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Need for Speed ProStreet

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Need for Speed ProStreet on PlayStation 2

First enter the code UNLOCKALLTHINGS in the code entry menu at career mode. Then exit to main menu and load your alias.

You should have unlocked all tracks, cars upgrade parts and get 4 cars (240SX, Cobalt SS, Pontiac GTO, and Viper SRT10).

Just build a super car for drag, and speed. Learn how to wheelie and you can face Ryo directly without having to race anything/anywhere else. | Submitted by Minato

This is for the best speed chalenge car that you will probably ever have: ferst (if you all ready)enter the code unlockallthings,then get about 400,000 doallers by sealling theexpensiv cars,then get the corvet zo6,then fully upgrade it for the ultimante speed challenge car. | Submitted by jetfish5000

At the start of the game enter the password, MITSUBISHIGOFAR. This unlocks the Evo 9, a great grip car to start off with. | Submitted by Joe

When you change your car mode, it doesn't mean you lost all modification upgrades and have to re-purchase everything and customize it from scratch. When you change your car mode, all your performance and body upgrades weren't lost. They were just "uninstalled" All you need to do is install them back again However, visual modifications (vinyls, decals, paint, window tint, and wheel paint) were lost

eg. You have a grip mode Lancer Evo with a stage 4 engine upgrade. You change your evo into another mode (let's say speed mode. When you customize it, the car is still with stock upgrades. So choose custom upgrade. Choose engine upgrade. Scroll down and you will see a stage 4 engine upgrade and the price tag is not a number but a writing "owned". All you need to do is press x on that upgrade and it will be installed back free of charge. | Submitted by Minato

I haven't tried all but here are some recommended Drag cars:

-Dodge Charger R/T*~
-Ford Mustang GT '06
-BMW M3 E46*~
-Dodge Viper SRT10
-Lancer Evo`
-Ford GT

* good for wheelies
' cannot wheelie
~ good when fully upgraded | Submitted by Minato

To have $10,000 extra dollars in career mode, you must have a memory card.

Okay, To have $10,000 extra dollars in career mode, you must have a Need For Speed Carbon save saved on your Memory card. Insert the memery card into your console's Memory slot (Slot 1). Then, start Need For Speed Pro Street and make a career (Make sure to make an Alias). It will say "Thank you for playing previous Need for Speed games." Do the race, and come in first or you won't get to the heart of N.F.S.:P.S. Normaly you would have $10,000 dollers now you will have $20,000 dollers.

This is also lke Need for Speed Most Wanted will give you, I think... $5,000 extra dollers if you have a N.F.S.U.2 game saved (I the N.F.S.M.W save game on the PC). | Submitted by ShadowLegion_2

Go to the main menu and select enter codes. Type in cashmoney. No caps or spaces. and you will receive an extra $10,000! You can only enter the code once. | Submitted by Julie

If you accidently shut off your system before it saves your alias file may be corrupted. However, this does not necessarily means you have to start from scratch. Reboot your PS2 and go to the memory card browser. Locate the corrupt file (your alias or profile for NFS) and delete just that file.

You will see another file on the card which is your 'Career' file. Do not delete this block! Start up ProStreet and you will be asked to create another Alias. Once you've done this your career file will load and you're off again to the races.

I haven't tried all cars but here are some cars I would like to recommend:

-Nissan 240SX (S15)
-Nissan GT-R (R35)
-Nissan GT-R Proto
-Mazda RX-7
-Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) (this is only for those who can control it as fully upgrading a grip mode Skyline could make its horse power go up to 1017HP)
-BMW M3 E46 (E92 suck)
-Lancer Evo (stage 3 upgrades should be enough) | Submitted by Minato

Have as many NOS as you can. When you start keep shifting gears at the perfect shift zone. When the car's front wheels are about to touchdown, use NOS. It will go up again and continue the wheelie. I wheelied the entire drag strip with this technique.... | Submitted by Minato

Using this method, you can get the elite king's car twice. This method only works on kings you haven't defeated. First enter the cheat unlockallthings at the code entry menu at the career
main menu Then let it save and reload your career. You should have unlocked all race days. Fight the king you want (for this guide,i'm going to use the drag king) after you win, let it save, get your reward, let it save again and reboot your ps2. Then race in the race days the king you fought against belong to (eg. if you raced karol monroe, race at the rogue speed race days)
Keep dominating the races, and you will be challenged again by the king you raced before. Win the race and you will get their car again! | Submitted by Minato

When you unlock the pagani zonda (best car in the game) it is for sale at $741,000 if u want it put in the cheat unlockallthings and do a race then go to your garage and u will have extra cars, sell them all you should get aroundd $100,000 for all of them. Save the game and reset your PS2 and then do this angain untill u have enough to buy the zonda, this should take
you 8 times but it can take less depending on how much money you already have. | Submitted by nfsking

To relock everything that unlockallthings does Enter leipzig. | Submitted by Z

I haven't tried all but here are some recommended speed cars

-Lancer Evo
-Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 | Submitted by Minato

Pre-Tuned cars can be tuned but cannot be modified/customized. To tune a Pre-Tuned car, take it to a race day with a race that the Pre-Tuned car can enter. Then select race events in the race day menu, select a race your Pre-Tuned car can participate, choose practice, and use your Pre-Tuned car. When you entered practice and the practice has begun, press start.
You should see a CAR TUNING menu. Select that menu. Voila, you can now tune your Pre-Tuned cars! | Submitted by Minato

In your career, go to 'code entry.' Type in 'unlockallthings' with no spaces. Exit career to the main menu. go to load career. load the career that you had done the cheat code on. go to 'cars' and then 'garage'. you should have four more cars than you had before. (Dodge Viper SRTIO, Chevrolet Cobalt SS, Pontiac GTO, and the Nissan 240SX [513]) Sell those cars and you should come up with a total of $90,290. exit your garage and let it save. restart you playstation and repeat this procedure. You can do this as many times as you like.


- The cheat 'unlockallthings' also unlocks all maps and all cars from the car lot.
- You can keep one of the cars and sell the others. Restart the playstation and you should recieve that car again which you can sell. | Submitted by Jesse

Enter Career mode. Select the "Secret Code" option at the menu. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note This codes may only be enabled once.

Master code
Enter UNLOCKALLTHINGS to unlock the map and more cars.

Enter 1MA9X99 as a code for $2,000.

Enter W2iOLLO1 as a code for $4,000.

Enter L1iS97A1 as a code for $8,000.

Enter CASHMONEY, REGGAME, or 1Mi9K7E1 as a code for $10,000.

Five free repair markers
Enter SAFETYNET as a code.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Career mode
Enter HORSEPOWER as a code.

Coke Zero Golf GTI In Career mode
Enter ZEROZEROZERO as a code.

Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10 in Career mode

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in Career mode
Enter MITSUBISHIGOFAR as a code.

Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10 in Career mode

Audi TT 3.8 Quattro in Career mode
Enter ITSABOUTYOU as a code.

Castrol Syntec decal in vinyls
Enter CASTROLSYNTEC as a code.

Energizer lithium decal in vinyls

K&N decal in vinyls
Enter HORSEPOWER as a code.


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