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Ratchet and Clank

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Ratchet and Clank on PlayStation 2

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Bomb glove-get it when game starts
Glove of doom-7,500
Mine glove-7,500
Suck cannon-find at end of logging site Eudora
Visibomb gun-15,000
Decoy glove-7,500
Drone device-7,500
Tesla claw-30,000or40,000

There are four Gold Bolts on Planet Aridia, the first one is by a sandshark maker. You will see a bomb away wall, behind it is the Bolt. The second is on the center island, you have to be by Skid's agent to get it, and you need the Heli-pack to long jump across the mud to get it, it's in a dump truck. For the third Bolt you need the Magneboots, and once again you need to be by Skid's agent, walk up the pillars to the side of his ship to get the Bolt. Finally the last Bolt you need the Swingshot for. Follow the Swingshot path to the Trespasser's Platform. Look down and there will be some moving platforms, glide down to them and the Bolt is at the other end of the platform.

On the planet Umbris when you get to the part where Quark betrays you. You should fight a giant beast. Note: You will need the RYNO for this. Pull out your RYNO and fire it at the beast, it should take away one section of the beast energy and the the beast will use his energy shield and then lure the monster to the loose bridges. If you do this right you should only have to use only three shots. | Submitted by Devin

First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch.

First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch.

First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Back, Flip Back, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike, Hyper-Strike.

First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full Second Glide.

Say you've gone to the BTS (Blarg Tactical Research Station) and you have to use Clank to get the Hydrodisplacer because Ratchet doesn't have the 02 Mask. (You'll need the Drone Glove for this) Before you send out Clank equip Ratchet with the Drone Glove and when you use Clank he'll have the drones spining around him. Note; I have only tried this at the Blarg place. | Submitted by danielle

If you wnt to get the Skill Point, " Cluck, Cluck," go to planet Rilgar/Blackwater City. Go right/East when you get out of your ship. Jump on the platform and jump where you see some acid shooting enemies. Then, go to your Weapons Menu and pick the Gold Morph-O-Ray if you want a big chicken or the Morph-O-Ray if you want a small chicken. And whatever you do, do not shoot the acid soldiers with any other weapon besides one of the two I menchoned earlier. Sfter you have turned the acid soldiers into soldiers into chickens, you will see an acid shooting tank. The reason I said to turn the acid soldiers into chickens is because you DON'T want to harm the tank. Then, try to go directly under the tank and turn him into a chicken. That's the first Skill Point, and here's the second one...! If you want to get the Skill Point, "Whirlybirds," go to the very first planet that is snowy.(The planet before Gremlik Moon Base.) Right when you get out, shoot five helicopters with any weapon except the turret at the end of the level. Easy, isn't it? | Submitted by RyanCarroll

When in a hoverboard race, to do a trick called "the Revolverater," do one flip with each of the L and R buttons (except L3 and R3), if you do it right and land it, you will get a score of 500 points and a full turbo meter. | Submitted by NickBukovac

If you want to get the Skill Point, "Destroyed," on planet Gaspar, follow these directions. Whatever you do, don't go the way you're supposed to go to find the Pilot's Helmet on Planet facing the elevator, don't go there. Turn exactly around. Walk forward and off the cliff. You will be on a path. Follow it and you should find a little platform. Jump on it. Use the Swing-Shot.Jump on the other platform. You should see a number of Blarg Bombers. Destroy them with the Devastator. Shoot the generator attatched to a cord attatched to the Bomber. Whenever you have to use the Swing-Shot, use it. Whenever you have to use the Devastator on the Bombers, do it.Whenever you have to destroy enemies, do it. Eventually, you will come across a platform with at least five Bombers. Shoot the generators with the Devastator. Ta-da! Bonus! There is also a Gold Bolt nearby. Scavenge around the platform until you find a Versa-Target ( not the one you just used to get to the end platform in the first place.) Use the Swing-Shot to get to another platform.Gold Bolt! And there is even a lava raft to take you back to your ship. | Submitted by RyanCarroll

This is not really a cheat but it helps to dodge bullets and looks really cool. To do this start running and keep running and all at once press R1, X, and snap the joy stick over. This should result in a corkscrew that helps you dodge bullets. You can also do it while firing to make it offensive too! | Submitted by TylerM.

