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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy on PlayStation 2

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Successfully complete the game after collecting at least 100 power cells. | Submitted by Ragdoll

Press Circle to spin kick just before you hit the ground and you will land perfectly every time. | Submitted by MORSN417

The easiest way the kill the spiders in spder cave is to use the uppercut move L1 + SQUARE. This results in a one hit kill. | Submitted by Ragdoll

Once the names of the Naughty Dog staff have been shown and have dissapeared off the screen, hold X or O. The credits will go much much faster. | Submitted by Ragdoll

Hold L1 and R1 to go faster on the Zoomer at the expense of maneuverability. | Submitted by Ragdoll

In training mode, get blue ecoto go through a door, instead jump off the mountain side with rocks. If done correctly you will be flying untill the blue eco runs out. | Submitted by Ragdoll

To make Jak do a handstand, find a cannon that fires the exploding bags. For example, at the tower at Sentinel Beach. Get on top of the barrel of the cannon. Try until Jak stands still without sliding. Hold R1 and press X. Jak will jump high. Then, press Square to slam down. If done correctly, Jak should do a handstand momentarily. | Submitted by HappyHugh

1. Hanging in Gnawing Lerker area. Same height as the power cell. It is easy to shoot and find.

2.On the way to the Robot area. It is harder to shoot, easy to hit, and easy to find.

3. Near Dark Cave entrance. It is easy to shoot and find. Use platforms to hit it.

4. Near Dark Cave entrance. Cross Dark Eco with platforms. You should be able to find some clean water on the other side of some Dark Eco. You must use the rolling jump (L1 or R1 and jump when you finish rolling) or you cannot get across the Dark Eco. Swim down and get close enough and it will explode. It is difficult to get to.

5. In Dark Cave, after you pass the second hanging spider and before the first rotating platform. Near the crystal that is after the second spider, you can find some clean water. Swim down and get close enough and it will explode. | Submitted by MORSN417

When you get to Gol and Maia's Citadel, free the Blue Sage first and go on the Blue Eco platform. Roll, then jump off. You will be able to free the Yellow Sage without having to go through the obstacles. Note: This may require some practice to avoid falling. | Submitted by MORSN417

In sandover village, where the farmer lives, go to his yakkow pen and jump on one. In mid-jump over a yakkow, press X + O and the yakkow will cry. then for at least 2 seconds, Jak will stand on the yakkow. This isn't a cheat, but it was funny! | Submitted by takaro

The following message is the code translated from around the outside of the map that is included with the game.

" In ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep, the silent giants wait to be awakened. Deep their sleep will be, silent their once echoeing voices, until the world has no memory of their beginnings.
In the gloom they will watch and they will wait. Those who do to them for answers will return with more questions. But these will come when the silence ends. The one who carries the light will awaken the voice. With him, one whose fate has been twisted toward darkness long ago, In the time before time when the light bursts from the earth the answers to the questions will begin. But only begin, for stil the world will not be ready to learn the truth of it's past, or the secrets of it's future..." | Submitted by Ragdoll

To make the Cannons on Misty Island and Sentinal beach shoot farther hold SQUARE or O + X. This helps with any steel boxes. | Submitted by Ragdoll

In sandover village, jump on the stone surrounding the bottom of the mayors house. Move jak left or right and he should be sliding on it. | Submitted by Ragdoll

In rock village go to the place were the gambler and warrior are. When you are just about to walk in there go to the top of the first steps to the left of the four fires in the middle then jump up at the piece of wood sticking out of the wall with the fire on it. If you do it right jak and daxter will stretch! | Submitted by HappyHugh

Press L1 + X. If timed correctly you will crouch and spring higher than a double jump! | Submitted by Ragdoll

Instead of holding the analogue in the direction you want to go, keep tapping it in that direction and you will go a lot faster! | Submitted by Ragdoll

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