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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Batman: Arkham Asylum on PlayStation 3

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When equipped with the Batarang, Batclaw, or Multibatarang you can activate a cool behind-the-projectile camera by holding L1 and firing with R2.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Armored Batsuit in Challenge mode.

During the final confrontation with Scarecrow, it shows Batman's gravestone, which is the same design as the current comic book series BatMan RIP.

Bane's primary attack is the similar to the trample done by the deformed Joker henchman. When Bane starts to run toward you, throw a Batarang at his head then dive out of the way. Bane will run into the wall and will be momentarily stunned. While he is stunned, run up to him and throw some punches at him. Batman will then jump on top of Bane and rip one of the hoses pumping with Venom. If your Batarang misses Bane, he will still run into the wall and appear to be stunned, but this is a trick. He will cover his face and try to hit you. When he turns around, run away from him. After ou rip off the first hose, prisoners will jump from the railings and try to help Bane. Focus on them while watching on Bane. Bane will throw chunks of wall at you. Keep repeating this until Bane has been defeated.

Fight a Titan henchman along with a group of normal henchmen. Stun the Titan, then jump on his back and use him to hit the normal henchman to build your combo total.

This strategy requires the Proximity Detonation Explosive Gel Upgrade. In Challenge mode, select Rumble In The Jungle. Fight through the first three rounds, conserving as much health as possible. In round 4 do not engage the Titan until everyone else in the room (other Arkham inmates) has been put down permanently. Do not use a Batarang -- if you hit the Titan with it at all it voids the trophy. Immediately switch to your Explosive Gel and wait for the Titan to charge at you. Watch out because there is always a chance he will throw a dead body at you first. Dodge the charge, then set one of your own (meaning spray the floor with Explosive Gel; it is best to do it immediately after he rushes at you and make sure you let Batman completely spray the gel). Stand over the area you sprayed if possible. When the Titan charges again, dodge and you should hear a loud bang. The explosion does not take much health off the beast at all, but it does not matter. After he takes one big blind haymaker punch move in, just keep hammering him with attacks. You can build up a good twelve to fifteen hit combo on him before Batman delivers the knockout blow earning, you the trophy.

There is an advertisement in the Medical Facility for the hospital's website ( You can visit this URL in a web browser and use the employee login section. Enter the guard login number of "125845712". You will login as Frank Boles and can read information about him.

In the Intensive Treatment, there is a long hallway (where Scarecrow first attacks you). A recording talks about how to treat patients. It tells you that you can find pricing information at which is a real website.

When you fight a Titan henchman and a group of normal henchmen, stun a Titan, jump on his back and used him to hit the normal baddies. Your combo total goes up even you didn't hit anything!

This requires a PSN ID (free) and a broadband connection (cost depends on your country of origin). The Joker is downloaded free from the Playstation Store (Game Add-On). It is free and stacks up to approximately 180 MB. Once the download is finished, Joker is a selectable character in Challenge Mode. The Joker does not have any trophy awards in the challenges (he just needs to complete them).

Challenge mode bases its item upgrades on your upgrades purchased in Story Mode (for that file). Joker has no applicable upgrades -- for every five consecutive combo hits he connects, he will be able to perform an instant takedown (TRIANGLE + CIRCLE together) on one enemy. The takedown is randomized among three or four different animations (shock buzzer, head punch, eye poke, etc.) but all functionally disables an enemy permanently.

To kill Poison Ivy's big fat plants that sit on the ground, get near them to pull out the heart by dropping from above. Find a high point such as a tower or building then drop down directly beside it. The plant will not have time to produce the irritating orbs that can hurt you before you rip its heart out.

If you lose to Bane there is a cinematic of him snapping Batman's back over his knee. This is reference to KnightFall book 1, where Bane breaks Batman's spine.

Climb to the highest point of Arkham Mansion in Arkham East (the clock tower) and glide down for an easy Night Glider Trophy (Glide continuously for 100 meters).

You can find Ras' corpse in Dr. Young's office. Later in the game if you re-visit the office, Ras Al Ghul's body bag has been unzipped and his body is missing, showing that he once again resurrected and escaped.

Listen to the first Scarecrow interview. You will hear him talking and mention a Dr. Murphy, and a Dr. Combs will be mentioned by a security guard. Cillian Murphy played Scarecrow in the newer movies and Jeffrey Combs voiced Scarecrow on the later episodes of Batman: The Animated Series.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

If you are skilled enough to find all of The Riddler's secrets maps, or if you can actually find all the Chronicle of Arkham pieces hidden throughout the game without them, there will be one more blank chronicle remaining to decipher. To unlock it, go all the way back to where you found Clayface behind the wall in the penitentiary. Go up the center stairs where you left Warden Sharp a long time ago, and there will be some scribbling on the floor. Use your Environmental Analysis on it and the last chronicle will unlock.

If you are stumped by The Riddler's more "taxing" riddles such as "What's right in front of you but still hidden from view?", you will usually be able to use Detective mode to find a piece of a question mark without a dot (or the dot without the question mark). The easiest way to see an example of this is to go to the second balcony outside of the penitentiary. Look toward the medical facility and enable Detective mode. You will see a "?" with no dot under it on the floor. Grapple to the balcony above and on the center pole of the railing is the "?"'s dot. Align them onscreen and use Environmental Analysis. This solves the "Do you see what I see? No? Then maybe I am in a stronger position." riddle. There are a only a few of these, but remember you must find both parts of the "?" and align them to solve the riddle.

After you've snapped a shot of 23 of the 24 of the Chronicle of Arkham markers, you'll need to track down the final marker. The key to solving the mystery of Arkham is the Warden, whom you last saw in the Security Control Room. Head to this room in the Penitentiary and enter the small central office area. Look on the floor for a circle of scribbles and etchings that say "BATMAN." Enter Detective Mode and take an Environmental scan of this to complete the final Chronicle of Arkham Riddle.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

Equip the Batarang, Batclaw, or Multibatarang. Press R2 to aim then L1 to fire the weapon to get a behind-the-projectile view.

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