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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Need for Speed Undercover running on PlayStation 3

Need for Speed Undercover

Cheats & Hints for Need for Speed Undercover - PlayStation 3

Win the following number of Challenge Series Events to unlock the corresponding car.

CarWin series

While being chased by the cops, go to the lower right-hand corner of the map, by the stadium. Then, cross the bridge nearby. The cops will not cross that bridge.

Note: If a zone on a part is not mentioned, leave that zone alone. Get the BMW M3 E46 in a semi-dark white color. Buy the vinyl "Two Tone", categorized under manufacturer, in a color in between medium and dark blue. Note: If you buy the vinyl in white and the car in blue, the colors will be reversed. Buy the "Gentera Style 109" spoiler zone 1=100, 2=75, 3=100, 4=50. Buy the "ADR Adrenaline" rims, zone 1=36, 4=30 5. Buy the hood "Araxis Impact", zone 1=32, 3=100, 4=100. You now have the memorable BMW from Need For Speed Most Wanted. However in Most Wanted the trunk is white, while in this game it is not.

Use the following trick to reverse at speeds greater than 500 mph. This only works for a manual transmission. Drive forward, staying in first gear. Then, slam the brakes and go into a reverse. Drive as fast as you can in reverse, then release L2 and press R2 (accelerator). As soon as you enter first gear, shift down to neutral (Right Analog-stick Down and keep holding R2). You will be accelerating in neutral and reach speeds of over 500 mph. This is useful for getting away from the police.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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