On board the ship, before going to Veldin there are two Gold Bolts. The first is at the end of the electric water tunnel, but instead of going to the right side of the fork at the end, go to the left for a Gold Bolt and a timer to start the electric current over once you jump out. The second is tricky, when you are in the room that is upsidedown and filled with barking dogs and lasers, get off the platform and go through the door to the right, the Bolt is in that room.

On Planet Euroda (Logging Site) You will see a bunch of vehicles flying around. Pull out a long range weapon, (I suggest the blaster because of its ammo being cheapest) and fire at the vehicles. Use sniper mode for better accuracy. After a good number of vehicles, you will get a skill point.

The easiest way to defeat drek is by using only 3 weapons. The blaster, devastator, and tesla claw. When you start on the laser feild, make sure you have max ammo on all three weapons. Just use the three weapons to defeat him on all three islands. (Remember that there are ammo boxes on the islands, incase you run out, and you should also equip your gadgetron PDA on your quick-select). When you use the tesla-claw, Drek's health goes down fast. Same with the devastator and blaster. When you get to the third island, (the laser) then just use your blaster or tesla-claw and you will finish him off easily. (I beat him with the three weapons, without losing any health!!) | Submitted by Jack

At the racetrack in the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III, if you know you can't win the race, save a rocket until the end and launch it just before crossing the line. Select "Continue" and a rocket will fly towards and destroy the nearest racer at the start of the race.

Go into some water and go under enough so you can still see above. Tilt the camera a little above the sea level and when the water moves up or down Ratchet will look like he’s swimming in the sky. | Submitted by danielle

This is only a glitch. During gameplay go to the Pause Menu and go to the Gadgets screen where you'll see gadgets, boots and helmets, etc. Eg. select the grindboots. Ratchet will do someting like grinding on the screen on the right. Then press it again right afterwards to unselect. Ratchet will keep grindind or whatever until you exit. This only glitches when selecting boots or helmets. | Submitted by danielle

To get the bolt from the shielded area, you launch a visibomb from your ship and direct it to the biggest dome-shaped building. you guide the bomb into a large vent and steer it down. you destroy the tower that generates the shield. simple!!!
difficulty: medium-hard. | Submitted by Morbidity

There is in fact a Skill point called Going Commando and it is in the last level. On Planet Veldin, destroy ten of the guys with jet packs and those laser guns using only your wrench.

To get the Gold Bolt at the end of the long tunnel in Orxon you need the gold devastator. It is the only thing that will blow open the metal gates. Make sure you do not fall in the goop because you will have to start over again. | Submitted by TylerM.

If you want to get the two Gold Bolt's on planet Gaspar, follow these steps:

After you have beaten the level, go back to the end of the level (You can just take a shortcut from the first part of the level: go left.) When you are there, look down in the lava. You should see a cave that is in the lava and looks like a monster's mouth. Glide in the cave. Go to your Weapons Menu and select the Walloper. Try not to destroy everyone there, but as you go along, you can hit a few people if they get in your way.

At the end, you should see an elavator that leads to the Gold Bolt! There is also a lota' ammo up there! | Submitted by RyanCarroll

There's a certain part in Blackwater City where you sort of go underground through a few obstacles. You'll slide down a sort of cave slide and arrive at a small room with a orange button, and when you step on a button, the doors infront of u open. Suddenly you're running for your life because the place is flooding! Well after all that happens and u get the 02 Mask and the Hydropack upgrade go right back again. You'll notice that the place is already full of water. Go down and keep going foward until you reach the section where water was bursting out of huge pipes the first time and swim lower and more to the right. You will see a small tunnel. Swim into it and keep going until you see the water beginning to turn sickly green; no worries it won't kill you. After a while you'll reach a small boxed up surface with the same green background. Tada! Your Gold Bolt awaits! | Submitted by danielle

On planet Pokitaru, after you get the O2 mask go back to where the first driving machine the fat man used is supposed to be because it wouldn’t be there anymore. Swim completely north until you see that there is a not so very tiny island with a big coconut tree. From there, go underwater until you see an underwater cave and go in. Keep going until you reach a surface. You’ll see a bunch of platforms to climb on. Do it. At the top there is a lock that can only be opened using the thruster pack. If you slam the lock, a path will come up. Go. You’ll have some enemies to kill and stuff to swing on (if you fall off the waterfall, you will die). Kill EVERYTHING and keep going until you reach an area where you can’t jump up. Look above! A versa target! Swing up and you’ll find a gold bolt. | Submitted by danielle

