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Road Trip

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Road Trip on PlayStation 2

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Once Coine has built a house in My City, you can bring him the Choro Q coins you've found throughout your adventure for gifts. The gifts are as follows:

Rocking Horse /Body #86 - 10 Coins
Hyper Engine - 100 Coins
Pumpkinhead /Body #80 - 20 Coins
Snail /Body #81 - 30 Coins
Ladybug /Body #84 - 40 Coins
Big Tires - 50 Coins
X3 Steering Wheel - 60 Coins
Hyper Gear - 70 Coins
Hyper Chassis - 80 Coins
Metal Pad - 90 Coins

In Road Trip Adventure, there is a way to get Devil Parts, which are the best in the game. You can only get them for Tyres, Spokes, Engine and Meter though. Go to Cloud Hill and find the Rainbow Jump. Outisde that house, next to a lamppost, should be a car. Talk to him, and he will ask you to collect 100 stamps (he will also give you a fake God's Rod, which goes in your garage). Once you have collected all 100 stamps, talk to him and he will give you:

Devil Tyres (best Tyres in-game!)

666 Spokes (don't really do anything, they just look cool)

Devil Engine (reaches a speed of 349 in about 3 seconds from standing. Also jumps straight to Reverse, even when at top speed)

Devil Meter (like the spokes, does nothing, but looks cool)

To unlock Endurance Run, go to Peach Town and locate the car that looks like the cars in Q's Factories (he is near the main area of the town). Talk to him, and he will ask where a Q's Factory is needed. If you have a Gargage in MyCity, you can tell him. He will create a Q's Factory that has Endurance Run as its race.

Endurance Run is probably the most longest race there is. It consists of 10 laps on a long course. However, you can go into an extra lane near the starting point where you will Pit-Stop (this slows you down to 60kmph though). It is also where you race President Forest, but that is only a 3-lap race. The race consists of mostly current and future inhabitants of MyCity, but also many of the regular. The other cars don't have Jet Turbines, but are still very fast, and suprisingly don't need to pit. I wouldn't recommend racing on this track without most of the higher parts. You also need to come 6th or above in Endurance Run to complete MyCity.

To get the Jet Turbines, go to Papaya Island. Go out of Q's Factory and turn right. Kepp going until you locate a gap in the mountain. Go in there and follow the path. Jump over the river, then keep going straight (ignore the gap in the wall, you don't need to use it until later). Next to the Coconut shop lives Dr. Sandro. He will ask you to find his wife for him. Exit the house, then go back up the way you came BUT turn into the gap in the wall I said about earlier. Jump over the river then sear for a green car named Kerori. Talk to her, and she'll say that she will go home. Go back to Dr. Sandro and he will reward you with the Jet Turbines.

The Jet Turbines are an add-on that, when you press R2 (or the correct config for you), you will blast off at amazing speeds, reaching 349 kmph. Be careful, though, as it drains fuel fast. If you're fuel is low, the Jet Turbines will start to slow down, just flickering.

Type The Following Code's While Selecting New Game


To unlock Tin Raceway, get a Super-A License and win the Grand Prix. Then, go to Cloud Hill, and win against the President. After that, if you go to Q's Factory in Cloud Hill, Tin Raceway wil be unlocked. If you haven't done this, it will say 'Under Construction' if you try to select it.

Tin Raceway is a racetrack that is suspended in mid-air. Part of the track takes on the shape of a cog, which is probably why it gets the name 'Tin Raceway'. The cars you race against consist of the inhabitants of Cloud Hill and many of the usual people. They will all have Jet Turbines on, so you may want to be fast before you challenge it. It is also possible to
fall off the track, and if you do so, you'll automatically retire from the race. The good news is, sometimes the other cars fall off the track, and they also retire. The bad news is, this can sometimes mean your teammates will fall off.

forward, forward, right, forward, forward, right, forward, left, forward, forward, left, right, forward, right, left, left, forward, forward, left, forward, forward, right, forward, forward, right, right, left, left, forward, forward, left, forward, forward, left, forward, right, forward, forward, left, forward, right, left, right.

To get the Wing Set and Propellers, you must visit the Temple Under the Sea. You can get there by going to White Mountain. Exit Q's Factory and turn left. You should see a cave in the mountain. Go in there and follow the windy path until you reach 2 Quick-Pic shops. Keep going straight and you'll fall into the sea. There are four main points of interest here. The Black Bus Orpheus, who is the ghost that people in White Mountain claim to see, a ChoroQ Coin, a Green Emerald (for the explorer in Peach Town) and the Temple Under the Sea.

The Propellers are an add-on that help you drive quicker underwater. They can also help when you're using the Water Skis.

The Wing Set is an add-on that lets you turn whilst in mid-air/floating underwater. Also, pressing L1 or L2 (or the correct buttons for your config), you can increase and decrease the time you stay in mid-air/floating underwater. If you press L1, you'll glide longer. If you press L2, you'll fall quicker. You can check which one is activated at the time by a marker on your meter (it should be two arrows, one facing up, one facing down, but may be different for certain meters)

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