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Gran Turismo 4

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Gran Turismo 4 - PlayStation 2

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Firstly, you will need to win the Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car. Once you have it,take it for an oil change,then take it to the mercedes tuning shop and put everything into it. Once you've done that, enter it into the Deutsche Touring Car Meistershaft event in the European Events.Put it on b-spec,pace-3,overtake. The Merc should win every race and will win you a car called AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR Race Car. That car is worth 749,000+!Add that to the 150,000 from placing 1st all races.If you sell the CLK-GTR you'll get just under 900,000.This can be repeated over and over. EASY MONEY! - Sent by [JonnyB07]

Look real close on the side of the Nike One, you can see a small area near the front of the car of morse code. If you go into photo mode, this will become clearer. The morse code is written backwards as to be seen correctly from inside the car. Spelled out, it is " " the website of the Phil Frank Automotive and Product Design Company. Phil Frank was paid to design the futuristic Nike car specifically for Gran Turismo 4.

Play through X amount of days to unlock listed track in arcade mode:

Deep Forest Raceway - Days Completed = 15
Opera Paris - Days Completed = 29
Fuji Speedway 80s - Days Completed = 43
Special Stage Route 5 - Days Completed = 57
Suzuka Circuit - Days Completed = 71
Twin Ring Motegi Road Course East Short - Days Completed = 85
Grand Valley Speedway - Days Completed = 99
Hong Kong - Days Completed = 113
Suzuka Circuit West Course - Days Completed = 127
Fuji Speedway 2005 GT - Days Completed = 141
Ice Arena - Days Completed = 155
Apricot Hill Raceway - Days Completed = 169
Cote d Azur - Days Completed = 183
Tahiti Maze - Days Completed = 197
Twin Ring Motegi Road Course - Days Completed = 211
George V Paris - Days Completed = 225
Cathedral Rocks Trail I - Days Completed = 239
Costa di Amalfi - Days Completed = 253
Circuit de la Sarthe 1 - Days Completed = 267
Autumn Ring - Days Completed = 281
Infineon Raceway Stock Car Course - Days Completed = 309
Circuit de la Sarthe 2 (Unchicaned) Days Complete = 351
Tsukuba Circuit Wet Days Complete = 337
Fuji Speedway 2005 F Days Complete = 323
Chamonix Days Complete = 309

The best car to start with is the HPA Motorsports.It has 552BHP and only costs 31,870. You can find it by going to Tuning Cars and selecting HPA Motorsports. - Sent by [JonnyB07]

To smoke the competition at the beginning of the game purchase the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR '92, on sale in the Used Car Showroom I.

Go to used cars 1990, buy a toyota supra twin turbo, it has 276 bhp, win a few races and it will have over 500bhp! - Sent by [StuartAllender]

In the Grand Canyon get to where you see the cameramen trying to dodge you and not get killed. In photo mode, press Select just before or after you pass the cameraman's original standing position, where he runs from the middle of the course. Take a picture, then back out. The man should be standing right where he just ran from, appearing through the car.

There are three basic ways to cheat at Gran Turismo 4:

1. Enter a car much more powerful than anything else in the race.

2. Nudge into walls to propel yourself around corners. Note that this requires some practice, and can trigger a 5-second penalty in some game modes (such as driving missions)

3. Under braking, leave your braking late and hit the car in front of you in the braking zone. You will lose speed, bringing you to the correct speed, and sending them off the road! However in some game modes this can also trigger a 5-second penalty. - Sent by [MattSmith]