1. The first gold bolt is behind a blocked off passage in the pools behind where you get a ship. It is in the second last chamber on the left wall going towards the exit. Difficulty: Easy
2. The next gold bolt is going up the water works in the first room that you come to. When you walk in you shouldn't see the ceiling. There should be a part where you can wall jump up. Difficulty:Easy
3. The last gold bolt in Novalis is up the river but you need the hydropack to get in. Once you are in there should be a number of monsters that you have to get through to get the bolt. Difficulty:Midium

Outpost X11:
1. This gold bolt is behind a blast away wall that the other end is bloked but you can see in. This is where you have to defeat the sandsharks for Skid. There should be a part that is only connected to by a bridge in an outcove. Use your bomb glove and blow away the right side of the cliff. Difficulty:Easy
2. Gold bolt #2 is on an island in the middle of the muck. You need to have the helipack to get it. Go near the edge of the pit that the adgent is near and boost jump along the fence. There should be a little platform and from there you can make it to the island. Difficulty:Medium
3. This one does not appear on the map-o-matic and is below where you get the tresspasser. There should be some walkways that turn slowly. Right below the where the tresspaser is (or was) is the gold bolt. To get back up move to the edge of one of the walkways and use your swingshot.Difficulty:Easy
4.Near Skid's adgent is three walkways that can be identified as magneboot walkways. Get the magneboots and walk up these. You should be near the large cannon. Under it is the gold bolt. Difficulty:Easy

1. The first gold bolt is easy to get if you know where it is. There is a tunnel that cars pass through under where you land your ship. Watch the traffic and jump down and glide. There should be an oppining and a gold bolt. At one end of the tunnel is a cab that takes you to your ship. Difficulty:Easy
2. The nest bolt is in a building that you can only get to from the top of the second tower of the fitness course. You have to boost jump and then glide into the building. Difficulty:Medium
3.The last gold bolt is after you get the helipack and are heading towards the train. When you gwt to the train platform turn right instead of left jump over the bosex and you should see the blot! Difficulty:Easy

1. The only gold bolt on this level is towards where you come back from getting the suck cannon. It is on a little ledge that you have to do the extra high jump to reach. Difficulty:Easy

1.The first gold bolt is in the room later on where there is a gadgetron vendor. If you do a high boost you can reach the upper level. On the right side there is a hollow where there is a gold bolt. Difficulty:Easy
2. This one is outside the station and you need the O2 mask to get it. It is quite easy to get. Just find a platform that is close and boost jump over.Difficulty:Easy | Submitted by TylerM.

If you want to get the Gold Bolt in the 2nd to the last planet, just follow these directions....

At nearly the end of Drek's Fleet, go into the door where you walk with the Magneboots and lasers + robot dogs everywhere, except, go on it right-side-up. You might think you have to go in the door on the left, but it's right. You will see a bunch of lasers on the ground. Stretch-Jump over them and go in the door on the right. You will see some more lasers, Stretch-Jump and take out the robot gaurd. Go in the door right in front of where you are standing. Gold Bolt! | Submitted by RyanCarroll

After you defeat Drek, go to planet Novalis and you will see a transporter right when you get off the ship. Press triangle on the transporter and it will tansport you to a room with gold weapons. Each gold weapon is 4 gold bolts and a certain number of regular bolts. Each gold weapon is basicly an upgrade of the regular one.

On the Blarg station in the Nebula, you will enter a green room with a Gadgetron vendor. If you want the skill point, Ignore the vendor. Enter the room and the Mutant animal boss will drop from the ceiling. For the skill point, use your Omniwrench ONLY! Perform a hyper strike over and over on the creature. You can use a weapon on the boss's minions. (pyrocitor works best) If you don't hit the boss with the weapon when fighting the minions, you will still get your skill point if you keep using the hyper strike.

