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This ability is available for 6 AP in Ignis' tree and will enable you to instantly scan enemies and learn about them. The information will also include their weaknesses which you can then exploit to the full.

When driving at night, simply bring up the shop menu in the car. This will prevent any monsters from spawning on the road.

There is crafting materials and high value treasure scattered all across the world so make sure you keep an eye out for it. Don't be afraid to investigate if something looks out of place, more often than not you will be rewarded for your curiosity.

If you find yourself struggling to progress in the game you can always go to 'Options' and switch to the Easy difficulty setting where you get resurrected when you die. This setting is recommended for players who are primarily playing for the story.

Purchase Luncheon Meats (100 Gil) from vendors in Lestallum. Buy approximately 60 to 75 meats to cook "Mystery Meat Sushi". Then, cook 60 to 75 "Mystery Meat Sushi" using one Luncheon Meat per cook to max out the cooking skill in approximately 20 minutes and unlock the best recipes in the game.

Purchase the upgraded fishing rod and reel (costs 20,000 Gil) from the Vesperpool Lake fishing shop to make catching larger fish easier. It is also recommended to purchase the "Stinker: Great Maiboro" lure from the same shop, as it works really well at Vesperpool Lake. Equip them and start fishing at Vesperpool Lake, East Bank. This is in the north-western corner of the Cleigne map. Vesperpool Lake is the best fishing spot in the game. The more rare and large fish you catch, the greater skill increase you will get. Take a break at a campsite to increase your rank to make catching easier, then continue catching fish. Keep doing this for approximately 3 to 5 hours (depending on your luck) to max out the fishing skill.

The toughest skill to max is photography. First, purchase the "Snapshot" Ascension to take photos during combat. This costs one Tech Bar. Purchase "Tech Strike/Tech Damage/Quick Tech" to recharge your Tech Bar faster. To fully max this skill, you will need to take pictures during all combat encounters, every time Prompto gets a Tech Bar. This will take a long time, but there is a quicker way. Put a rubberband around your Analog-stick and controller to automatically walk around. Leave the game on for hours. Check back once an hour to rest the party or make sure you are still moving around and have not gotten caught on something. Prompto will take pictures approximately every 3 minutes, or 20 pictures per hour. You need approximately 1,200 pictures to max out your photography skill.

Survival also takes a long time to max out, but you can also put a rubberband around your Analog-stick and controller to automatically walk around in circles like with the photography skill. You do not need to sprint -- just moving around is enough to get what you need. Leave the game on for hours. Check back once an hour to rest the party or make sure you are still moving around and have not gotten caught on something. Let the team run around for a full day or more to max out the skill, depending on your progress in the story. You will do lots of running as you play -- so this will be unlocked naturally during the story. The game takes approximately 50 hours to complete, and the survival skill requires approximately 25 to 30 hours of running to max out. You can also use the "Infinite sprint" trick to speed things up.

Go to Altissia and take the gondola that travels down the singular light blue line, then follow the other singular line (purple gondola) to reach the Totomostro monster battle arena that allows you to place wagers on monsters as they fight to the death. When you are victorious, you are awarded medals that you can spend on various rewards. One of the rewards is a Great Garula Tusk. This item costs 2,500 medals and sells for 700 Gil to a vendor just outside the arena. This may not be the quickest method to getting Gil, but the majority of it can be done while you are doing something else, like watching TV. Other options to earn Gil, such as Hunts, require nearly as much time and take a lot more attention. Simply place the wagers, then do something else while you wait. You can get over 1 million medals in approximately 80 minutes. Thus, you can purchase 400 Great Garula Tusks and make 280,000 Gil. This is limitless, as you have to buy all of the tusks and then sell the 99 when it gets full to buy more, which can become a bit tedious. However, this is one of the easiest ways to get Gil in the game. A good method when placing a wager in the battle arena is to inspect the odds of each combatant and then check their levels, condition, and the amount of units they have in combat. Typically the combatant with the most units tends to win a battle, unless there is a large level difference. For the fights with multiple teams, normally choose a safe bet and place a small wager. Stick with small bets for the first 10-15 fights to get a good feel for it. You will soon figure out who are the stronger monsters to bet on. The big wins come from the 1v1 fights, as these are a lot easier to predict. Using the same formula as before, choose the one with the better conditioning and higher level, unless it is a 3-4+ vs 1.

