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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon Ball: Raging Blast on PlayStation 3

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Complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding character. Note: twenty stars are required to unlock each of The Legendary Super Saiyan Reborn and The Strongest Super Saiyan 3.


Get a score of at least 1,000 in the Punching mini-game to unlock Dragon Ball mode.

Successfully complete the indicated task during online play to unlock the corresponding title:

Astounding Power: Get an "A" rank.
Bomb Maniac: Get ten victories with the Explosive Wave.
Capricious Warrior: Win 100 battles in the Cell Games stage.
Counter Monster: Execute five counters in a battle.
Death Chaser: Vanish twenty times in battle.
Dirty Work: Take five Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Earth-Raised Namekian: Play ten matches in a row with Piccolo.
Earth-Raised Saiyan: Play ten matches in a row with Goku.
Elite Warrior: Get ten victories online.
Embarrassment Of The Clan: Lose ten Saiyan on Saiyan fights.
Energy Absorber: Win ten times by absorbing energy.
Fireworks Master: Execute five Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Flying Dragon: Execute two Air Combo in a battle.
Ginyu Force Member: Use each Ginyu Force character two times.
Ginyu Force Vice-Captain: Defeat all Ginyu Force characters except Captain Ginyu.
Golden Warrior: Get fifty victories with Super Saiyan characters.
Greenhorn: Get 50 losses.
Grim Reaper Of Justice: Win 100 battles with Gotenks.
Incomplete Power: Get a "G" rank.
Invincible Warrior: Get twenty victories without a loss.
Just a Bluff: Lose twenty times even though you transformed.
Legend Killer: Defeat Super Saiyan characters 100 times.
Legendary Warrior: Get 100 victories online.
Lightning God: Win fifty times with Plasma Aura.
Martial Arts Warrior: Execute thirty hits in a battle.
Nature Lover: Win in the Wasteland field without destroying anything.
Non-Combatant: Get 10 perfect losses.
Nothing But A Bluff: Lose 20 battles despite transforming.
Philanthropist: Use each transformation of all transforming characters.
Preliminary Qualifier: Get ten victories in the World Tournament stage.
Prince Of Cruelty: Execute five Knockdown Attacks in one match.
Proud Prince Of The Saiyans: Play ten matches in a row with Vegeta.
Red Ribbon Army: Defeat Goku with Android characters ten times.
Saiyan Killer: Defeat Saiyan characters 100 times.
Speediest In The Universe: Vanish thirty times in battle.
Strongest In The Other World: Win 50 battles with Angel Halo equipped.
Stubborn Bastard: Deflect five Super Attacks in one match.
Super Elite Warrior: Get 50 victories online.
The World's Strongest Warrior: Get 500 victories.
Total Amateur: Lose ten first round matches in the World Tournament.
Transforming Alien: Play as a transforming alien character ten times and win.
Turtle Practitioner: Get ten victories with the Kamehameha.
Ultimate Fighter: Win ten times using an Ultimate Attack.
Unknown Power: Get a "D" rank.
Warrior Of Light: Use Solar Flare ten times in a battle.
Waste Of Space: Get 100 losses.
Wimpier Than He Thinks: Lose three Shot Exchanges in a battle.
World Class Speed: Execute ten Vanishing in a battle.
World Tournament Champion: Win a total of 10 World Tournament Finals.
Worthless Puppet: Lose thirty matches while playing an android character.
Wussy Warrior: Get ten victories by running out of time.

Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies.

