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Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition

Lothering quest unlimited repeat for Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition - PlayStation 3

Near the beginning of the game, in the town of Lothering, if you speak to Allison, you can get the quest "Traps are a Girl's Best Friend". You need three spring traps (which can be bought, looted or made) to complete the quest. Once you complete the quest, speak to Allison twice. The second time you speak to her, the quest is refreshed and you can do it over and over again for 100 exp each time. As a bonus, you also get 50 silvers each time you complete it. This is a great way to gain tons of cash and exp early in the game. If you need more traps just cross the road to Dane's Refuge and buy trap triggers from Barlin for two gold 57 silver per stack of 99. With one level of trap-making you can convert the triggers to spring traps. With each stack of 99 triggers you purchase (and convert to spring traps) you can complete the Traps quest 33 times. So for each investment of two gold 57 silver you make to purchase the triggers, you can make 16 gold 50 silvers by repeating the quest.

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