You can gain access to a number of special buffs and bonuses early in the game that will allow you to maximize the experience you get for killing enemies and completing quests and hunts. Completing these tasks give you experience points, but there is a special method involving your rest, camping, and cooking habits that can be combined to provide huge experience point bonuses. When you stay at an inn, you are given an experience points bonus reward on only the experience you have earned so far. This buff does not carry over into the next day like cooking does. Thus, whenever you start a questline or exploration, start your day with a cooking recipe that buffs experience points. The earliest recipe you can get is the multi-meat sandwich that provides 20% extra experience. Raise Ignis' cooking to Level 2 by cooking at campfires, then gather Gighee Ham, Daggerquill Breast, and Aegir Root. Once you have gathered these ingredients, you will unlock the multi-meat sandwich recipe. The ingredients can be found at the following locations:

Gighee Ham: You can purchase this from the shop at Hammerhead. They cost 30 Gil each.

Daggerquill Breast: You can get this from the bird enemies in the far northern part of the first area.

Aegir Root: This is the rarest of the ingredients needed. You can find some near the Vennaugh Haven campground in the southern area of the map. It is found along the road towards the Quay.

Once you have the recipe, go to any campground and camp. Then, cook the multi-meat sandwich. Continue with quests, killing monsters, side quests, and any other activities that reward you with experience points. At the end of the day or whenever you are ready to rest, go to a town and rest at an inn. You can get 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x, etc. experience point bonuses, but it costs more to stay at an inn -- so find a balance that works well for you.

To get 10,000 to 20,000 experience points during a single fight, when you use Elemancy to craft spells, add items listed as coins, such as rare coins. These give an experience points reward if you hit an enemy with it and then kill it. You do not have to kill them with the actual attack. Stack more coins with more powerful spells to improve the effect.

It is always worthwhile cooking food and eating it whenever possible as it will make your character more powerful which will help you in combat. You can always check to see whether or not food benefits are still in effect on by looking at your user interface.

There is a side mission that becomes available in Chapter 8, where you have to defeat Formouth Garrison (which is also the location of a piece for the flying Regalia Type-F car and a special upgradeable weapon). You can find the fort in the far north-east corner of Leide, opposite of the Entethina Haven camp. You can visit the fort at any point, but you cannot begin the assault without the side mission that becomes available in Chapter 8, after taking down the previous two forts. Just get in close proximity for the quest to begin. Make sure your party is fully healed and you have plenty of magic. Have the strongest spells you can make and a full 99 of each element. Make sure you also leave 1-2 Magic Flasks free. Set off after you camp. You can use any of the foods that provide XP bonuses, but the Lasagne Al Forno recipe provides a 4,000 HP, nullifies all elemental damage, and gives a 100% bonus to all experience points. This is unlocked through cooking with Ignis. Once you are buffed up, create some Thunder spells using the Expericast buff items. These include Debased Coin, Debased Silverpiece, Debased Banknote, and a few other items. Combine these, using as many as possible, to create a couple of Expericast spells with 99 potency. Use these throughout the quest, especially on the last two Boss fights for massive experience. At the end of the quest, do not leave. Turn around and explore the area to find more Boss battles with giant mechs. Combine the experience inside to get nearly 500,000 experience. Then, go south-east once you get outside to find another huge robot dropped by an airship and some great experience points. Proceed to Galdin Quay and stay at the inn there for 10,000 Gil to double the experience to the nearly 1,000,000.

Unlike previous Final Fantasy games Gill is highly sought after so you need to make sure you regularly find items that can be sold to vendors for some income. It is important that you do this often so you are able to position yourself financially to buy the best equipment.

You may want to consider having Ignis in your party as doing so will give you access to several useful healing magic spells that will increase your party's sustainability considerably.

After battles look to rest at hotels that do not replenish EXP as these places multiply EXP twice, as compared to motels (1.5x).

If you need more Gill you may want to consider doing a Hunt quest. These side quests are picked up at diners around the world and involve killing a particular enemy. Hunt quests are worthwhile doing as they reward you a decent amount of Gill upon completion.

This game features various item spots that have (usually) three different items that are possible, each with a set % chance to obtain a paticular item. Typically you would have to reload the game or wait enough in game time to try again in order to get what you want. If however, you have 99 of any of the items obtainable at that spot, it won't let you pick it up if that is what comes up. You can then try to pick it up again and it will recalculate your item. If you have 99 of two of the items possible, you can just jeep attempting to pick up the item until it finally comes up as the only other item. There are a few spots in the game where even the lesser items are too rare and it isn't feasible to have 99 of them but this trick should help you out immensely for 99% of these spots.

