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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix running on PlayStation 2

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix

Cheats & Hints for Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix - PlayStation 2

To unlock these cars, you have to progress through career mode in San Diego.

CarHow to unlock

Atlanta#1: Get on the highway and look for a spot in the wall that looks smeared. get on 2 wheels and drive through. It will take a few tries but its possible. (easier with motorcycle)
online#1. You'll need 6 or more people in your game in order to do this. The first thing you need to do is restart the game but hit X 4 times really fast and if u did it right, everyone (but you) will fly into the air.

NOTE if u are using hydrolics and in the air and the glitch happens, you wont fly.

Online Tokyo#1: Turn sideways into the garage and go fast and you will go through the garage.

Online Atlanta#1: Go to the mall. Go on the top floor and (make sure you have a car with hydrolics) hop your front onto the wall. get a buddy to push you up with your back up and front on the wall. you will respawn in the air.

No San Deigo or Detroit glitches that I know of yet. Ill post them when I know about them. - Sent by [Pitbulldemon]

Go tokyo in arcade mode.thenfind the speedway garage(your garage in tokyo)try ramming the door but make sure your in 2 player any vehicle you want then burnout go left while burnouting you will be inside the garage try to bump any thing the wall the lift etc. you will be through it to get out just find a wall go through it(at sides only. g.luck

Go to cheats menu and put in the word ontheroad. - Sent by [BigG]

Go to options, then Cheat Codes, then enter "ontheroad" - Sent by [Luis]

Beat the Unbeatable Street Racers tournament in Tokyo.

Beat the By Invitation Only tournament in Tokyo.

Beat the Choppers Of America tournament in Tokyo.

Win the Big Playas tournament.

Win the Class C Vehicles Only tournament.

Win the Original Riders tournament.

Win all tournaments in Tokyo.

At the cheatcode menu, enter one of the following codes:

Add $1 to career money total - kubmir
Unlock Argo special move - dfens
Unlock All cities in arcade mode - roadtrip or crosscountry
Unlock Bunny head - getheadl
Unlock Chrome body - haveyouseenthisboy
Unlock Faster pedestrians - urbansprawl
Unlock Flaming head - trythisathome
Unlock Increase car mass in arcade mode - hyperagro
Unlock Pumpkin head - getheadk
Unlock Roar special move - ro4r or Rjnr
Unlock Snowman head - getheadm
Unlock Skull head - getheadn
Unlock Yellow smile head - getheadj
Unlock Zone special move - allin

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