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Tales of Legendia

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Tales of Legendia on PlayStation 2

Get Moses to Level 29 to get the Base Eres Outcast for Moses.

Get to level 40.

You will get this when Will beats Moses for wildin out.

Get to level 20.

Bake all of the breads once or more.

Reach level 80 with Senel.

Acquire all of the recipes.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title for Will Raynard:

Brainy Champ: Win all advanced single matches on arena with Will.
Comboist: Have Will participate in a 30+ combo.
Combo Expert: Have Will participate in a 60+ combo.
Combo Master: Have Will participate in a 100+ combo.
Combo Newbie: Have Will participate in a 10+ combo.
Crystal Master: Learn all of Will's Eres
Grand Sage: Have Will reach level 100.
No More Pens: Use at least one regular attack and no Eres without Will dying in battle.
One Shot Kill: Have Will get the final hit in a Climax Combo to defeat the last enemy of a group.
Pundit: Have Will reach level 60.
Rare Monster: Find all rare items.
Researcher: Have Will reach level 20.
Sage: Have Will reach level 80.
Scholar: Have Will reach level 40.
Testosterone: Start a battle with Will and three other males in your party.
The Spice of Life: Have Will use all seven elemental Eres in a battle without dying
Wizard: Start battle with Will and three other Crystal Eres members in your party.


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