Item spots usually have three different items that can appear, each with a set percentage chance to obtain a particular item. Normally you have to reload the game or wait enough in game time to try again to get the desired item. However, if you have 99 of any of the items obtainable at that spot, it will not let you collect that item if that is what appears. When you try to collect it, it will recalculate your item. If you have 99 of two of the possible items, you can just keep trying to collect the items until it finally drops the only other possible item. There are a few spots in the game where even the lesser items are too rare and it is not feasible to have 99 of them, but this trick should help for most spots in the game.

Pretty easy to execute glitch I discovered by accident. 1. Enter a battle 2. Take damage(a substantial amount) 3. Look around to find a spot where you can teleport to and regenerate, has to be one where Noctis basically hangs there with his sword 4. Execute a companion technique while you're regenerating (Prompto's Stinger works well) 5. When the little QTE for the followup strike happens you have to execute that as well. You have to not have fully regenerated by this time. HP and MP regeneration now keeps happening and only ends if you end the game or load a save. Note that you are not invincible though, enemies with huge damage can still rush you down and the regeneration doesn't work if you're in 'Danger'.

This exploit allows you to get 1,000 AP every 30 minutes. First, have the following items and the Armiger Action Ascension Node.

Armiger Accelerator
Included in the paid Holiday Pack DLC.

Blitzer's Fanfare
Included in the paid Holiday Pack DLC.

Shield Of The Just
Found in the Royal Tomb, west of the Disc, in Thommel's Glade.

Warrior's Fanfare
Included in the free Holiday Pack DLC.

Once you have those items and Ascension Node equipped, complete the following steps.

1. Go to The Three Valleys and find the area where a pack of dogs spawns.

2. Use the Whistle Command to summon enemies.

3. Wait until Battle Mode activates, then use Warp Strikes to kill the dogs.

4. Immediately after killing the dogs, activate Armiger Accelerator. This gives you +1 AP. Wait until the battle is over to activate it or you will deplete Armiger.

5. With the "Warrior's Fanfare" and "Blitzer's Fanfare" activated, you will get +3 AP for defeating enemies with A+ Timing and Offense. This require good timing with Warp Strikes -- so it may take some practice.

6. As soon as the +AP number appears, whistle to summon another pack of dogs. If you do not summon immediately after the pack is defeated, you will have to wait until the report card is complete.

7. Repeat this process as many times as desired to earn an unlimited amount of AP.

Note: This exploit works after Patch 1.03. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches.

At the end of your sprint, just as your character begins to slow down, tap [Sprint] again to instantly refill your stamina and keep sprinting.

At the end of your sprint, just as your character begins to slow down, tap [Sprint] again to instantly refill your stamina and keep sprinting.

If you hold down the Circle Button while walking around it allows you to run but depletes your Green Stamina Bar. If you let it go all the way down it goes into the Red and takes time to refill back up again, causing you to only walk and not able to run anymore during this waiting period. Instead if you release the Circle Button right at the final moment before your Green Stamina Bar completely depletes you will perform a green boost forward and your Stamina Bar will instantly refill to Green again. The limit for this is 0.6 Seconds before Stamina hits zero. Also, this works for Auto-Sprint as well, simply tap L3 [as opposed to RELEASING Circle (or A for Xbox)] a moment before the Stamina Bar is fully depleted. You can do this as many times as you want and potentially run infinitely without ever having to wait for it to refill if you learn when to release it correctly. Make sure to turn on and enable the ability to view your stamina bar in the settings for the game to use this trick.

MP is the measure of how many spells a character can cast. Every time a character casts a spell it will be depleted. When your MP is low you can begin regenerating it by hiding behind cover and holding the dodge button (Square).

When the night falls you will face enemies that are more dangerous. Although the enemies will be a higher level and harder to defeat you will gain better rewards.

You can become resilient to many attacks by phasing, this is done by holding the dodge button (Square). Although phasing will mean you won't have to employ dodge timing to actively mitigate damage it does mean your MP will drain if you use it.

During the countdown in Chocobo races, hold Circle as the "3" disappears to get the best speed boost. If you do this when the "2" appears, you will get a medium speed boost. If you do it when the "2" disappears, you will get a small speed boost.

As you only have a limited amount of stamina you will not be able to run around the world as much as you want. You can however save stamina and move more quickly through the world if you don't have access to a Chocobo by jumping during a sprint so you carry your momentum with you and regenerate some stamina mid-flight. This means however spam jumping often.

