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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - PlayStation 3

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Enter the underground tunnels through the stairway in the Americana Casino. Grab an orange cart, and go left (north) up the tunnel. As it curves, you will see a large jump with a blue tarp covering it. The gun is on the top of the tarp. Combine it with an Amplifier to get a very powerful gun.

Use the following trick to earn $40,000 each time it is done. Go to Slot Ranch Casino in Sandbox mode. Kill enough zombies to unlock the challenge on the stage. Before you start the challenge, go behind the curtain and locate the flying saucer. Bring it with you and start the challenge. When the challenge starts, start the flying saucer. The zombies will be lured in to the saucer. When 25 zombies get close enough and remain there, you will win $40,000. After the challenge, pick up the saucer and repeat the process as many times as desired.

Photograph the side of TK's head in the "TK Needs Zombrex" mission for 500 PP each time. Repeat this as many times as desired.

On Day 2, do the "Here Comes The Groom" mission. Get the Psychopath's attention away from you by leaving the building and returning approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute later. When you return, he should have the bride in a chokehold and will not release her until you get close. You can repeatedly photograph this for 5,000 PP each time.

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding magazine:

Bargaining 2 (lowers pawn shop items cost by 10%): In security box #145.
Gambling 1 (significantly increase your chances of winning money): In Palisades Mall, on a table above a pool bar, where you go down the slide.
Gambling 2 (significantly increase your chances of winning money): On a ledge on the left side of the top floor of Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino.
Gambling 2 (significantly increase your chances of winning money): In security box #304.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding outfit.

Champion's Jacket: Found inside the "Hostile Zone" at the Fortune City Arena.
Chuck Greene outfit: Have a saved game file from Dead Rising 2.
Dealer outfit: Search the managers office where you save Lenny Mooney in the Yucatan Casino.
Ninja hood: Search the secret sniper location at Royal Flush Plaza.
Tattered clothing: Earn the "Party Time" achievement or trophy.
Willamet Security outfit: Earn the "Maintaining The City" achievement or trophy.

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding part. Note: All outfits have the same function as in Dead Rising 2. The Protoman outfit is a throwback to the original Dead Rising, except you have a shield as well as a cannon.


Boots: In a box in the vacant store to the right of the Ultimate Playhouse at South Plaza.
Clothes: Earn the "Save the Girl... Again" achievement or trophy.
Facepaint: In Shank's in the Palisades Mall.
Nightvision Goggles: Purchased in the Platinum Strip Pawnshop.


Boots: In the security room in Fortune City Arena.
Clothes: Defeat Carl in mail order Zombrex mission.
Mask: In the Wedding Chapel on the Silver Strip.
Hair: Watch the Timeshare movie in Paradise Platinum Screens in the Platinum Strip, from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m.


Boots: In the Man's Sport store in the Uranus Zone.
Clothes: Earn the "Elite Killer" achievement or trophy.
Hood: In a hidden room along the Ninja path in the Royal Flus.h
Mask: On the mannequin by the entrance to Shoal Nightclub.

Sports Fan

Cleats: In SporTrance in the Royal Flush Plaza.
Clothes: In KokoNutz Sports Town in Palisades Mall.
Facepaint: At the end of the Ninja path in the Americana Casino.
Helmet: In the back room of Hot Excitorama on the Silver Strip.

Proto Man

Helmet: Defeat Jack at strip poker in the Ante Up mission, or defeat him in Sandbox mode.
Armor: Earn the "Challenge Experience" achievement or trophy.
Boots: In the Ultimate Playhouse in the Palisades Mall.
Gun/Shield: Earn the "Save the Girl Yet Again" achievement or trophy.

Search the following locations to find the corresponding Uranus Zone Bank deposit box key.

001: Royal Flush Plaza, near doors to safe house ($50,000).
009: Atlantica Casino, security office ($25,000).
015: Unknown.
040: Palisades Mall, behind bar in lounge ($100,000).
044: Americana Casino, on the lights on the way to Dead Rising 2 Zombrex location ($100).
045: Palisades Mall, on top on the slot machines between Wallington's and the Venus Touch ($50,000 and handgun).
052: Arena, behind a table near backstage entrance ($100,000).
083: Americana Casino, cashier office (gems).
097: Arena, security room ($100,000).
112: Palisades Mall, Trendy Cindy, behind counter (three remote mines).
145: Royal Flush Plaza, Tunemaker's maintenance room (Bargaining 2).
185: Fortune Park, entrance to Uranus Zone, under right escape pod ($10,000).
203: Royal Flush Plaza, on the second floor, jump on the phone booth and follow the secret route. Go the other way before jumping on the platform with the flowers then jump to another platform with the key ($50,000).
304: Fortune Park, ledge to right of entrance to hotel (Gambling 3).
329: Unknown.
666: Royal Flush Plaza, Sturdy Package, behind counter ($50,000).
673: South Plaza, Hotel Lobby (Zombrex and gems).
690: Silver Strip, Hot Exictorama ($50,000 and massager).
764: Uranus Zone, The Venus Touch (six shooter).
999: Atlantica Casino, in front of Poseidon Statue ($25,000 and Zombrex).

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

Search the indicated locations to get free Zombrex.

Enter the second level of the VIP Lounge in Uranus Zone. Climb outside and go around the outer awning towards the Atlantica Casino.
Enter the underground tunnels. Go south and west from the eastern-most one and search the floor near the maintenance room.

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