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Vampire Night

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Vampire Night - PlayStation 2

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Successfully complete all of the training missions (every icon has three things under it) to unlock free play for arcade mode.

Go on special mode and get 1500g (silver in boxies, plant pots eg) then go shopping. Choose weapons and pick the shotgun shells and then buy. Then go back and pick equip shot gun shells. Whenever you go on special mode you can use a shot gun(shot gun shoots slower but shoots off about 5 bullets and only uses 1 shell)

These won't work on the first try because you need to complete them on level 3. (level 3 is when there are two solid symbols under the picture of the mission and one transparent symbol) Then you will unlock the item. All of these items will go either to your inventory or the shop in special mode. I'll put Shop or Inv. to confirm which one they go to.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Angle's Kiss - Inv. Rapid Fire
Army Gloves - Inv. Aiming and Accuracy
Comical Bullet - Shop Aiming Reloading and Accuracy
Cradit + 6 - Inv. (so on for the rest) Reloading
Credit Infinite - Shop Aiming Accuracy and Memory
Life + 5 - Inv. Complete all three levels on Aiming
Magazine +4 - Inv. Rapid Fire and Focusing
Mystic Charm - Shop Aiming Rapid Fire and Reloading
Shotgun Bullet - Inv. Rapid Fire and Reloading
Silver Bullet - Shop Rapid Fire Focusing and Judgement
Silver Powder - Shop Rapid Fire Reloading and Focusing
Spirit Brooch - Inv. Aiming and Reloading

Unlock the different Hunter's Files by doing the following:

Player Character Files - Finish Arcade Mode (multiple times)

Enemy Files - Kill/meet enemies (any mode except Training Mode).
Boss Files - Kill Bosses in all modes, including Training Mode.
Item Files - Buy/earn each item in Special mode.
Miscellaneous Files - Finish all missions in Special mode and complete Training Mode.

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