Have a saved game file from Gran Turismo 3 or Gran Turismo 4: Prologue to start with extra credits and some of your previously earned licenses. Use the following steps to transfer your Gran Turismo 3 data to Gran Turismo 4. This must be done when you first start the game. It can not be done after you have already started and saved a game. Put a blank memory card into slot one and start Gran Turismo 4. When the message "Do you wish to create game data" appears, select "OK". When asked to name the save file, enter a name and select "OK". The message "Game data will now be created" will appear. It will then specify how big the save file is (1498 kb) and tell you what slot (slot one) it will be saved to. Select "OK". When the "Save successful" message appears, select "OK". The game will then tell you about its auto save feature. Select "OK". It then tells you about the flashing save icon. Select "OK". The game then tells you about not removing the memory card when the flashing save icon is flashing. Select "OK". Follow the next steps very carefully. The game tells that you can utilize a game save from Gran Turismo 3. It then asks if you would like to see details. Select "OK". You are told that you can transfer credits (up to 100,000). Select "OK". The game then tells you about updating the status of your licenses (A and B licenses). Select "OK". The game now tells you how to load the Gran Turismo 3 data. Read this carefully, then select "OK". You will be asked if you want to start the game. Select "Start". The loading screen appears, then the game brings you back to the main menu. Select "Gran Turismo mode", which is the second option down on the list. An arrow will appear on the "home icon". Press X to enter your home. At the top right of the screen, you will see the word "Status". Move the arrow over to it and press X. Take out the memory card that has the newly created Gran Turismo 4 data and insert the memory card that has your Gran Turismo 3 data stored on it. At the bottom of the status screen you will see (Square) return and (Start) transfer game data. Press Start, first making sure that your Gran Turismo 3 data in now in slot one. You will be asked if you want to transfer game data. Select "OK" Be careful, as you can only do it once. If you make a mistake, you will have to start from the beginning. A message stating that your licenses have been transferred will appear. Select "OK". You will be asked if you want to transfer credits. Select "OK". A message stating that your credits have been transferred will appear. Select "OK". Finally, you will notice in the top right corner that you now have 110,000 credit. Also, to the center left of the screen you will notice the A and B license icons have lit up.

Using your GT3 save/GT4 Prologue save, the money and licenses you've earned can be transfered over to GT4 and have half of the licenses completed and have enough cash to buy a car you'd like.

Start out with any vehicle you like. When you make enough money to make your vehicle faster using the beginner hall, move over the the special conditions Hall. Defeat the first race (Rally d' Umbria) and you will receive a Cadillac CIEN '02. Get more money and put more power into your Cadillac CIEN '02 (you won't have to if you don't want to). The CIEN will gain almost 1000+ HP. Go to the second race with the CEIN in the Special Conditions Hall called Rally d' Capri. After you win that race you will get a Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car '02 which you can sell for more than $230,000+. Keep racing that race and keep making the money.

To obtain over 260,000 credits easily just take your best car and take it into the Rally d' Capri easy in the Special Conditions hall. Once you obtain the car sell it and you get over 260,000 credits. You can repeat this over and over and soon enough you should be able to afford anything you want.

Enter the European Hall event 1000 Miles! I recommend either the Ginetta G4 '64 (won from Beginner Lightweight K Cup) or the Chevelle SS 454 '70 (won from American Muscle Car Championship). Enter the Cote d'Azur race (I think the last one works just the same). Make sure your car's HP is near or above 200. Put it on B-spec, 5-Push, overtake, 3x speed. Come back after a couple hours (this works best if you leave it overnight). You should have won the race, along with 150,000 credits! This can also be done with the championship race, which is 4 races. 4 races times 150,000 credits plus 300,000 credit prize equals 900,000 credits. The prize car is crappy, but who cares, you have 900,000 credits from doing nothing!

Hold L2 to load the credits faster. For example, when you win a 45,000 credir reward, holding L2 will make it load much faster. Doing this trick on a 10,000 credit prize will make the numbers disappear completely off the screen in about one second.

During a replay, press L3.

When you buy or win a new car, take it for an oil change. After the oil change, your car's horsepower will increase.

First, do up to the A licence in tests. You should get two cars. Sell both of the cars, buy a Toyota Celica 2000GT-Four from the Historic Showroom, and outfit the car with a small turbo kit, a chip, and anything else you think is nescissary. Go to the special condition events and race the Tsukuba Circuit on easy, you should get the MAZDA RX-8 Concept (Type-I). Take this new car and go to the RX-8 cup in the Mazda dealership. After doing that you'll win the MAZDA RX-8 Concept LM Race Car, in which case you can win almost any race available. - Sent by [Jor_dan]

On days 694-700 in the used car lots you can buy special black versions of:1.Toyota GT One Race Car2.Mazda 787B3.Nissan R390 Race Car4.Nissan R92CP Race Car5.Honda S20006.Clio Sport V6 24V Race CarTo Buy them all it comes to roughly 9,000,000 credits.

From the main menu (where your garage is located), press L1 or R1 to go directly to the car manufacturer for the car that you are currently in.

Just before Safeco Field (The Mariner's Stadium), the King Dome stands on the right. The King Dome was the Mariner's old stadium and was destroyed in a giant implosion on March 26, 2000, and thus should not currently appear in the game.