10 Titles Achieved (Bronze): Collect 10 or more online titles.
100% Complete (Platinum): Obtain all the trophies.
20 Titles Achieved (Silver): Collect 20 or more online titles.
30 Titles Achieved (Gold): Collect 30 or more online titles.
All Characters Customized (Bronze): Customize decks for all the characters.
All Ruined (Bronze): Destroy all of the objects on each map in 1P vs. CPU battle.
Androids Saga Complete (Bronze): Complete the Androids Saga in the Dragon Battle Collection.
Arcade King (Silver): Achieve the #1 ranking in Arcade in Super Battle Trial.
Bardock Saga Complete (Bronze): Complete the Bardock Saga in the Dragon Battle Collection.
Battle Bonus Complete (Silver): Complete all of the battle bonuses in Score Attack in Super Battle Trial.
Battle Thirsty Warrior (Bronze): Unlock all the battles in the Dragon Battle Collection.
Battle-Crazy (Bronze): Win 100 times in 1P vs. CPU battle.
Blazing Friendship (Bronze): Fight 10 times in 1P vs. 2P battle.
Cell Games Champion (Bronze): Win the offline Cell Games.
Character Collector (Bronze): Unlock every character.
Days of Endless Battles (Bronze): Fight 30 times in 1P vs. 2P battles.
Debuted on the World Stage (Bronze): Fight in an online battle for the first time.
Fashion King (Bronze): Unlock every costume.
Fought as All Characters (Bronze): Battle as all characters in Versus Mode.
Fought on All Maps (Bronze): Battle on all battle maps in Versus Mode.
Frieza Saga Complete (Bronze): Complete the Frieza Saga in the Dragon Battle Collection.
Full Item Box Expansion (Bronze): Expand the Item Box to max.
High-Roller Warrior (Bronze): Obtain large amount of D-Points.
Item Collector (Bronze): Collect all items.
Knowledge of the Fighting Arts (Bronze): Complete the Battle Dojo for Beginners.
Legendary Super Saiyan Saga Complete (Bronze): Complete the Legendary Super Saiyan Saga in the Dragon Battle Collection.
Limitbreaker! (Silver): Complete all the battles in the Dragon Battle Collection on the Hard difficulty setting.
Maestro (Bronze): Get all of the game BGM.
Majin Buu Saga Complete (Bronze): Complete the Majin Buu Saga in the Dragon Battle Collection.
Master of the Fighting Arts (Bronze): Complete the Battle Dojo (Advanced).
Online World Tournament Champion (Silver): Win the online World Tournament.
Point Fiend (Silver): Achieve the #1 ranking in Score Attack in Super Battle Trial.
Proof of Training (Bronze): Play through the Single Battle/Team Battle training 30 times.
Saiyan Saga Complete (Bronze): Complete the Saiyan Saga in the Dragon Battle Collection.
Seeker of the Fighting Arts (Bronze): Complete the Battle Dojo (Basic).
Speed Demon (Silver): Achieve the #1 ranking in Time Attack in Super Battle Trial.
Star Holder (Bronze): Collect 100 stars.
Super Survivor (Silver): Achieve the #1 ranking in Survival in Super Battle Trial.
Trivia Expert (Bronze): View all character introductions and histories in the Museum's Character Encyclopedia.
Undefeated Champ (Silver): Achieve the #1 ranking in KO Attack in Super Battle Trial.
Veteran Fighter (Bronze): Reach your 100th fight in online battle.
What-If Stories Saga Complete (Bronze): Complete the What-If Stories Saga in the Dragon Battle Collection.
World Tournament Champion (Bronze): Win the offline World Tournament.

For every win you get in a tournament, you will unlock the following rewards, in order. Note: You get Champion Bonus money after winning the final capsule from the tournament.

Easy difficulty

4 player
SSJ2 Goku: Instant Transmission
Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed): Bring It
Kid Gohan: Energy Barrage
Android #16: Machine Impact
Majin Buu: Ha Take This
Champion Bonus 500

8 player
Krillin: Homing Energy Wave, Sunglasses
Dodoria: Dodorias Blow, Standby Ki Recovery Up
Android #19: Yahoo!, Health Up M
Cell Second Form: Galick Gun, Battle Drive
Android #18: So That's How It Has To Be!, Latent Power
Champion Bonus 1,500

16 player
Vegeta: Double Galick Cannon, Ki Control
SSJ Teen Gohan: Super Assault Combo, Mind Breaker
Cell Perfect Form: Special Beam Cannon, Forehead Control Device
Super Trunks: Blazin Rush, Random Vanishing
Frieza Second Form: It's Just Getting Exciting, Overwhelm
Champion Bonus 3,000

Normal difficulty

4 player
Raditz: Behind You
Dr. Gero: Pesky Fly
Nappa: Arm Break
Piccolo: Demon Rend
Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed): Mystic Shooter
Champion Bonus 1,000

8 player
Freiza Form 2: You Thought That Was It?, Challenge To The Strong
Tien: Open Ball Fist, Bit Of Spirit
SSJ Vegeta: Brave Punisher, Moment's Rest
SSJ Trunks (Fighting Teen): Another End, Super Rising Secrets
SSJ 2 Gohan: Explosive Combination, Attitude
Champion Bonus 3,000

16 player
SSJ2 Goku: Meteor Blast, Counter Secrets
Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed): Galactic Donut Volley, Signature Skill Half Ki
Frieza Third Form: Punishing Counter, Rush Ki Recover L
Android 17: Now Where Playing For Keeps, High-Tension Afterimage Technique
Yamcha: Binding Wolf Fang Fist, Instinct
Champion Bonus 5,000

Hard difficulty

4 player
Super Buu: Now It's My Turn
SSJ Trunks (Fighting Teen): Masenko
Majin Buu: Flame Shower Breath
Super Buu: Gack
Super Vegitto: Perfect Game
Champion Bonus 3,000

8 player
Imperfect Cell: Bio-Impact, Super Dash Secret
SSJ2 Vegeta: Infinite Break, Amazing Tenacity
SSJ Broly: Revenge Demon, Armor
SSJ2 Teen Gohan: Explosive Demon Impact, High Tension Start
Frieza Final Form: 50% Power, Serious
Champion Bonus 5,000

16 player
Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed): You'll Die A Painful Death, Mirage
SSJ2 Goku: Instant Transmission Kamehameha, Ultra Divine Water
Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed): Destroy Everything, Guard Damage Cut L
Full Power Frieza: Death Break, Gigantic Power
LSSJ Brolly: Eraser Blow, Android 18's Kiss
Champion Bonus 10,000


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