There are locked vault doors at the end of some dungeons that lead to secret raids when unlocked. First, complete the story by completing all 14 chapters. After the credits, create a save game. Load the saved game, go to a lodging, and call Umbra to travel back to any of the locations in the game. Then, complete the following four dungeons: Balouve Mines, Crestholm Channels, Daurell Caverns, and Costlemark Tower. Next, go to the Meldacio Hunter HQ outpost in the very north of Cleigne. There is an old lady sitting in a chair. If you have completed the previous steps, she will be marked as a quest giver. Talk to her to get a key for all dungeon vaults. She will also give you several "Menace" quests. Track a Menace quest for it to add a waypoint to the next vault on the map. Behind those doors are deeper levels of the dungeons with higher level enemies and better rewards. These endgame raids are only accessible after completing the story. It is recommended to go to them well prepared, as they have the strongest enemies in the game and take a very long time to complete. If you want the very best equipment in the game, this is where to obtain it. There are eight sealed vaults that lead to raids:

Balouve - Level 78
Costlemark - Level 99
Crestholm - Level 92
Daurell - Level 72
Fociaugh - Level 65
Grotto - Level 65
Keycatrich - Level 55
Steyliff - Level 86

Learn to take full advantage of magic spells like Fire by using them when it's environmental effects can be used to combo enemies.

As you may have noticed, your opponents can sometimes dart right at the beginning of the race, giving them an early lead. In order to do this yourself, press and hold the O button as the "3" disappears to get the best speed boost. If you do this when the "2" appears, you'll get the medium speed boost, and if you do it when the "2" disappears, you'll get a small boost.

Consider playing an assassin if the combat situation requires stealth, an assassin is able to sneak up to Human enemies undetected and eliminate their target in a single attack (Triangle button).

The following treasures can be found in the listed location(s) or obtained using the corresponding method.

