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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - PlayStation 2

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Alright this code is awesome. Everytime you enter a new House or Place there's a cheat infront of your nose. All you have to do is change Sunny's diapers and throw the contents at Count Olaf's. It's even better if you put it down his pants. To Change Sunny's diapers press R1 X R2 O. Then in the cheat put STINKYPOO. When you throw the contents at Count Olaf he shall say mmm that's smells like what mama used to make. You get Three free lives. It's best to do this with Violet..if you find the right stuff you can invent a machine that will throw the poo in count olafs face every morning. MAKE SURE U TRY THIS CHEAT A COUPLE OF TIMES. It took me three times to get this even though i found out the cheat. It's awesome.

In the Cellar after you get Klaus across the goo (which is drained by Violet), you must find a way to get Violet across. You cannot clear out all the rats. You must run past all the rats and find a wheel. When you do, press Circle. The pathway will fill up. Then, use Violet's "Steady Stilts" to get her across. Note: Watch out for the steam pipes.

When climbing on the outside of Count Olaf's Tower, you usually go to the left to work your way up the tower. However, sometimes if you work your way to the right and peek around corners you might not normally look, you can find health lockets.

Collect all 125 hidden puzzle pieces.

When you play Klaus in Justice Strausses library, before you find a book and look for a painting to match try looking for all the paintings so you get more time to get the book there because if you don`t you will have less time tring to find the painting. - Sent by [Karyn]

Klaus has a ability to do more with flying with Violet's invention. Use Klaus for that to fly over things.

At Uncle Monty's house you will need to make a pair of Levitating Loafers for Klaus. You will find one of the invention pieces, a pair of boots, outside the shed, above the door, in Uncle Monty's garden. In order to climb up and get the boots, you will need to use the Brilliant Bopper (or the Fruit Flinger) to knock over the water cans that hang from the second floor windows. The spilled water will cause giant flowers to grow. You can then jump on these to get over to the roof and grab the boots.

Go to the West Hall. There is an enemy around the corner. With Klaus, go to the wall and wait, then hit her. Go to the cabinet and push it. Go in the secret room. On the way to the piano in the main room, there is fan. Take it. Then, go to the kitchen . Another enemy is there. He will throw three meatballs at you. After he throws them at you, run up to him and hit him. Repeat the process until you win.

Aim your peppermint popper closely in front of her feet. Once it is aimed properly, do not stop firing. This should work for all of the Leeches.

You need to find the boxes by the secret file in the menu. You need the pieces to get the pictures. They are hidden in boxes so use the invetntion Klaus has. Then if you find the pieces that are you required check the file and find the secret place it is contained in.

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