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NBA Jam 2004

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NBA Jam 2004 on PlayStation 2

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Enter one of the following codes by pressing the appropriate buttons to change the icons in each position, where 0 is the basketball, 1 is the NBA Trophy, 2 is the NBA Jam logo basketball, and 3 is the NBA logo, then press the D-pad in the indicated direction.

Effect -- Code

Tournament mode -- 1-1-1-Down
Child's Play -- 1-1-1-Left
Challenging Mode-- 1-1-1-Up
Show Shot Percentage -- 1-0-0-Down
No Replays -- 1-0-0-Up
No Fire -- 1-0-0-Left
ABA Ball -- 0-2-0
Big Heads -- 2-0-0-Right
80's Filter -- 0-0-3-Right
Beach Ball -- 2-0-1-Up
Chain Nets -- 2-0-1-Down
Iguana Gymnasium -- 0-1-0 Up
Retro Celtics Arena -- 0-1-0 Down
Retro Lakers Arena -- 0-1-0 Left
Retro Bulls Arena -- 0-1-0 Right

Enter "CREDITS" as a profile name to unlock five teams with the game's developers.

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