Adamantite: Dropped by Adamantoise.
Alstor Bass Bones: Obtained from fishing.
Ammonite Fossil: Found in different dungeons.
Anak Antlers: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Anak Stag.
Anak Fetlock: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Anaklaban and Anakadom.
Ancient Dragon Tooth: Found in Cauthess Rest Area, Fociaugh Hollow, Daurell Caverns, and Meldacio Hunter HQ.
Arapaima Scales: Obtained from fishing.
Arba Spur: Dropped by Arba and Arbagadol.
Barbed Poison Needle: Dropped by Mushumahhu.
Barbed Scythe: Dropped by Killer Wasp and Solider Wasp.
Barrelfish Scales: Obtained from fishing.
Basilisk Plumage: Dropped by Basilisk.
Beautiful Bottle: Found in Duscae.
Beautiful Hide: Dropped by Havocfang.
Beautiful Plumage: Dropped by Royalisk.
Beetle Shell: Found in Meldacio Hunter HQ and Daurell Caverns.
Behemoth Horn: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium, Wiz Chocobo Post region, Deadeye lair.
Big Scorpion Stinger: Dropped by Reaperking.
Bluegill Fin: Obtained from fishing.
Bluegilll Scale: Obtained from fishing.
Broken Harmonica: Found in Lestallum and Deadeye's Lair.
Building Stone: Found in Duscae and south region of Cleigne.
Bulette Carapace: Dropped by Griffon.
Cactuar Needle: Dropped by Slactuar and South of Lake Vesperpool.
Catfish Barbel: Obtained from fishing.
Catoblepas Fang: Dropped by Catoblepas.
Centipede Feet: Dropped by Redlegs.
Centipede Jaw: Dropped by Hunglegs.
Centipede Teeth: Dropped by Redlegs.
Chrome: Found in various dungeons.
Cockatrice Crest: Dropped by Cockatrice.
Cockatrice Tail Feathers: Dropped by Cockatrice.
Coeurl Whiskers: Dropped by Elder Coeurl and earned in Totomostro.
Colorful Griffon Claw: Dropped by Griffon.
Crab Carapace: Dropped by Stoneshears, Rubyshears, and Sparkshears.
Crimson Tongue: Dropped by Falxfang and Megaloclaw.
Curved Fang: Found in Longwythe Rest Area region and dropped by Saberclaw.
Curved Hollowhorn: Dropped by Kujata.
Deadly Stinger: Dropped by Killer Queen.
Debased Banknote: Found in Cleigne.
Debased Silverpiece: Found near various outposts in Cleigne.
Divine Whiskers: Dropped by Jormungand.
Downy Feathers: Dropped by Regaltrice.
Dragon Claw: Dropped by Wyvern.
Dragon Horn: Dropped by Manxom and Jabberwock.
Dragon Scales: Found in Kitty Catering.
Drooping Whiskers: Dropped by Jormungand.
Dynamo: Found in Callatein's Plunge right outside Glacial Grotto, Gralea, Insomnia, and as an enemy drop.
Earth Gemstone: Found in Cleigne.
Electrolytic Condenser: Found in Leide.
Fearsome Hoof: Dropped by Molokujata.
Fine Crest: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Fine Slimy Oil: Found in East of Lestallum and dropped by Gaiatoad.
Fine Tail Feathers: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Fossil Shell: Found in Galdin Quay, Glacial Grotto, and Fociaugh Hollow.
Fossil Wood: Found commonly throughout the game.
Garula Fur: Found through Totomostro and as an enemy drop.
Garula Tusk: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and as an enemy drop.
Giant Crab Pincers: Found in Malmalam Thicket and dropped by Shieldshears and Mightyshears.
Giant Curlhorn: Dropped by Arabgadol.
Giant Feather: Found in Hammerhead area and Verinas Mart, Ravatogh.
Giant Hairy Horn: Found in Galdin Quay and dropped by Ashenhorn, Grandhorn, and Dualhorn.
Giant Hoof: Dropped by Kujata.
Glass Gemstone: Found in Lestallum, Cape Caem, and Rock Of Ravatogh.
Gorgeous Plumage: Dropped by Royalisk.
Gralean Medal of Distinction: Found in East of Lestallum and Gralea.
Great Anak Antlers: Dropped by Anaklaban and Anakadom.
Great Garula Tusk: Found through Totomostro and Coernix Station Alstor region.
Greatsnake Crest: Dropped by Hvitromr and Midgardsormr.
Griffon Claw: Dropped by Griffon.
Hairy Horn: Dropped by Dualhorn.
Hard Scale: Dropped by Alphagin.
Hard Whiskers: Dropped by Maganir, Mesmenir, and bought from Burbost Souvenir Emporium.
Hardened Hide: Dropped by Manxom and Jabberwock.
Hardened Hoof: Dropped by Bloodhorn, Ashenhorn, Grandhorn, and Dualhorn.
Havocfang Hide: Dropped by Havocfang.
Heavy Scale: Dropped by Seadevil and Coraldevil.
Hunter's Medal: Found through Menace Beneath Lucis quest.
Hydraulic Cylinder: Found in north of Fort Vaullerey, Gralea.
Imperial Medal of Honor: Found in Gralea.
Insect Stinger: Dropped by Killer Bee.
Iron Shavings: Found commonly throughout the game.
Jade Gar Mirrorscale: Obtained from fishing.
Jumbo Needle: Dropped by Gigantuar.
King Catfish Heart: Obtained from fishing.
Large Hollowhorn: Dropped by Molokujata.
Laser Sensor: Found in Imperial bases, Gralea, and as an enemy drop.
Magitek Core: Found in Galdin Quay, from Stealing the Past quest, and as an enemy drop.
Magnetron: Found in Gralea and as an enemy drop.
Magnificent Crest: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Magnificent Tail Feathers: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Malboro Eye: Dropped by Bulette.
Malboro Vine: Dropped by Malboro Sprout and Malboro Brat.
Mandrake Flower: Dropped by Mandrake.
Mesmenir Horn: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium.
Metal Scrap: Found in Leide.
Monster Claw: Dropped by Bandersnatch.
Monster Jaw: Dropped by Bandersnatch.
Murk Grouper Eye: Obtained from fishing.
Mythril Ingot: Acquire Gladio's Survival Skill (Level 10).
Mythril Shaft: Found in different dungeons.
Old Book: Found in Lestallum.
Phoenix Bass Bladder: Obtained from fishing.
Platinum Ingot: Acquire Gladio's Survival Skill (Level 7-10).
Prawn Antennae: Dropped by Karlabos and Rogue Karlabos.
Quality Building Stone: Found in Hammerhead area and Rock of Ravatogh.
Rare Coin: Found in Cleigne.
Repair Kit: Found in Mini-mark in Hammerhead, JM Market in Old Lestallum, and Coernix Stations.
Rotten Splinterbone: Dropped by Mictlantechihuatl.
Rough Scales: Dropped by Gurangatch.
Rough Shell: Dropped by Karlabos.
Rusted Bit: Found commonly throughout the game.
Sabertusk Claw: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Frekitusk and Alphatusk.
Sahagin Scale: Dropped by Sahagin.
Scaled Skin: Dropped by Mushumahhu and Burbost Souvenir Emporium.
Scarlet Splinterbone: Dropped by Quetzalcoatl.
Scorpion Barb: Dropped by Reapertail.
Scorpion Stinger: Dropped by Saphytail.
Sharp Bone: Found in Leide.
Sharp Bristles: Dropped by Voretooth.
Sharp Head Fin: Dropped by Seadevil and Coraldevil.
Sharp Scythe: Dropped by Killer Wasp.
Sharp Tail Feathers: Dropped by Daggerquill and Dynoaevis.
Shattered Timepiece: Found in Cleigne.
Shield Spike: Dropped by Bulette.
Shiny Oil: Dropped by Gigantoad, Gaiatoad, and Hekatontoad.
Sky Gemstone: Found in Tenebrae, various dungeon mazes, and from "A Feline Feast" quest.
Small Beak: Dropped by Regaltrice.
Snakehead Scales: Obtained from fishing.
Snakehead Teeth: Obtained from fishing.
Spiked Armor: Dropped as an enemy drop.
Splendid Building Stone: Found in various dungeons.
Star Shell: Found in Galdin Quay.
Strong Bone: Found in various dungeons.
Strong Pincers: Dropped by Sheidshears.
Strong Whiskers: Found in Taeplar Rest Area region.
Sturdy Helixhorn: Dropped by Leukorn and Duplicorn.
Thick Hide: Dropped by Aspidochelon.
Thunderoc Feathers: Dropped by Thunderoc and Copperoc.
Tiny Feather: Found in Duscae.
Tough Shell: Dropped by Skarnbulette.
Translucent Skin: Dropped by various enemies.
Treant Branch: Dropped by Treant.
Treant Trunk: Dropped by Treant.
Voretooth Bristles: Dropped by Voretooth and Yellowteeth.
Wind-up Lord Vexxos: Obtained from playing Justice Monsters Five mini-game.
Worn Incisor: Dropped by Aspidochelon.
Wyvern Wing: Dropped by Wyvern.
Zu Beak: Dropped by Zu.