Press R3 during the countdown in a license test to display blue (acceleration) and red (braking) guides on your route.

Win Elise Trophy at Lotus in the British showroom.

To unlock cars and tracks, compete in the GT Career mode. You can earn money there to upgrade your cars, and buy or sell new and used ones.

During a replay, quickly press Square(4) to see a night or infrared vision replay.

During a replay, press Circle.

At any screen with scrolling text, pause the ticker by pressing L3. The information ticker sometimes have the best tips in the game.

American Events
All American Championship
Stars & Stripes
Muscle Car Competition
Old Muscle Car Competition

American Showroom
Shelby Event: Shelby Cobra Cup
Chevrolet Event: Corvette Festival
Chevrolet Event: camaro meeting
Chrysler Event: Crossfire Trophy
Saleen Event: Saleen S7 Club

Beginner Events
Sunday Cup
FF Challange
FR Challange
4WD Challange
MR Challange
Lightweight Cup
Spider & Roadster
Sport Truck Race

City Courses
Seoul Central
Tokyo R246
Clubman Stage Route 5
Special Stage Route 5
New York
Cote D' Azur
Opera Paris
George Paris
Citta Di Aria
Cote Di Amalfi
Driving Park
Test Course
Gymkhana Course
Beginners Course
Original Circuits
High-Speed Ring
Grand Valley East Section
Grand Valley Speedway
Deep Forrest Raceway
Trail Mountain Circuit
El Capitan
Autumn Ring Mini
Autumn Ring
Apricot Hill Raceway

Dirt & Snow
Swiss Alps
Cathedral Rocks Trail 2
Cathedral Rocks Trail 1
Tahiti Maze
Grand Canyon
Ice Arena

Driving Missions
The Pass: Deep Forrest Raceway
The Pass: Grand Valley Speedway
The Pass: Cote D' Azur
The Pass: Seattle Circuit
The Pass: High-Speed Ring
The Pass: Tsukuba Circuit
The Pass: Mid-Field Raceway
The Pass: Trail Mountain
The Pass: Twin Ring Montegi
The Pass: Circuit De La Sarthe
3 Lap Battle: Newyork
3 Lap Battle: Laguna Seca Raceway
3 Lap Battle: Opera Paris Circuit
3 Lap Battle: Seattle Circuit
3 Lap Battle: Cote D' Azur
3 Lap Battle: Suzuka Circuit
3 Lap Battle: Infineon Raceway
3 Lap Battle: Circuit De La Sarthe Ii
3 Lap Battle: Suzuka Circuit East Course
3 Lap Battle: Tsukuba Circuit
Slipstream Battle: Nissan Cube
Slipstream Battle: Honda Odyssey
Slipstream Battle: Nissan Skyline Gt-R
Slipstream Battle: Amuse 2000 Gt1
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Zs Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Hondas Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Mazdas Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Celicas Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Chevrolets Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Subarus Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Lotuses Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Fords Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between GMs Old & New
1 Lap Magic: A Showdown Between Mercedes Benz Old & New

Endurance Events
Grand Valley 300 Km; 60 laps
Laguna Seca 200 Miles; 90 laps
Roadster 4h Endurance
Tokyo R246 300 Km; 60 laps
Super Speedway 150 Miles; 100 laps
Nurburgring 24h Endurance
Nurburgring 4h Endurance
Suzuka 1000 Km; 100 laps
Montegi 8h Endurance
Tsukuba 9h Endurance
Circuit De La Sarthe 24h I
Circuit De La Sarthe 24h Ii
Fuji 1000 Km; 228 laps
Infineon World Sports Car Race; 2 hours 25 minutes
El Capitan 200 Miles; 66 laps
New York 200 Miles Race; 76 laps

European Events
Pan Euro Championship
British Gt Series
British Lightweight Series
Deutsche Touring Car Meistershaft
La Fiesta Italiano
Tous France Championnat
Europe Classic Car League
Euro Hot Hatch League
1000 Miles
Swartzwald Liga A
Swartzwald Liga B

Extreme Events
Gran Turismo All Stars
Dream Car Championship
Polyphony Digital Cup
Like The Wind
Formula Gt
Real Circuit Tours
Premium Sports Lounge

French Showroom
Citroen Event: 2HP - 2CV Classics
Peugeot Event: 206 Cup
Alpine Event: renault Alpine Cup
Renault Event: Clio Trophy
Renault Event: Megane Cup

