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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Medal of Honor: European Assault running on PlayStation 2

Medal of Honor: European Assault

Cheats & Hints for Medal of Honor: European Assault - PlayStation 2

Before entering one of the following codes, put the game in pause mode. Then, hold down L1 + R1 then press O, O, Left, Triangle, O, X. When seeing the words "Enter Cheat", press:

L2, L1, Square, L2, L1, R1 - Infinite ammunition
L1, R2, R1, Up, Triangle, Circle - Full adrenaline
X, Triangle, O, Right, Triangle, O - Single Player Suicide
L2, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Triangle - Disable Shellshock
Up, X, R2, R1, Up, Square - Pickup OSS Document
Down, L2, L1, Up, Square - Kill Nemesis
O, Down, O, Up, Triangle, O - Hide HUD

Before you get to the Nemesis Bosses, fill up your adrenaline meter. This can be easily done by performing head shots. Once your meter is full, save it until you get to the Boss. Once you see him, press Up. You will now have limited immortality and unlimited ammunition. If you have a sniper rifle, you can shoot the Boss in the head a few times. If you have a sub-machine gun such as a Thompson or an STG-44, you can run up to the Nemesis and just shoot him. Another way to inflict serious damage is to use a rocket launcher. Note: You will not have unlimited ammunition for this; it is best to have a good back-up weapon. If you still have not killed the Boss and your meter is almost empty, take cover. Also, if there are enemies surrounding the Boss, which is true in most circumstances, eliminate them before you attack the Boss.

You will start with an M1 Garand and a BAR rifle at the beginning of the level. Walk down the bunker you start at and choose the bazooka for the Garand. Take the BAR and save the bazooka ammunition for the Nemesis. By doing this, you can use three bazooka shots on him and defuse the bomb.

After making your way up the stairs to the courtyard where Von Schrader is found, use Adrenaline mode and defeat him. Then, run out of the courtyard and go up the stairs that were previously barricaded. Proceed to take out the two guards, then run through the doors until you get to a large control panel overlooking the courtyard. Press X, and the last objective of "Eliminate Von Schrader and Disable the Dirty Bomb" will be completed and the mission will be over.

You will receive a free medkit at the end of every level for each surviving member of your squad.

You will earn one revive at the end of a mission for completing all mission objectives.

When your on the last level of the first attacks and the Panzer comes through the wall, let it blow up the mini houses. When they are blown up, get the grenades in them. If you get enough of them, you can blow up the Panzer. Keep throwing the grenades; it takes awhile.

In the beginning of the first level, charge up to the Nazis and shoot with your machine gun. A soldier will shoot at you; ignore him. Go to the far right and down some stairs. Walk up to your captain. If you still have ammunition, more Nazis will
appear. Shoot them, then run back to your ship to complete the first level.

St. Nazaire: Operation Chariot

Primary objective: Locate Captain Beck
Secondary objective:

Fall back to HMS Cambeltown
St. Nazaire: Raid on St. Nazaire

Primary objective: Destroy Fuel Tanks
Secondary objectives:

Eliminate Klaus Mueller
Find V2 Rocket Fuel Specifications
Locate and destroy Anti-aircraft Gun
Destroy Shore Gun
Capture German Bunker
Return to HMS Cambeltown
St. Nazaire: Lights Out In the Port City

Primary objective: Destroy Power Plant
Secondary objectives:

Eliminate German Infantry Unit
Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hull
Locate and Destroy German U-Boat
Eliminate Horst Benner
Uncover V2 Rocket Equipment Blueprint
St. Nazaire: Escape at Dawn

Primary objective: Escape to French Countryside
Secondary objectives:

Destroy Machine-Gun Nest
Eliminate Erich Kostor
Destroy Radio Tower
Obtain North African Shipping Manifest
Eliminate Panzer Tank

When you have an automatic weapon (such as the Thompson, MP5 SMG, etc.), you can use up a lot of ammunition on just one target. Instead of holding down the trigger the entire time, use short controlled bursts to fight your enemies. The first shot you fire out from your weapon after you wait a moment will be the most accurate. Try to kill your enemies in short bursts with any automatic weapon.

There are mounted machine guns that you can use to shoot Nazis. This is not easy and is also risky because you are shooting from a fixed position and cannot duck or hide. To get around this problem, send your squad directly next to the machine gun. They will use it instead of you and effectively mow down any enemies that are near by.

In the final mission, you will have to find Von Schrader's journal. It is not located in the bunker where Von Schrader is found. It is located in the trenches at the bottom of the steep hill with the tank on top of it that gets blown up by the planes. It is directly below one of the gun emplacements in those trenches.

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