To unlock Chocobos and get the "Chocobo Jockey" trophy, you must first reach story Chapter 3. Then, talk to Wiz at the Chocobo post (Duscae map). When arriving in Chapter 3, the "Friends Of A Feather" side quest will automatically be marked there. Accept his "A Behemoth Undertaking" hunting quest and kill the Behemoth (marked as mission target). After killing the Behemoth, return to Wiz and talk to him again. You can now interact with the Rent-A-Bird machines that are found at most outposts and parking spots. It costs 50 Gil per day to rent a Chocobo. You can press R2 to whistle for your Chocobo wherever you are. After the rental period has expired, the Chocobo will run back to its outpost and you must rent a new one. You can also rent one for several days at a time.

To unlock the Regalia Type-F (flying car), first complete the story by finishing all 14 chapters and defeating the end-Boss. After completing the story, you can visit a lodging and call Umbra to visit the open world. Infiltrate the Formouth Garrison in Leide. When you go near the Garrison, you will see a new side quest called "Formouth Garrison" appear. You can do this as early as story Chapter 8, but the enemies are Level 50+. It is recommended to do this after the story when you are stronger. After completing the "Formouth Garrison" side quest, you will get a "Strange Engine" item. This will trigger the "Into Unknown Frontiers" side quest. All you have to do is deliver the part to Cindy at the Hammerhead outpost. There are actually three of these strange parts, but two are unmissable story unlocks (Warped Wings from the Garrison in Chapter 5, Unstable Stabilizer from the Garrison in Chapter 6, and Strange Engine from the "Formouth Garrison" side quest). Once you have done all of the above, Cindy will upgrade your Regalia with the Type-F modification, which is a fancy batmobile-styled car that you can fly like a jet. To get the "Regalia Pilot" trophy, put it in manual drive, gain some speed, and press B to take off. The only disadvantage is that you can only land on streets. Landing on terrain will crash your car and result in a game over screen. It is a fun vehicle to drive and makes navigating the world quicker.

When selecting your combat stlye you may want to consider going to the 'Options' menu and enabling 'Wait' mode. This setting will slow down combat and allow inputs when the game pauses making the game feel more strategic.

Use the warp attack on dangerous enemies that hit hard by delivering a powerful strike when they least expect it. The damage that you inflict will depend on how far you warped from so a good tactic is to weave in and out of melee range dashing with warp attacks to wear down an enemy.

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