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Shovel Knight

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Shovel Knight - PlayStation 4

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If you would rather not wait to experience the joy of running through the game as Plague Knight (typically, you have to beat the original campaign first), hold the attack button and enter the following button combination at the title screen: UP, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT. Release the attack button and you should unlock the Plague of Shadows mode. There is an additional challenge mode available, as well. To access that, hold the attack button and press UP, UP, LEFT, UP, UP, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP and then release the attack button.

Select "Start Game" and create a new character. Enter one of the following cheat codes as your character name. Select "Yes" to confirm the code, then you can rename your character as desired. Note: Achievements cannot be earned while using your cheat mode character. Also, only one code can be enabled at once.


Attack Tinker Knight with the Mobile Gear during the first phase of his battle to immediately win.

Reach the room near the middle of King Knight's stage, just after fighting the first gryphon. There are four flying mice that are in a good position to get knocked down by a single anchor.

Reach the secret room where you get the Alchemy Coin in the "Explodatorium" level. This room has six enemies in a narrow corridor at the bottom, with a lone Greenarmor above. Drop down and use your relic when at least five enemies are clustered together. If needed, leave the room and re-enter to try again. Reach the area with several Propeller Rats in the "Pridemoor Keep" level. Move around until you get five of them near you. Note: This may require a few attempts. To retry, scroll out of the area and return to force the enemies to to respawn.

Reach the secret room where you get the Alchemy Coin in the "Explodatorium" level. This room has six enemies in a narrow corridor at the bottom, with a lone Greenarmor above. Cast the Mobile Gear down there, jump on it, then allow it to crush all the enemies. Note: You do not need to ride the Mobile Gear; just jump on it so that it activates. Consider waiting until all the enemies are on one side before using the relic for best results.

You must kill an enemy about an entire screen width away with the Flare Wand. This is difficult, because the camera usually moves to keep your character in the center of the screen. You must find an enemy you can defeat while standing at the end of a horizontally scrolling room. Consider using a room about halfway through the "Plains of Passage" level. It features a large mound of dirt blocks with a turkey platter underneath. Instead of using the flying green lizard to jump up to a diamond, leave it alive. Instead, destroy some of the dirt blocks that are in the way and stand at the very right side of the screen. Then, shoot at the lizard when it gets in range. About half way through the "Pridemoor Keep" (King Knight) level is a checkpoint followed by several falling chandeliers. On that screen, your character starts from the far left side, and red Beeto at the far right side. Shoot a fireball using the "Flare Wand" relic as soon as you enter that screen. If you make a mistake, leave through the left side of the screen and try again.

You have to defeat three enemies while in the air, but you do not need to attack three times. This can be done by defeating multiple enemies with a single attack. Play the "Pridemoor Keep" level. Somewhere in the middle of the level, you will reach an outdoor area with several Propeller Rats. Try to attract them so you can attack several of them in mid-air. If needed, move around the area to make the enemies respawn.

If you die, pause game play and select the "Return to map screen" option to reset your death counter and any gold or relics that were obtained in the dungeon. There are enemies that are wandering on the map screen. Avoid these encounters, because if you die in one you will be automatically teleported to the map screen and the game will auto-save.

Play the first level. Get past the second dragon by rushing into the room and shovel down through the bricks as quickly as possible. When you hit the ground immediately use the Phase Locket and run through the bubbles. Then, bounce over the dragon and get past him. At the Boss, kill him by repeatedly hitting it with the Flare Wand. Note: You can also earn "Sparker" by getting him down to half a heart then finishing him off with a sword spark.

During the first stage, use the Dust Knuckles and down-stab to kill everything to progress through the level. Save at least 48 magic for the Boss, then kill him with the Flare Wand to get the "On A Diet" and "Shovel Economy" trophies.

During the first level, use the Dust Knuckles and down-stab to kill everything to progress through the level. Save at least 48 magic for the Boss, then kill him with the Flare Wand.

Food only appears in a few places on The Plains and can be avoided. Both dragon mini-bosses drop an apple. Do not fight them and instead down-stab around them. There are a few platters of food in the level that are easy to avoid. Near the end of the level, a hidden area contains a dirt pile that drops a carrot. Leave that dirt pile untouched or avoid that area altogether.

Use the the Goldarmor enemy in "Pridemoor Keep" (King Knight's stage). The shield will help keeping the coin bouncing back several times, and that particular enemy does not jump. Use the Dozedrake enemy in "Plains" (the introductory stage). The first encounter with the first large enemy is helpful for bouncing the coin due to the large enemy health and the simple ground without hazards.

Reach the secret room where you get the Alchemy Coin in the "Explodatorium" level. This room has six enemies in a narrow corridor at the bottom, with a lone Greenarmor above. Jump down and cast several Chaos Spheres. If needed, leave the room and re-enter to try again.

Note: This only works with one of the main eight bosses, in the "Lair of ??? Knight" levels. Choose any Boss and attack them while using the Phase Locket repeatedly to remain invincible. With a fully upgraded magic bar, you will have plenty of magic remaining. Consider using this on King Knight. He has poor defense and does not have many invincibility frames. If you get hit, intentionally die and restart the fight from the checkpoint.

After paying off the characters inside the Armor Outpost's hat shop, you can chase Mr. Hat around the outpost to get your money back. Immediately after winning the battle inside the shop, go outside to find Mr. Hat standing on top of the shop's sign. Use the airship to get on the rooftops and jump over to him. He will give you 1,000 gold and run off. Return to the airship to find him again for another 1,000 gold before he jumps down a hole. After the two-way catapult on top of the airship is available, go there to find him again. He will pay you the final 1,000 gold before catapulting away.

From the start of the "Pridemoor Keep" level, go left to enter a secret area with a Music Sheet. Hit the top area with your shovel and the walls will come down to expose the Yacht Club Games logo.

Give Music Sheet #23 to the Bard in the Village and he will say "My first publicly performed lair theme. You might say it Kickstarted my career!"

Enter the Hall of Champions and look at the portraits on the walls. Each of them represents someone who donated at least $200 to fund the game's Kickstarter project.

During the ending sequence, you can see five enemies grouped together under the name "the Wandering Travelers". These enemies were actually created by five people that participated in a "Director for a Day" reward for contributing at least $1,000 to the game's Kickstarter project. They are the "Liquid Samurai" enemies, Reize, the Phantom Striker, the Haberdasher and Mr. Hat Boss, and Baz.

Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode for the current profile. It features increased difficulty but you will retain your previously obtained armors, feats, magic, and upgrades.

Collect all 420 Cipher Coins, then talk to Percy or Mona (depending if Mona is in the lab or not).

Give the Pandemonium Chalice to the Troupple King.

Complete the original campaign to unlock Plague Knight (Plague Of Shadows)

After falling and dying in a pit, you can return there and use the Fishing Rod to drop a line into the pit. It will collect any floating bags that were dropped upon death.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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