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Horizon Zero Dawn

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType

A quick and easy way to get Skill points early in the game is to climb all the Tallnecks. There are five of them in total and each one will give you one Skill point.

To fast travel to and from any discovered campfires or settlements, you need the "Fast Travel Pack" item. You can craft the Fast Travel Pack by selecting "Crafting", "Travel", "Pack" at the menu. It costs 15 Ridge-Wood, 1 Fatty Meat, and 1 Bony Meat to craft each "Fast Travel Pack". To fast travel an unlimited number of times without having to use lots of crafting materials on Fast Travel Packs, purchase the "Golden Fast Travel Pack" from a vendor. It is not too expensive, and can be unlocked fairly early in the game. Go to the Meridian settlement and talk to the merchant in the market square to purchase the Golden Fast Travel Pack under the Resources tab. It costs 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, and 10 Fatty Meat. The Golden Fast Travel Pack costs a lot more than a Fast Travel Pack, but it is well worth the investment. It is easy to overlook this enhanced item at the bottom of the merchant's resources list.

There is a way you can get an unlimited amount of rare, purple mods early on in the game that will help you progress faster. You will be able to do this during the 'A Seeker at the Gates' quest. Locate the campfire that is just northwest from your starting location. Once there, go further west following the river and you'll find the Scrapper Site where you'll need to stealthily kill the Scrappers and collect their rare mods. After that, go back to the campfire, save the game and quit. Once you start the game again, you’ll be able to do the looting again and, eventually, get the infinite amount of rare mods to sell or use.

Find all five Power Cells and take them to the Ancient Armory bunker (marked as a side quest) to unlock the Shield-Weaver outfit/armor and "Got The Shield-Weaver Outfit" trophy. This armor is extremely powerful and makes you invincible until it starts flashing red. It absorbs every type of damage, even falling damage. When it turns red, go into cover for a few seconds to make it recharge. You can take a lot of damage before it gets red, which makes the game much easier.

Successfully complete the "Hunting For The Lodge" errand, which is automatically unlocked after getting Half Sun Marks in three Hunting Ground Trials. Then, successfully complete the "Hunter's Blind" follow-up side quest, which is automatically unlocked after completing the "Hunting For The Lodge" errand (mark it in your quest log), to unlock the Tearblaster treasure box as a mission reward. You can find it under "Inventory", "Treasure Boxes", "Tearblaster Weapon Box". Even though this quest line is not really secret, the weapon can easily be overlooked among the many other reward boxes. It is a good weapon for early to mid-game. It shoots compressed air, tearing off machine components, armor, and heavy weapons in one hit. Use it against enemies that carry weapons on their backs, then use their own weapons against them (especially the big Thunderjaws are very easy to kill this way). It is also good against flying enemies to knock them out of the air or shoot machine components with fluids that will then explode. The Tearblaster stuns most enemies in a few hits. They then fall to the ground for a few seconds where you can follow up with a critical spear hit. The range is very limited, comparable to a sawed-off shotgun.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType


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