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Shadow of Rome

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Shadow of Rome on PlayStation 2

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Successfully complete all gladiator challenges to unlock a gorilla costume for Agrippa.

Earn 300,000 Salvo points by playing through many battles. The points are cumulative. You will be given a strong helmet and arm bracer at the start of every battle from now on.

You will obtain yet another armor upgrade after gaining 800,000 Salvo points.

Get a Bronze rank on all the normal events.

Achieve a "Gold" rank on all hard events.

Collect a total of 300,000 salvos.

During the stealth segments, rare coins can be discovered. Octavianus can find one Gold Fortune coin on the final guard in any given location. To obtain it, you must disable every opponent in the given area first. The last man you search (with the Circle button) will yield this rare coin!

Complete all gladiator challenges.

Get a gold rank on all normal events.

Get a Silver rank on all the hard events.

Get a Silver rank on all the normal events.

Collect a total of 800,000 salvos.

Get a Bronze rank on all the hard events.

When you buy a certain amount of items from the vendors in the city gates area, you are given special items delivered to your house as Octavianus. You can access all of these by selecting them from your dresser.

Chameleon suit - Buy all items from all vendors
Crew Cut - Given from start
Mr. Onion Head - Buy at least 5 items
Pansa's Robe - Buy at least 10 items
Splitting Head Ache - Buy at least 20 items

Get bronze in all Extreme gladitorial events. It's visible if 'ON' is selected.

In the Syracuse prison 2nd floor, there are two wooden crates that contains a two-handed weapon, as well as a one handed weapon. These are only there when you play as Agrippa when you are exiting the prison. The boxes are in a hole on the rock side of the pathway.

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