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Operator's Side

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Operator's Side - PlayStation 2

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Successfully complete the game. Load the cleared game file to start the game again with new costumes for Rio. Also, you will have all chips, heal capsules, and commands available.

Speak the following into the microphone to get a funny response.

Any obscenity.
'Sleep with me'
'I hate you'
'Kill yourself'
'Bark like a dog'
'Rio' or 'Kristen' (when Rio asks the name of your girlfriend)

Have Rio collect the indicated number of chips to unlock the corresponding mini-game.

Categories: 16 chips.
Complete the Phrase: 8 chips.
The Calc: 12 chips.
Tutorial: 0 chips. This mini-game is unlocked after tutorial is completed.
Word Jumble: 4 chips.

In Guest Room 2, to open the 'safe' on the 'night stand', use the combination '2021'. You will get a Shutter Key.

At the very beginning of the game, when Rio solicits the players help after recalling Naomi's name, if the player refuses to help (by saying ''no'') several times, she will then shoot the camera and walk away. It's also Game Over at this point.

In Guest Room 1, go to the bathroom and tell her to 'take a shower'. She will respond 'not now, not in your lifetime'. This can be performed in any guest room, and can be done multiple times for different reactions

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