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Battle Islands

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Battle Islands on PlayStation 4

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Do not wait for the protection to expire before attacking. Begin attacking as soon as you have the Barracks and 18 soldiers trained in order to get resources and build your base faster.

To get access to new troops, research them in the Command Bunker after you have enough resources. Research requires a lot of time, but can be done at the same time as an upgrade.

When selecting an opponent, choose those that have a small amount of medals. Chances are, they will be easy to defeat. When early in the game, focus on getting more resources and not medals.

You are matched with an opponent based on the number of dog tags you have and your Command Bunker level. It will be more efficient to earn these achievements towards the start of the game in order to have more opponents to choose from. This also allows you to attack opponents that have recently started and do not have upgraded buildings or promoted units. To start, upgrade your Riflemen to level 3 and use them exclusively. They are cost less and can be obtained quickly. This is important, as your surviving units will left behind on the island after winning a mission. Select the "Attack" screen and view the "Enemies" tab. Search for players that are slightly lower your level that have a reward equal or greater than the resources needed to muster a full squad of riflemen. This is required to replace your squad immediately, without waiting for your Factory. Use the "Refresh" button if necessary until a suitable opponent is found. You must then earn at least one gold star per victory. A gold star is awarded for destroying 50% of the enemy, destroying an enemy Command Bunker, and destroying 100% of the enemy. After twenty five wins, all of the "Trailblazer" achievements will be earned. Note: It does not matter if someone defeats you on your island, as "Losing Defendings" is another category.

Upgrade the Command Bunker as soon as possible in order to unlock new buildings as well as to allow you to have more resources. Also upgrade Factories early to maximize resource production.

Do not fortify your buildings when first starting. Instead, first upgrade your buildings to maximum capacity, research new troops, and clear the land. After your base has been established, begin to fortify the buildings, starting with the Supply Depot and Command Bunker.


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