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Final Fantasy 10

Blitz Ball Cheat for Final Fantasy 10 - PlayStation 2

If you are having trouble with any of the teams in the blitz ball then you should try this little tactic. Try really hard to score one goal against the opposing team.Then the match will start out again and the opposing team will have the ball. Once you encounter the enemy with the ball try to get the ball off him/her. If you didn't get the ball off him or her then try again next time you encounter the person with the ball. Once you have finally got the ball quickly pass the ball to one of the two people that defend your goal (not the goal keeper) and run all the way into a corner thet you are closest to that is not gaurded by an opponent. If there is an enemy in the corner then pass the ball to the other defender and run into that corner. If both of the defenders are marked by enemies then pass it to another unmarked player, wait till the enermies slowly close in on you and then quickley pass the ball back to one of you defenders. Then all you have to do is wait in the corner for a while until your time is up and you should be at half time. After half time the match should start and either you or the opposing team will have the ball. if you have the ball then just pass it to your defender and go and sit in a corner if not then get the ball off the oposing team, pass it to a defender and then go sit in a corner until the time is up. If you have done this correctly then you should have won the match. This works nearly every time and I have won all of the reels for wakka and have also won wakkas sigil. | Submitted by AlexGodineau

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