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PlayStation 2 - Rampage: Total Destruction screenshot

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Rampage: Total Destruction

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Rampage: Total Destruction on PlayStation 2

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Go to a billboard on a roof and kick it to change it to a funnier version. For example, in Las Vegas by the large slot machine there is a "Beauty's Only Skin Deep" billboard. Kick the woman in the face to see the girl from The Exorcist.

Item effects

Bananas: Good for George
Chili Peppers: Good for Nick
Fire: Good for Nick
Poison: Good for Kingston
Steak: Hurts Rojo
Water: Venus can drink water from pipe leaks. Gilman is immune to water leaks.

At the main menu, press L2 + R2 to display the code entry screen. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Note: The effects of the codes will not be saved with your game.

All levels
Enter "271828" as a code to unlock all levels.

All levels and monsters
Enter "141421" as a code to unlock all levels and monsters.

All special abilities
Enter "011235" as a code to unlock all special abilities for all monsters. Note: The star points will not appear on their cards.

One-hit building destruction
Enter "071767" as a code.

Invincible to military attacks
Enter "986960" as a code.

Demo mode with two random monsters
Enter "082864" as a code. Note: This earns PAR Damage Stars.

Instant demo mode with two random monsters
Enter "874098" as a code. Note: This earns Destruction Complete Stars.

View opening sequence
Enter "667300" as a code.

View ending sequence
Enter "667301" as a code.

View credits
Enter "667302" as a code.

Display version number
Enter "314159" as a code.

Disable all cheats
Enter "000000" as a code.

Enter "000020" as a code.

Enter "249020" as a code.

While the game is loading, press any button and the monster you selected will make funny noises.

Pick up a gasoline truck and throw it at a building to instantly destroy it.

If a policeman is after you, lure him away from his vehicle and kill him (kick, eat, grab and jump, ground smash, etc.). If you do not destroy his car, no more police officers will arrive (excluding S.W.A.T. or army tanks).

Unlock the other 23 bonus monsters (for a total of 29) to unlock Bubba.

Successfully complete the game with the "All Challenges Met" award for all cities to unlock Eyegore the Alien.

Successfully complete the game with the "Par Scores Met" award for all cities to unlock Philbert the Ungulate.

Successfully complete a block, then select the "Change Monster" option. Choose the same monster you finished the block with to start the next block with full health.

Use the monsters in the cities listed below to unlock the other monsters. There may be more then one monster to unlock the secret ones. And you might have to re-do the city to unlock the other ones that are in it.

Leon - Play as any starting monster in Las Vegas
Kingston - Play as Lizzie in Las Vegas
Jack - Play as Harry in Las Vegas
Marco - Play as Ralph in San Francisco
Shelby - Play as Lizzie in San Francisco
Natalie - Play as Marco in San Francisco
Kyle - Play as Kingston in London
Icky - Play as Ralph in London
Edwin - Play as Wally in London
Cal - Play as Kyle in Los Angeles
Amanda - Play as Kyle in Los Angeles
Bart - Play as Kingston in Los Angeles
Rojo - Play as Kyle in Chicago
Harry - Play as Marco in Chicago
Nick - Play as Harry in Chicago
Croc - Play as Rojo in Hong Kong
Venus - Play as Croc in Hong Kong
Jill - Play as Amanda in Hong Kong
Wally - Play as Marco in New York
Rocky - Play as Cal in New York
Joe - Play as Natalie in New York
Philbert - Complete all the Par Point Stars in all the cities.
Eyegore - Complete all the Challenge Stars in all the cities
Bubba - Unlock all the monsters, secret and normal.


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