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Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Tenchu: Fatal Shadows - PlayStation 2

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To gain access to the full tutorial with Ayame you must hold L1 while selecting the Tutorial. No onscreen confirmation will be given but once the tutorial starts you will be using Ayame instead of Rin.

In the room across from the Boss Battle room provided you did not take the shortcut.

Defeat Juzo in Pit Fight mode with more than 23 minutes remaining and defeat the two Ayames. Alternatively, collect a total of 1600 scrolls.

Run up to this boss, push towards them, and hit circle to perform a throw. Both Ayame and Rin will administer not their normal throw, but a neck chop that instant kills this boss.

When viewing already unlocked cutscenes in the Encyclopedia section, press and hold L2 while selecting a cutscene and when it loads you will get to see Ayame or Rin wearing their Armor during it.

Complete all the playable missions in Story mode.

Effect - Code

2.1 Departures - Do not eliminate all enemies in mission 1
2.2 Determinationkill - Eliminate all enemies in mission 1
6.1 The Blind Masseuse - At least one enemy spot you in mission 5
6.2 What Lurks in the shadow - You may not be spotted in mission 5
7.1 A Sister's Promise - Pick up the map in mission 6
7.2 For Whom the Bell Tolls - Do not pick up the map in mission 6
10.1 Flames of Passion - Do not eliminate the samurai at the beginning of mission 9
10.2 Flames of Sorrow - Eliminate all 3 enemies at the beginning of mission 9
12.1 Tenchu Kurenai - Eliminate Ranzo
12.2 Tenchu Kurenai - Let Ranzo escape

Note: You must play story mode to unlock the missions.

Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Defeat all 6 enemy groups in Pit Fight mode.

After crossing the bridge head left along the wall and double jump over to the little outcropping ledge.

Beat the game on any difficulty.

Complete Training Stage.

Get a Grandmaster or Master of Assassins Ranking in all 18 levels.

Beat every layout on every skill level with each character.

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