To get the all powerful RYNO (rip ya a new one) go to the 5th planet. When there, go across the water to a box (it should be North- East from your ship) and go through the rooms. There are tricky guys here, including multiplying blobs and tanks that shoot gas. Get to the end of this part and jump onto the taxi that says "press triangle to go downtown." It will take you to a place that looks like New York City. There are more tanks and blobs and guys you will have seen before. These are guys in suits that have a spray gun. But they're not all that bad, because if you don't get in their way, they will actually exterminate the blobs! Wait for them to do this and then kill them. In this small area there is a guy who doesn't attack you, but offers you a RYNO for 150,000 bolts! If you don't have the cash (I didn't!), get the cash! And then come back and pay up. He'll hand it over. The RYNO is a huge military weapon that fires many homing missiles at a time. One shot takes up one ammo and the ammo costs 25 bolts each! It holds up to 50 ammo at one time and when the guy gives it to you it has 25 ammo. You can later destroy the Snargle Beast at the end of the level "Captain Quarks HQ" with the RYNO. | Submitted by AlexanderMarsden

This is something that you can ONLY use with the Thruster-Pak. Just double tap R1 and you start gliding on the ground for as long as you want Do not go of a cliff with this. You can use weapons while gliding. You can also use the Quick Srlect Menu while hovering. If you press x, square, or any of the R or L buttons to stop gliding. (Note: You can go to the Gadgets Menu to get the Heli-Pak and use the Heli-Pak to hover when you're already hovering!) | Submitted by RyanCarroll

The first time you have big clank then there is a corner and you jump off of in but you have to be right to it if not it does not work try it is again if it work you will die and get unlimited for the arena fight. | Submitted by Nate&Max

The last thre Gold Bolts in the game are in Veldin, Ratchets home planet. The first one is on the platform that has about 15 Elite Gaurds, it's behind the laser door, it's easy to get, just whip out the Taunter and lure the frog in there to step on the switch and the laser will die. The second Bolt is above that platform, when you get to the first Swingshot Ball in the level, look to the right for platforms, follow them to the Gold Bolt. The last one is just before the sewer tunnel, just before you get the swingshot out, look to the right for a Grind Rail path, use it and it will take you to the last Gold Bolt in the game.

This isnt really a cheat but its fun! Okay put on these items: Magnet boots, that pilots helmet you get,blaster and the heli-pack and vouala! youre ship has a new pilot! | Submitted by WesleyKreteBarros

First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike.

First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Double Flip Right, Flip Right, Flip Right, Double Jump, Full Second Crouch.

After completing Gemlik Base leave and go back. First break the boxes to your right, then walk back to the transporter and go to the fighter hanger. Turn right and break the boxes there. Now go in the closest door and down all the steps to the elevator. Go down at the bottom the door will not open use your wrench and keep hitting the door you will keep getting bolts.

You can try this on any planet that has a very high hill where you landed your ship and where you can see some enemies from. Example: Planet Orxon After you get your O2 Mask and you have to go back to Orxon, you’ll be facing east of your ship, that is, towards a little platform that isn’t connected to anything. Jump onto it, but before you glide down, (and I’m saying this for all of us who like to play ‘Hit & Run’) pull out the Visibomb Gun. Simply shoot and look for any enemies in range and you’ll traverse the area as easy as you’ve made possible. | Submitted by danielle

If you want to beat Pokitaru pretty easily, follow these steps: When you are helping the fat guy on the Info-Bot, there is an easy way to beat the areas where you are on a raft. Surround the peremiter with Decoy Glove ammo and 2 Glove of Doom balls. Go to your weapons menu and pick the Walloper. Destroy the bouncing mutant fish thingies and you will get at the end of any of the rafts easily. No sweat! If you are on the land, send a G.O.D. ammo out and use the Walloper or Devastator.If you are in an area where there are those mutant fish in the water, just use the Blaster or Devastator. If you are near one of those things that are pink and growing out of the ground, use the Devastator at a far away range. When you are in the ship, just try to avoid the flying fighters, and destroy the poluting ships. If you need amo or health, or both, just destroy the flying fighters. | Submitted by RyanCarroll

When you access the quick select by using Triangle you can't move and enemies can still attack. Simply put the 4 guns/gadgets you would use the most in the north, south, east and west slots of the quick select so when your in a tight spot you can access the quickselect and press up, down, left or right in a snap. | Submitted by danielle

If you pause the game underwater and go to the Goodies Menu and play the ‘In Level Movies’ they themselves will be underwater. | Submitted by danielle

After you have beten Drek and you have either started over or have gone back to last safe go to Gremlik base and defeat Quark. Do NOT go into your new ship if you are starting over. There wil be a tower to the right facing down the runway. Go to it. There should be a passageway that goes all the way through. Right after the passage levels off start doing wall jumps. At the top there is a platform with a button. Hit the button and it will take you to the top of the tower with all of the gold weapons cases.(Note: The weapons in there are the ones that you havn't gotton already.) | Submitted by TylerM.

