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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2008 on PlayStation 2

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Alright, enter 24/7 mode and choose the General Manager mode a window will come up that lets you choose the brand you want to be choose your brand and choose if you want to make your own brand our use a set one. Choose one and enter the game when you enter the desk menu go to the magazine and choose a superstar that you dont want and fire them then once you have fired the superstars you dont want go to the computer and go to the options menu and choose the advanced options that will make another screen turn up. Turn off the injuries and customize your other choices.

Now start the game and make all your matches special stipulation matches. On spare days that your show isnt on choose special activities and choose invade show and choose a superstar. Make all your superstars popularity 100 and your show will have a better rating. | Submitted by WrestlingManiac

You may use any wrestler for this. During the screen when you select to play as your characther or the opponent, choose the opponent. Then during the match, go outside the ring, and grab a chair, sledge hammer, barbed wire bat, etc. Then disqualify yourself by hitting the opponent with the weapon, or when disqualifacation is off, count out yourself.

Note: When trying to count out yourself, opponent may go out of the ring to break referees ten count. | Submitted by Jackie

Get a full momentum bar and press Triangle to set the table on fire. | Submitted by TRI-7

1 when selecting match choose either tornado tag tables match or a tornado tag ECW extreme rules match.

2 Make your opponents so hurt that you can use both ultimate control moves & Stick them on the table for extended periods of time.

3 Put one of your opponents on the table.

4 Ultimate control Chokeslam/razors edge/FU your other opponent through thetable while the first opponent is still lying on it.

5 The opponent that was lying on the table will now be floating over the spot where the table was, even though the table has disappeared. | Submitted by Yano509

Obtain the rank "Hall of Famer" in Hall of Fame Mode.

Step 1: You have to choose a hardcore fighter.
Step 2: Go to a match where you can get a ladder.
Step 3: Once you have hold of a ladder, press the R3 button and use the right analog stick to control your spin. | Submitted by Cterrorists

Pick your brand and Edit Availble roster and Pick ten Popular Superstars off then pick ten people in the draft. When your on put them back on then which brand you are make your matches then next week on the day you picked they are in the free ageny. | Submitted by Andy5

Submission superstars-Finlay, and CM Punk
Hardcore superstars-Tommy Dreamer, and Sandman.
John Cena, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Umaga, Randy Orton.

Mostly John Cena because he is freakin' skilled, 97 Overall.

PS. Hardcores win no disqualification, ECW extreme rules matches, and Hardcore matches the most. | Submitted by Jackie

When the John Cena loading screen come on, it shows he has won the WWE Championship and the United States Championship. But Cena has won more than just those two. Don't you remember when him and HBK were World Tag Team Champions??? It doesn't show that John Cena has ever won the World Tag Team Championship title on the loading screen. | Submitted by TNT0593

Enter this code into "Cheat Codes" under the Options Menu


Obtain the rank "Hall of Famer" in Hall of Fame Mode.

Go into 24/7 Mode, select the Laptop, and select WWE Shop.

EffectHow to unlock

Gane as much cash as you need in 24/7 mode.Then go to WWE Shop.

EffectHow to unlock

Note: in order to unlock Vince Mcmahon Bald attire you must unlock original Vince Mcmahon.

Obtain the rank "Hall of Famer" in Hall of Fame Mode.

Obtain the rank "Hall of Famer" in Hall of Fame Mode.

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