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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - PlayStation 3

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After you eliminate all the enemies and do the flying part, take a left and find the cliff. Jump down and you will find a dark cave. Inside is Thor's Hammer.

Shoot the heads off all the mannequins within two minutes of starting a game. Go to the Nuketown population sign and press [Action] to play four classic Activision games.

Go to the house with the bus outside. The mailbox reads "Mason", which happens to be David's family.

When Noriega gives you the sniper rifle on the rooftop, shoot the man you are ordered to kill, but only in the knee twice.

Find the three hidden teddies. One is outside and spawns on a bench. The second teddy is in the house at the farm on a bed. The last teddy is in town, in the bar at the third chair. Once all of them have been activated, a song will begin playing.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

Complete the game a second time for the alternate ending. A video will play after the credits, and the shirts will read "avengesevenfold".

In the "Celerium" mission, get an assault shield when told and trade it in for a gun. You are carrying three guns, which is the same as Mule Kick from Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

When passing the cornfield in "Zombies Tranzit", there will be a gap. It is the start of a maze-like area. At the end is a road, or if on the right path there will be the original map from Call Of Duty: World At War "Nacht der Untoten".

In Zombies Tranzit mode, get a collateral head shot with a single bullet. This perk increases the head shot multiplier in zombies.

Unlock the gold camo on all weapons within a group.

During Zombies, get a Insta-Kill then throw a Monkey Bomb. This is good for high rounds.

On Nuketown 2025, shoot all the mannequins heads off. You can't break any windows or kill each other. After you shoot all the heads off, go to the board behind the bus that tells you the population and it should tell you hold square to play. If you play you can't die while you play.

In the map Nuketown 2025, shoot all of the heads off the mannequins within two minutes of starting a game. Now if you go to the Nuketown population sign, you will be able to press square and play four vintage Activision games on the screen.

Getting a collateral head shot with one bullet will permanently unlock Deadshot Daquiri. This perk will increase the head shot multiplier in zombies and is saved to your profile. To confirm you have this simply shoot a zombie anywhere but the head until it dies, if the head is magically blown off, you indeed have the perk.

In Tranzit, go into solo, buy quick revive(Solo cost:500, Multi-survivors cost:1500), down yourself, because your in Solo, quick revive revives you, so down yourself again and you'll get a green mist like in perma-per:quick revive, but instead of quick reviving, you can take 3 hits by a zombie, and if you combine juggernaug and perma-perk:juggernaug, you'll get juggernaug pro, which instead of 5 hits with juggernaug(drink), you'll handle 6 hits before getting downed on the 6th hit.

Note: This only works in tranzit. Revive the same teammate 15 times or more in the same round. You will then notice a green flash pop out of your teammate, meaning you unlocked it. I recommend doing this in round 1. Now you can revive your teammates faster without buying the quick revive perk. This unlock will be saved in your profile troughout your future tranzit games.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

You know that part for the bus to get on top? (not the ladder) Keep it and take it inside the diner. In the far corner of the diner, look left of the window and then look up. Add the part and get on the roof of the diner. The galvaknuckles for tranzit will be up on the roof.

You can use the turbine to stop the zombies to get it you MUST be in tranzit. Where you first start get the manican and take it to the work bench, get the part by the pay phone and put that on the work bench the last part is close to the work bench by the trash can. Take that to the work bench and grab the turbine and hit up on the d-pad.

Location of the 1st Teddy Bear in Transit
The location of the first teddy bear is probably the easiest one of all to find. You may have found this on by accident when playing the tranzit map. The first teddy bear in tranzit is located just outside the doors at the Bus Station right where you begin. After you use the turbine to open the door at the bust station, or you pay to open the door you can walk outside by the bus. Out here you will find a bench with a teddy bear on it. Approach the teddy bear and press the button to activate the teddy bear easter egg. You will know you activated the teddy bear by a special tone that is played when you press the correct button. You character may comment about the teddy bear as well.

Location of the 2nd Teddy Bear in Transit.
Now that you have found the first teddy bear to activate the easter egg music in Tranzit, it is time to find the second one. The second teddy bear is a little bit further away then the first one. You will need to catch the bus over to the farm to find the second teddy bear. When you arrive at the Farm, hea upstairs and find the blanket. You should find a teddy bear on the blanket upstairs at the farm. If you have a hard time finding this teddy bear, turn up the in game music. The teddy bear emits a noise, so as you get closer, the sound will get louder. This will help you find the teddy bear on the blanket upstairs at the farm in Tranzit.

Location of the 3rd Teddy Bear in Transit.
After the first two teddy bears have been found in the tranzit map, all you need to do is find the third to activate the music and complete the easter egg. The third teddy bear can be found in the Town area of tranzit. When you enter Town, look near the pool table inside of the building to find the 3rd teddy bear in tranzit. It will be located near a perk machine, ad just like the others, as you approach the teddy bear listen for a noise coming from it. As you find the teddy bear, activate it. Upon activating the third and final teddy bear you will turn on the music in the Tranziit map in Black Ops 2.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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