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Dark Souls

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dark Souls - PlayStation 3

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When fighting the Armored Rhino in the Undead Burg, defeat it with your weapons and not the nearby fire pits. It has a chance to drop the creature's head, which can be used as a helm.

Use the following trick after getting killed, and you do not want to repeat game play to get humanity and souls back. Quit the game or turn off the system immediately and save. The game now has saved the fact that you have been killed and made the bloodstain with souls and humanity, but still has the old saved location. You should be standing a few feet from your bloodstain.

In Sen's Fortress, when you reach the room with the device that controls the giant boulders, move the pedestal so it sends a few boulders down every doorway. In one of the paths, a gap will be bridged by the first boulder, and the second will have broken a hole in the wall. Just beyond that hole is the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring.

Early on when you are not that strong of a character, the Black Knight in the Undead Burg can easily kill you with three or four strikes. An easy way to defeat him is to stock up on large arrows and throwing knives. You will be making use of the bridge you previously crossed while being targeted by firebombers. Run to the Black Knight and shoot him with an arrow to get his attention. As soon as he starts chasing you, flee back to the room that previously had two axe users and the undead knight. Turn around and close the door. Then, go out on the bridge, take out your bow and arrow, and start shooting him. When you run out of arrows, change to throwing knives. After a few moments the Black Knight will fall and you will gain a nice set of 600 souls. Then, sit at a bonfire and repeat the entire process.

Stand in the doorway and hit his legs, then go down the stairs when he attacks and repeat the process. When he falls to his knees, use a two-handed attack with your weapon.

Walk up the left side until you see the top of the left guard's shield. Aim your bow at the right guard's chest. Fire three poison arrows to poison him. Be patient and he will die. If you do not have poison arrows, use what you have until he is defeated. Then, go down and walk up the right side hugging the rail step onto the platform. The guard will look at you, walk to your right, and turn back around. Then do the same thing you did to the first guard.

Once you have made it inside the hall with the Giant Knights, Archer, path to Giant Blacksmith along the wall down from broken window and white light (Boss), run to the far left end with the door and a lever to the left of it. Move the lever to open the doors. This creates a shortcut back to the first bonfire. If you run outside, the knights will go back to where they were standing. Walk back just inside the doors. Fire three poison arrows at the knight's back. Poison him and fire a few regular arrows to speed up his death. Next, go to the point of the second light diamond on the floor just before the spot where you killed the knight. Repeat the process to kill the other knight. They also drop Titanite Chunks, which are needed for the lightning weapon upgrade, if your weapons are at level 10, from Andre the blacksmith across from Sen's fortress in the basement.

In the Catacombs is a cave with a large pool of water. Baby skeletons continually and infinitely spawn in the water when you step in it. They die with one shot from a large arrow or a jump attack from a two-handed weapon. Equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, and keep killing the baby skeletons to get a lot of humanity. However, you first must defeat some larger enemies in the area before you can easily kill the baby skeletons from a distance with arrows and not worry about getting attacked. The larger enemies throw fireballs, but they have to first charge up, and a hit from an arrow will interrupt them. Note: The baby skeletons' attacks can make you Toxic if they hit you enough. They will also disappear when you defeat them, taking their items with them. Thus, watch for the white glow when you kill one, and immediately grab the humanity before they disappear.

Early in the game, after you defeat the Taurus Demon boss, you will continue on to a bridge that will have a dragon at the end of it. The dragon will breathe fire down the length of the bridge. In the center there are undead and a staircase that leads down to a bonfire. After you rest at the bonfire, you can go back up to the top of the bridge, and if you quickly step out on to the path then roll back down the stairs, the dragon will breathe fire and kill the undead. You will get the souls, humanity and items. You can rest at the bonfire to respawn the undead and continue the process as many times as desired. Additionally, the undead may drop the Hollow Soldier Shield that has 100% physical damage resist and good resistances against magic, fire and lightning. This is a very useful shield when starting out. Also, if you have a bow and about 40 large arrows (which you can buy from a merchant in the area around that bonfire), you can go under the bridge and shoot the dragons tail which will be severed after about 30 to 35 hits and you will receive the Drake Blade. It is a powerful sword that requires 16 strength to wield, but will last a long time and make Boss fights much easier.

During the fight with the gargoyle on the top of the church, position yourself behind the enemy boss and attack the tail. Once you've lopped off the tail (Monster Hunter style) and claimed it, you will receive the Gargoyle's Tail Axe (check your inventory). The weapon comes with 93 attack and can be upgraded for additional damage. Note that the axe requires 14 strength and 14 dexterity to wield.

In order to complete this exploit, you'll need to have joined the Path of the Dragon Covenant at the end of Ash Lake. This will reward you with the Dragon Head Stone item. You also need either the Grass Crest Shield or the Cloranthy Ring. The shield is found near the bonfire in Darkroot Basin, while the ring is located at the top of The Great Hollow. These two boost your stamina recovery, allowing you to use the exploit for as long as you want.

Unequip any headgear you may have and make sure that the only two items you have in your usable slots are the Dragon Head Stone and the Estus Flask. The next part is strange and requires some very quick and precise timing. Have your character face away you with the Dragon Head Stone equipped. As soon as you use the item, turn around so that you are now facing the camera, while simultaneously hitting down on the D-Pad and holding the use button again. If your timing worked, you're character will enter the fire-breathing animation, but instead will continually use whatever item you ended up switching to. This will last for as long as you hold down the "Use" button, long after you run out of whatever item it is.

We recommend getting the technique down using the Estus Flask so that you can just refill them at a bonfire afterword. It's important to note that you will lose whatever item it is at the end of the technique.

This exploit can be used in two major ways. If used with Humanity, you can raise your Humanity level to as high as you want to. Secondly, you can use it with any soul item to gain as many souls as you desire. As long as you keep holding down the button, your soul count will continually raise in increments of whatever the initial value was. Using this exploit with an item like the Soul of a Hero will give you 10000 souls per second for as long as you want.

In the hall with Giant Knights, go out of broken window and to the right. Drop down behind the fence. Collect the item and kill the imps through the fence with your bow and arrows. Once the Imps are defeated, walk through hole in the fence and open the gate next to where the Stone Guard was standing. Next, kill the two other Imps. You have just created a shortcut to the first bonfire and the Giant Blacksmith.

Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted to unlock New Game + mode. Select New Game + mode to begin a second playthrough with all previously obtained weapons, armor, and souls. However, you do not keep unique items like keys or Embers. The enemies will also be more difficult during the second playthrough. Their health and attack values are raised nearly twice as much from the first playthrough.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

To get the Stone Armor (worn by the Stone Knights sleeping in Darkroot basin), head to Darkroot basin and open the sealed door with the white circle in the middle by purchasing the key from the black smith (cost: 20,000). Head straight from the door, watch out of 5 human enemies and continue straight past the Witch Cat through the bridge. Go down through the steps and, behind the steps, you will find a chest with the full Stone Armor.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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