Here are a few skill points for getting the scrapbook (15 skill points):

Novalis:(Take Aim)Hit one of the bomers passing over the city.

Matropolis:(Strike a Pose)Get between Big Al's dummy's legs at the top of his store.
(Blimpy):Hit a blimp, any blimp.

Outpost X-11:(Transported)Destroy three flying transports.
(Swing It) Traverse the last six swing shot markers without touching the ground.

Logging Site:(Any Ten) Destroy any ten flying transports.

Black Water City:(Tricky) Pull a Twisty McMarx in the hoverboard race.(Hit all four poses and do two flips) | Submitted by TylerM.

Skill Points from Batalia to Veldin:

Batalia:(Jumper)Navigate the grind rail without losing any health
(Accuracy Counts)Destroy one of the small fighters with the turret.(Hint: I find it simpler to destroy the bombers and then go back into the turret.

Gasper:(Gunner)Destroy five ships with one of the turrets.

Hoven:(Pest Control)Destroy all of the Ankle Biters in the forested section.
(Whirlybirds)Destroy five helicopters with anything other than the turret.

Moon Base:(Sitting Ducks)Destroy all of the cargo ships. (I find it quicker and cheaper to do it in the fighter jet than with say the Devastator or the Visibomb.)

Borda City:(Blast Em')Destroy three of the remaining war ships.

Kalebo III:(Heavy Traffic)Navigate the huge gring rail with taking a hit.

Drek's Fleet:(Sneaky)Destroy all of the sentry bots during the tour of his ships.

Veldin:(Going Commando)Destroy ten of the elite gaurds with only your omniwrench.

(Note: Will add more skill points as I find them.) | Submitted by TylerM.

Speedy:(Blackwater City) Finish the hoverboard race in under 1:35

Girl Trouble:(Blarg Tactical Station) Beat the final Queen including Minions with only your wrench. [Hint:Wait until you have all eight life spheres.]

Destroyed:(Blarg Refinery) Destroy all the dry-dock destroyers. [I had a little fun and did it with the visibomb] | Submitted by TylerM.

For the skill point "Quarktastic" on Metropolis you have to destroy the Quarkbot.

For the skill point "Buired Treasure" on Pokitaru you have to destroy all the crates in the ocean.

For the skill point "Careful Cruise" on Drek's Fleet you have to get through the water tanker without losing any health. | Submitted by TylerM.

When you get the Thruster Pack, sure you can boost up into the air, blah. But there are two secret functions of the Thruster Pack: 1)If you press R1 and X and boost into the air, press R1 and X again and you will do an extra boost.
2)Don't be so quick to desert the Thruster Pack; it makes Ratchet jump higher! | Submitted by danielle

After you get the hologuys go back to the very first hoverboard race and use your hologuys and enter the race. You will end up walking the whole race. | Submitted by Josh

First beat Drek, then at the goodies screen, do the following moves: Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike

This may take a long time to do but anyway. When you have landed in Metropolis jump of the side with the railing.( before you jump you should see if there are cars going into a tunnel.) Once you are in the tunnel go to what ever side you like and do comet-striks up at the cars. Every time you hit a car bolts will come out. | Submitted by Chippy

To get unlimited bolts get the holiguize and the taunter then go Metroplolis use the holiguize and enter the hoverboard race don't worry just keep walking the track the blobs won't hurt you. Continue to go until you see a large numbers of boxes up on a platform about halfway through walk until you cannot see them because they are above you , but don't go far because you have to use the taunter to crush the boxes. Since the boxes are out of your sight they will return. Suggestion! If you tape down the circle button to make the taunter keep going you can let it go as long as you want and you will just keep getting bolts. | Submitted by Gerard

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