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Manhunt 2

Silence Of The Lambs reference for Manhunt 2 - PlayStation 2

In "Ritual Cleansing", get over the semi blocking the door to the archive storage building. Collect the crowbar by climbing some boxes next to the storage room which the crowbar is in. There will also be piles of boxes on the roof of it. Once you get the crowbar, open the gate and move toward the farthest files. There will be a light tan gate with a padlock on the other side. Turn right and open the large gate. Go in and turn left. In a small dark room will be a hole in the wall to crawl through. Once you get through you may open the tan gate. Go forward and look around until you see a large fenced area with piles of boxes in the middle. One side of this fence should be open. Go to the open side and turn around. You will see a small garage with more gates. Open the middle gate and you will see a green car with a U.S. flag tarp. This is the car from the scene in Silence Of The Lambs where Clarice (Jodie Foster) is investigating inside a rental garage, and finds a head in a pickle jar in the back seat.

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