German Showroom
Audi Event: Tourist Trophy
Audi Event: A3 Cup
Mercedes Benz Event: Legend Of The Silver Arrow
Mercedes Benz Event: SL Challenge
VW Event: Beetle Cup
VW Event: Lupo Cup
VW Event: GTi Cup
Opel Event: Speedster Trophy
BMW Event: 1 Series Trophy
BMW Event: Club "M"

Photo Lab

Italian Showroom
Alfa Romeo Event: GTA Cup

Japanese Showroom
Daihatsu Event: Copen Race
Daihatsu Event: Midget II Race
Mazda Event: Club "RE"
Mazda Event: NR-A roadster cup
Mazda Event: NR-A RX-8 cup
Subaru Event: Subaru 360 Race
Subaru Event: Stars Of Pleiades
Suzuki Event: Suzuki K-Car Event
Suzuki Event: Suzuki Concepts
Mitsubitshi Event: Evolution Meeting
Mitsubitshi Event: Mirage Cup
Honda Event: Type R Meeting
Honda Event: Civic Race
Isuzu Event: Isuzu Sports Classics
Nissan Event: Race Of The Red "R" Emblem
Nissan Event: Micra Brothers
Nissan Event: Silvia Sisters
Nissan Event: Club "Z"
Toyota Event: Altezza Race
Toyota Event: Vitz Race

Korea Showroom
Hyundai Event: Hyundai Sports Festival

Licence Centre
National "B"
National "A"
International "B"
Internation "A"

Photo Travel
USA: Fish Market
USA: Beacon Hill
USA: Brooklyn
USA: Grand Canyon
USA: Las Vegas
USA: Times Square
Japan: Marunouchi
Japan: Gion
Japan: Nanzenji
Japan: Sagano
Japan: Sibuya
Japan: Togakushi Kogen
Japan: Tsumago
Italy: Piazza San Marco
Italy: Ponte Di Rialto

Power & Speed
Test Course
Las Vegas Drag Strip
GT Auto
Oil Change
Wheel Shop
Wing Shop

Professional Events
Clubman Cup
Tuning Car Grand Prix
Race Of NA Sports
Turbo - Race Of Turbo Sports
Boxer Spirit
World Classic Car Series
World Compact Car Race
Supercar Festival
Gran Turismo World Championship

Special Conditions (Easy)
Rally D' Umbria
Rally Costa Di Amalfi
Rally Grand Canyon
Rally Ice Arena
Rally Chamonix
Rally George Paris
Rally Swiss Alps
Rally Tour De Tahiti
Tsukuba Circuit
Rally Cathedral Rocks Trail 1
Rally Cathedral Rocks Trail 2

Special Conditions (Normal)
Rally D' Umbria
Rally Costa Di Amalfi
Rally Grand Canyon
Rally Ice Arena
Rally Chamonix
Rally George Paris
Rally Swiss Alps
Rally Tour De Tahiti
Tsukuba Circuit
Rally Cathedral Rocks Trail 1
Rally Cathedral Rocks Trail 2

Special Conditions (Hard)
Rally D' Umbria
Rally Costa Di Amalfi
Rally Grand Canyon
Rally Ice Arena
Rally Chamonix
Rally George Paris
Rally Swiss Alps
Rally Tour De Tahiti
Tsukuba Circuit
Rally Cathedral Rocks Trail 1
Rally Cathedral Rocks Trail 2

Tuning Cars
Re Amemiya

UK Showroom
Aston Martin Event: Aston Martin Festival
Mini Event: Mini Sports Meeting
Triumph Event: Spitfire Cup
TVR Event: Blackpool Racers
Lotus Event: Elise Trophy
Lotus Event: Lotus Classics
MG Event: Mg Festival

World Circuits
Tsukuba Circuit
Fuji Speedway 90's
Fuji Speedway 80's
Infineon Raceway - Sports Car Course
Infineon Raceway - Stock Car Course
Laguna Seca Raceway
Twin Ring Montegi - Road Course
Twin Ring Montegi - East Short Course
Twin Ring Montegi - West Short Course
Twin Ring Montegi Super Speedway
Suzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit East Course
Suzuka Circuit West Course
Fuji Speedway 2005
Fuji Speedway 2005 Gt
Tsukuba - Wet
Nurburgring Nordschleife
Circuit De La Sarthe I
Circuit De La Sarthe II

If you have obtained all your licenses except for the S License, you can still participate in S License races. Enter the race with the correct requirements for the race in B-Spec mode. You will still earn the prize car and the credits.

