after following the arrows with your boat and shortly after Sam and you get split up (because of a rope bridge breaking apart), you will reach an old tower on top of the island. You must use your rope and slide down some mud. Then, go left. There is a small hill you can climb. From the hill, you must make a far jump into the abyss and attach your rope at the last second. The rope is really far away and hard to see. It will let you swing to a platform with a big bowl on it. The strange relic is in the bowl.

Strange Fruit: In Chapter 21, the strange fruit can be found inside the cave near the end of the mission. You will have to attach your rope to a wooden structure and swing down. As you swing down you will see Avery's pirate ship in the water below you. Then, rappel down and swing to the little cave entrance in front of you, on the right side. It is far away and easy to miss. Inside this cave is the final strange item.

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock multiple categories of options at the "Bonus" menu that can be purchased with the points earned during the game. The points are earned by collecting treasures and journal entries as well as completing optional conversations. The available categories are: "Character Gallery", "Character Skins", "Concept Art", "Equipable Weapons" (including the Barok .44 revolver, which almost always kills with one-hit), "Gameplay Modifiers" (including infinite ammo and slow motion), and "Render Modes". Note: Using weapon and gameplay modifier/cheat options do not disable earning any trophies.

Beat the game once on any difficulty and purchase using points earned in game.

Beat the game once on any difficulty and purchase using points earned in game.

Keep an eye out for climbable ledges, these are highlighted by flat white bars that Nathan Drake can cling onto. Regularly look up to see if there's a prompt for you to activate the rope in mid-jump by pressing the L1 button.

Beat the game once on any difficulty and purchase using points earned in game.

In 2015, when Naughty Dog was supposed to demo Uncharted 4 at the E3 convention, a cutscene played and then Nathan Drake stood around at the edge of a marketplace, doing nothing. The presenter had failed to find a controller. Now, as you play Chapter 11, you'll witness the cutscene and then Nathan Drake appears in the familiar location. Don't do anything for around 30 seconds and you'll receive a special trophy, which doubles as an Easter egg.

You can only get the "Best Score!" trophy during the Epilogue (final chapter). It does not work in Chapter 4 when you play the Crash Bandicoot game for the first time. The reason is because you have an extra life in the Epilogue which gives you 500 bonus points. You must beat the high score of 3,500 points. With a few tries this should not be too difficult. You need to collect most of the apples and the extra life, do not die, and complete the level as quickly as possible. If you are short a few points, it is because you did not collect enough apples or missed the extra life from one of the boxes. The extra life is found in a wooden box relatively early in the level. If you do not collect the extra life, you cannot beat the high score.

Select the "Showdown" encounter (Chapter 20) from the main menu, and play it on the Explorer difficulty. After killing the first three enemies in this area, four more will spawn close together on a rock. There is a rocket launcher sitting on one of the boxes in this area. Pick it up and shoot the four enemies after they jump down the rock. Aim at the enemy that carries a rocket launcher, as he has the strongest armor. This should easily kill all four of them. If you do not get it on your first try, simply restart the checkpoint and try again until you get the "Boom County" trophy.

After ringing the bell at the top of the tower in Chapter 11: Hidden In Plain Sight, you will reach a puzzle room. After inspecting three pirate portraits, Sully will give you his phone. You are supposed to take a picture of the pirate sigils, but instead aim the camera at Sully and take a picture when he says cheese to get the "Glamour Shot" trophy.

Select the "Convoy" encounter (Chapter 11) from the main menu. You will be getting dragged by a rope in this encounter. At the very beginning of the encounter, you can shoot vehicles with your pistol while being dragged. If you shoot them often enough, they will explode. Set the difficulty to Explorer and enable auto-aim under the control options to make this very easy. Destroy the first two cars, then restart the checkpoint and repeat this process until you get the "Hang Tough!" trophy. Note: Your progress resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter before getting the trophy, you wil need to start over again. You must keep using the checkpoint restart until you get the trophy.

Select the "Drawbridge" encounter (Chapter 10) from the main menu. Set the game to the Explorer difficulty and disable auto-aim under the control options. There are two ropes in this encounter. The one on the right side works best. Use the rope and wait until it stops swinging. Then, shoot the enemies in the head. The AK-47 (or any other assault rifle) works really well for this. You can fire in bursts and should easily get a headshot. The enemies are not far away. Some will be standing right in front of you on a building. After killing a bunch of them, restart the encounter. Do not complete the encounter. Leave at least one enemy alive and restart the checkpoint. Note: Your kill count resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter before getting the trophy, you need to perform 20 rope headshots again. You must get 20 rope headshots in a row using the checkpoint restart. It should take approximately five checkpoint restarts to get the "Hangman's Bullet" trophy using this method.

Beat the game once on any difficulty and purchase using points earned in game.

When you have beaten the game on the Crushing difficulty setting you will earn the 'Charted! - Crushing' trophy and be able to view the ending cutscene and final boss epilogue. To make getting this trophy easier enable cheats in the 'Bonus' menu. Note: you need to beat every single chapter on Crushing difficulty to get the trophy, just beating the last chapter on this setting will not unlock it.

Beat the game once on any difficulty and purchase using points earned in game.

As you play through Chapter 11, Nate and Sam will stumble across an unfamiliar portrait of a pirate that has the sigil of a monkey with a poison dagger and an hourglass. Then in Chapter 14, you'll see portraits of the founders in Libertalia's bank. One of them has most of his name obscured on the frame, but it starts with a "G." These are references to Guybrush Threepwood, the star of the classic LucasArts adventure titles set on Monkey Island.

You can find a hidden bronze trophy by swimming in the water near the sunken pirate ship that you find in Chapter 12. As Nathan swims around, he'll say "Marco" and Sam will ask "Marco What?" This continues the tradition, established in Uncharted 2 and then carried on in Uncharted 3, of making a joke reference to the popular "Marco Polo" pool game.

Papers, Please, a popular PC indie title, takes place along the border of the fictional country of Arstotzka. In Uncharted 4, you'll find a reference to that fictional country in Chapter 11, during a conversation Nathan has with Sully in an immigration checkpoint (Nate will make the reference).

In Chapter 4, you'll see a sequence wherein Nathan and Elena sit down for an old school gaming session. The game being played is Crash Bandicoot, the first big title for which Naughty Dog is known, which appeared on the original PlayStation. Nathan will make an attempt to play through the first level and beat his rival's high score.

Beat the game once on any difficulty and purchase using points earned in game.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

Nathan Drake drives around Madagascar in a Jeep, with Sully and Sam. If you pay attention to the vanity plate on the vehicle, you'll see that it says "VN373." Flip that around and it basically reads "Elena," a clever little reference to that familiar character.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock


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