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Need for Speed Undercover

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Need for Speed Undercover on PlayStation 2

Stock or Speedway Autosculpt

Performance Parts
Engine: Street/Pro package
NOS: Race package
Suspension: Street/Pro package
Supercharger: Street/Pro package (optional)
Tires: Street/Pro package-grip
Transmission: Street/Pro package

Flag Vinyl: USA
Number Vinyl: 0, 1
Paint: Hemi orange metallic, row 1, column 1
Window Tint: None

Once you unlock you first police car (Ford Mustang) you will be able to enter Chasedown mode. To complete this you must ram your target car until it is disabled. After that you will receive between $19,000 to $22,000

The Lamborghini Murcielago can drive in reverse faster than any other car. Put it in reverse and get up to about 5 or 6 mph. While still holding Square, hold X as well. The car will soon be going well over 100 mph, but will be difficult to control.

In Career mode, go to the Tri-City world map and pan to Sunset Hills (Upper City). On the right hemisphere of that map fraction, there should be a road that turns left then suddenly ends. In case of a sudden pursuit, rush to that point immediately. There should be an open bridge. Ramp over it. The other police cannot go over. For easier navigation, direct the GPS to a Pursuit Breaker closest to that point. Note: You will have to go well over 160 km/h to cross the bridge.

I suggest Duration in choosing between Duration and Velocity because when your trying to gain the first position and you put on the NOS with velocity you may get in th first place but if you crash. The other racers will get ahaid of you and filling the nos again takes sometime.

Watch your tachometer when at the starting line. Get your needle in the blue right when the race starts to get a perfect launch and gain some time against your opponents.

At the starting line, get the tachometer needle into the blue just when the race starts. You will have a quick start and gain some time on your opponents.

Start your career with Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. Install ONLY nos and suspension and looks if desired. Win races till you unlock Porche Cayman S. This time only install nos, turbo, suspension and transmission. Then buy Porche 911 GT 2. Install everything. Finally take a CCX (you can't upgrade it, don't ask me why). | Submitted by Ranjev

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