The first mod that should done to any vehicle is a spoiler kit in the GT Auto department. They cost 1,200 credits and give the greatest value for the money. Choose the ones to the far right, as they have the greatest downforce characteristics. Most cars can get a kit installed. Save money and do not purchase a Stage 3 NA kit and a supercharger, as they cannot be installed at the same time. Also, when going for the turbo upgrades, look for a fifth kit called "Original". This is usually cheaper than Stage 4. If you have the money to get this straight away, it is better to do this first, as it does the job of Stages 1 to 3 combined, and then some. A recommended strategy for a broad spectrum of cars is (in order): spoiler, full custom gearbox, computer chip, full custom suspension, NOS, race exhaust, then start on the engines.

Before buying any cars, enter the National B License tests. It will give you valuable information on how to drive and when you get all bronze you will win a VW Lupo which can be entered into quite a few races. You can use the money you save for upgrades instead! - Sent by [MattSmith]

When racing with an automatic transmission, hold R2 to force the car to remain in the current gear. Release R2 when the small red light to change gears flashes or the car will not change gears. This useful for remaining at a given speed through a corner, or stretching the top end of a gear for a little extra speed or performance.

While in a race in B-Spec mode, press R1 to switch to Race Monitor. Hold L1 + Right on the D-pad and you can make the race go up to 3x's faster. The only downfall is you have to stay on the Race Monitor screen in order to keep the race sped up, it switches back to 1x when you go to Broadcast View mode.

To speed up your replays simply press down L3 and to turn off the background music simply press O.

When you are about to choose wether you want to do the race A-spec or b-spec go left until you get to practice go in race in this until your first then quit the when you start the race you should be in first place. It doesn't mater wether yuo do it a-spec or b-spec. - Sent by [Paddy]

When using the automatic transmission option, hold R2 to make your car remain in the same gear. This is great for remaining at a given speed through a corner, or stretching the top end of a gear for a little extra speed/performance.

At any point that you see scrolling text at the bottom of the screen (at the main menu or when buying parts for your vehicle), press L3 to stop the text from scrolling.

After you finish one, try a B, A, IB, IA, or S license (1-16) or rally. The ghost racer will be on. If it confuses you, press D-pad Up to toggle it off or on.

While at your house, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start to go to the car setup/tune page. This saves a lot of time, as you can set your car up for arcade races without first starting a race, then tuning, then going back to the main menu. Additionally, when at the screen where you select to go into the Garage, Status, Diary, etc. and are in the car that you want to tune, simply press Start. You will be sent to the tune car screen.

To get unlimited money, buy the Mercedes Bendz SL 65 and enter the Pan Euro Championship in Europe. Do the series race and if you win it you will get a car. That car is worth 300,000+ credits. You can keep doing that over and over and over to keep making the money. you can also do the same exact thing with the last European Championship. - Sent by [Baseballguy2]

Win GTA Cup at Alfa Romeo in the Italian showroom.

Win Aston Martin Carnival at Aston Martin in the British showroom.

Win Tourist Trophy at Audi in the German showroom.

Complete 25% of game.

Win A3 Cup at Audi in the German showroom.

Get all gold in all the races for the Sunday Cup.

Win all the Z races in the Nissan manufacture challenges.

Complete 50% of the game.

Win Lotus Classics at Lotus in the British showroom.

Win the MG festival at MG in the British showroom.

Get gold in Mini Mini Sports Meeting.

Win the Race of the Red Emblem.

Win Speedster Trophy at Opel in the German showroom.

Win 206 Cup at Peugeot in the French showroom.

Get All Gold in International A License.

Get All Golds in Super License.

Get All Silver in Domestic A License.

Get All Golds in Domestic B License.

Get All Gold in International B License.

Get All Silver in Domestic B License.

Get All Silver in International B License.

Complete Super License.

Complete International B License.

Complete International A License.

Get All Silver in International A License.

Get All Golds in Domestic A License.

Get All Silver in Super License.

Complete Domestic A License.

Complete Domestic B License.

Win the Spitfire Cup at the Triumph dealer.

Win Black Pool Racers at TVR in the British showroom.

Win the Gran Turismo World Championship in Professional Hall.

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