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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - PlayStation 4

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Complete the game.

There are two different endings in game and both need to be unlocked for the 'End of Night' and 'Just A Memory Now' trophies. When you have defeated the huge mutant boss you will need to make a choice on whether to cure Mia or Zoe as there is only enough serum to cure one of them. Curing Mia gives you Ending #1 (Good) and curing Zoe gives Ending #2 (Bad).

When you press 'Retry' after death the game will not reset the time on a checkpoint restart. A way around this is to create a manual save game at cassette recorders so if things go wrong you can quit out to the 'Main' menu by pausing the game and pressing 'End' and then click 'Load Game' and select a manual save.

Complete a speed run in four hours or less.

To get this trophy you must complete the 'Mia' videotape without being spotted by Marguerite in the 'Get out of the house' mission. Note: If you are seen just wait for Marguerite to grab you as this results in a checkpoint restart and does not count as being seen.

To get this Trophy you must Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it. This can be done on the Pursue Eveline mission onboard the Old Ship when you meet Eveline and she wants to watch a videotape. It is while watching the videotape that you will find Remote Bombs for the first time. Note: Press R2 to stick an equipped bomb in the enemy's mouth.

If you pour a health bottle over your hands or while you're reloading your gun, you can press the block button (L1) to cancel the animation and still get the full benefits. This way you speed up the healing process and gun reloading with a few seconds. This can save your life and is really great to use in Madhouse mode. Keep in mind when reloading the gun, make sure you see the number is green (or changes if your ammo won't fill the gun to max, or you need to fire a round fast) before you press the Block button. This can be useful for some slower reload weapons like the Grenade Launcher, and the Shotguns.

Complete the game on Madhouse difficulty.

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Complete the game on Normal or above.

Destroy all Mr. Everywhere Statues.

Destroy all Mr. Everywhere Statues.

M19 Handgun: It is found in the first room on the right as you enter the attic (Guest House 2F). It is next to a box of bullets and a first aid med bottle.

Knife: It is given by the Deputy through the window (Main House 1F). You cannot miss it.

G17 Handgun: It is found in the garage (Main House 1F) during the first Jack Boss fight. Grab the Deputy's lost gun off the ground during the battle.

Broken Handgun: Once you get outside the house, you will find a trailer. The Broken Handgun is on the bed inside the trailer. You must use a Repair Kit to fix it and get the M19 Handgun again.

M37 Shotgun and M21 Shotgun: The M37 Shotgun is a powerful weapon that can be found in the Main Hall of the the building where you meet family Baker. First, get the Scorpion Key. It is found in the cellar with the slime monsters. The key is sticking out of a piece of meat. Next, use the Scorpion Key on the recreation room upstairs (go up the stairs from the Main Hall) to find the broken shotgun inside. Then, go back downstairs to the Main Hall (Main House 1F) and take the M37 Shotgun from the soldier statue's hands and replace it with the broken shotgun to make the door behind you open so you can escape. You can also repair the broken shotgun to get the M21 Shotgun. After escaping to the Yard, look under the porch to find a removable metal part. Behind it is a box that contains a Repair Kit. Combine it with the broken shotgun to get the M21 Shotgun. It only carries two shells, but they are much more powerful than the M37 Shotgun. This weapon is very helpful for difficult areas towards the end of the game.

Burner: First, find the Burner Grip and Burner Nozzle in the Old House. The Burner Grip is found in a trash can on the deck outside the Gallery, near the bridge to the Save Room. The Burner Nozzle is found in the Water Station of the Old House. Combine both parts to create the flamethrower. This weapon is required to progress further into the Old House.

44 MAG: This powerful pistol is only available if you collect 9 Antique Coins and spend them in the Yard. The Trailer Save Room contains several bird cages with items inside. Use the Antique Coins to unlock the cage to get the 44 MAG.

Grenade Launcher: After getting the Crow Key, return to the Drawing Room on the first floor of the Main House to find the Grenade Launcher inside the supply closet.

MPM Handgun: This standard pistol is found in the lower-left office (Maintenance Room) on the first floor of the Wrecked Ship. It is easy to miss -- so go there as soon as possible.

Survival Knife: It is found on the bench, just outside the elevator doors on Wrecked Ship 2F. You must collect it if you want to survive on the Wrecked Ship for long. Note: This weapon transfers to Ethan after completing the Wrecked Ship.

P19 Machine Gun: This weapon has to be acquired by Mia on the Wrecked Ship. First, go to the second floor and enter the Lounge. There are a bunch of paintings on the wall; the ones on the left have to match the ones on the right. Complete the puzzle and grab the Corrosive from inside the safe. Then, go to the bottom part of the bunks and open the door to find the Captain's Key inside a drawer. Finally, go to the fourth floor and enter the Captain's room to find the P19 Machine Gun. Note: This weapon transfers to Ethan after completing the Wrecked Ship.

Albert-01R Handgun: Successfully complete the game on the Easy or Normal difficulty. The Albert-01R Handgun allows you to kill most enemies with a single shot. You can add it to your inventory from the item box when you reload a save or start a new game.

Circular Saw: Successfully complete the game on any difficulty in under four hours. The Circular Saw can do a massive amount of damage by pressing L2 + R2, and kill some Bosses within seconds. It also does not consume any ammo and can be infinitely used, making it the best choice for a melee weapon. You can add it to your inventory from the item box when you reload a save or start a new game.

Complete a speed run in four hours or less.

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