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Call of Duty: WWII

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Call of Duty: WWII - PlayStation 4

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After getting on the AA Gun in Mission 11: The Rhine, you have to shoot down attack planes. There are 25 total planes. They appear in the following order: 3 Middle - 5 Left - 4 Right - 4 Middle - 4 Middle - 3 Middle - 2 Left. If you miss a plane, immediately restart from the checkpoint. It is recommended to create a manual backup save before getting on the AA gun. Otherwise, if you miss a plane you have to replay the entire mission. When you reach the AA gun, pause the game and select "Leave" to go back to the main menu. Then, go to "PS4 Settings" - "Application Saved Data Management" and back it up using PS+ Cloud or USB. If you do not get the trophy, you can simply copy back the save game to start back at the AA gun. This way you do not have to replay ten minutes of the mission every time.

While in the church in Mission 3: Stronghold, you will have to go to the clocktower to provide cover fire for Zussman. Grab a sniper rifle at the top of the tower. Every shot you fire must now hit an enemy until Zussman reaches his target to get the "Marksman" trophy. Restart from the checkpoint if you miss a shot.

Before starting a zombies match on The Final Reich, pick the Medic class with the Camouflage ability. This renders you invisible for a few seconds, which is ideal to melee kill enemies without being attacked by them. The best place to get the trophy is in the bunker. After turning on the power, you can go through the middle door in the bunker. Behind that door are always four Bombers. Use the Camouflage ability before opening that door, then use melee attacks to kill one of them. The shovel is your default melee weapon (you always have it). They can take quite a few hits, but in lower rounds it is not too difficult. Bombers also spawn in later rounds (starting at Round 12+ or so). The bunker is just the first and easiest place to do it. Also, the Camouflage ability must first charge up. This happens automatically when you kill zombies. It will then show a red circle in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Shoot the ten lanterns in the Prologue / Groesten Haus (Zombies) map to unlock the Mystery Box. This is very useful for getting the "Pressure Cooker" trophy (complete Round 20 in the Prologue). Eight lanterns are inside the house (four downstairs and four upstairs) and two are outside (left window and right window). After shooting a lantern, it will make a raven sound and start glowing purple. After shooting all ten lanterns, a door will open upstairs and reveal the secret Mystery Box behind it. It costs 1,000 points to use and gives you one random weapon. It can also give you the Jack-In-The-Box, which distracts zombies for a few seconds and kills them upon detonation.

Reach Level 55 in Multiplayer mode to unlock the option to Prestige. Prestige the indicated division to unlock the corresponding bonus weapon and a special badge:

KAR98K: Prestige with the Mountain Division to unlock the KAR98K bolt-action sniper rifle. The weapon deals high damage and can kill players with one shot.

MG 42: Prestige with the Armored Division to unlock the MG 42 full-auto LMG. This weapon has a very high rate of fire and moderate recoil.

MP-40: Prestige with the Airborne Division to unlock the MP-40 automatic SMG. This weapon has a steady rate of fire and minimum recoil.

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Prestige with the Expeditionary Division to unlock the Sawed-Off Shotgun. This weapon deals very high damage at close range.

SVT-40: Prestige with the Infantry Division to unlock the SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle. This weapon deals high damage.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

After unlocking the Bunker and Salt Mine, go inside the Command Room and interact with the crank until it stops. Then, go inside the Emperor Room and interact with the machine in front of Barbarossa's statue. Next, continue killing zombies near the machine to charge it up. Keep killing zombies in the nearby area until the Mind Power Machine floats into a hole in the ceiling. After charging the Mind Power Device, go to the Command Room and interact with the button on the upper section of the room to cause the Mind Power Device to start moving; the machine will come to a stop at certain locations. You must keep the Mind Power Device moving. To do this, stay inside the red circle on the ground and continue killing nearby zombies to charge the MPD again. Eventually, the MPD will move near an Electrical Generator, right next to the Schnellblitz Machine. After a short while, the MPD will infuse with the Electrical Generator and shoot out a piece of the weapon. After obtaining the gun's part, the Mind Power Device will start moving again. While following it, kill zombies inside the red circle on the ground until the MPD reaches the Mortuary Generator. You then need to wait for a while to acquire the Tesla Canister from the inside of the generator. After that, go back to the Command Room to find a special zombie on the upper section of the room. Kill this special zombie and grab its head. Once you have both parts, go to the machine in the middle and place them to get the Tesla Gun.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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