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NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona - PlayStation 2

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To get an extra $10,000 in career mode, at the main menu press up, down, left, right, z, left, left. - Sent by [RobertWolfe]

The following bonuses can be unlocked during game play by doing well and earning points.:

AI Vengeance: AI cars retaliate when hit.
Front Wheel Drive: Car has front wheel drive.
Hardcore Physics: Hardcore realism.
Horn Ball: Press Up to shoot a paintball.
Horn Mortar: Press Up to shoot an explosive mortar.
Insane Racecar: Press Up to jump.
Mini Cars: Smaller cars
Monster Cars: High suspension.
Oh Dear: One car on track replaced by monstrous-sized crew member.
Super Draft: Faster draft speed.  - Sent by [DayleJ]

Go to the inlet after you see the green firetruck and drive into the left corner. Your car should go through the wall and you can drive around in the infield. - Sent by [burr]

After you pass the start/finish line, instead of turning drive straight for the upper right part of the wall. You then should be able to drive past the parked cars and trailers, and exit the other side back out on the race track. - Sent by [DayleJ]

Press R1(2), Up, Down, R2(2), Left, Right at the title screen.  - Sent by [DayleJ]

Go into the pits at the end of pit lane. You can crash into cars, which shows on the tack. - Sent by [DayleJ]

Win all the challenges to unlock Richard Petty. - Sent by [DayleJ]

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