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Just Cause 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Just Cause 3 - PlayStation 4

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Go to the indicated locations at Isla Striate to find the corresponding tomb. They appear as mounds with blue flowers. Find the door and pay your respects. You can find an Urga Stupka-201 behind each tomb. A hand held mortar is rewarded for finding all of them.

#1: Litore Torto at N40 50.48, E5 45.10.
#2: Grande Pastura at N40 51.54, E5 44.60.
#3: Grande Pastura at N40 50.67, E5 41.79.
#4: Grande Pastura at N40 49.94, E5 41.84.
#5: Grande Pastura at N40 49.65, E5 42.93.
#6: Val De Mar at N40 47.10, E5 41.19.
#7: Val De Mar at N40 46.79, E5 40.78.
#8: Maestrale at N40 47.20, E5 39.02.
#9: Maestrale at N40 47.14, E5 38.06.
#10: Maestrale at N40 47.18, E5 36.89.
#11: Maestrale at N40 47.71, E5 35.08.
#12: Maestrale at N40 48.52, E5 36.04.
#13: Maestrale at N40 48.79, E5 35.44.
#14: Maestrale at N40 48.82, E5 34.57.
#15: Maestrale at N40 49.47, E5 34.26.
#16: Maestrale at N40 49.07, E5 33.08.
#17: Libeccio at N40 45.89, E5 32.75.
#18: Libeccio at N40 45.98, E5 33.68.
#19: Libeccio at N40 46.37, E5 36.94.
#20: Maestrale at N40 45.75, E5 38.74.
#21: Prospere at N40 44.605, E5 40.03.
#22: Litore Torto at N40 46.91, E5 45.68.
#23: Costa Sud at N40 46.46, E5 46.69.

Go to the beach at coordinates N40 41.221, E5 35.019 to see a stack of wood with a rifle stuck vertically into the ground similar to the sword in the Dark Soul series bonfires used to save the game.

Go to a military base. You can only use your tether. However, you can use a third party to destroy objects. Create explosion by exploding other objects on things that need to be destroyed. For example, tether an explosive barrel to a radar dish to cause it to explode. You can also attract enemy fire to destroy their own objects. If you die, your progress will be retained and you can continue destroying objects.

Find all Rebel Shrine locations.

Find all Ancient Tomb locations.

Go to coordinates N40 48.982, E5 36.629 to see the wreckage of the Mile High Club blimp from Just Cause 2.

Find all Vintage Parts.

Fly a helicopter to coordinates N40 48.566, E5 40.859 at the Grande Pastura to reach a high mountaintop with the Mjolnir.

Complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding vehicle.

VehicleHow to unlock

Complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding weapon.

WeaponHow to unlock

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

Go to coordinates N40 42.283, E5 35.197 and press the buttons in the order 1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 1. Jump into the entrance that opens to warp through a wormhole to the other side of the map. You can also travel back using the same wormhole.

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