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Driver: Parallel Lines

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Driver: Parallel Lines on PlayStation 2

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Input CARSHOW at the cheat screen in the options menu.

Input GUNRANGE at the cheat screen in the options menu.

This code is unlocked once you get 666 miles on your odometer.

Once toggled on in the cheat screen you can become any pedestrian by simply melee attacking them.

Bodysnatcher Mode - Reach 666 miles on Odometer

Collect the scattered golden stars throughout the map to unlock the following rewards.

Note: Everything resets once you get to the 2006 era and collecting another 50 Stars will unlock the same attributes, there are 100 total in the game.

Double Ammunition Capacity - Collect 30 Stars
Double Car Durability - Collect 40 Stars
Free Vehicle Upgrades - Collect 50 Stars
Health Increase - Collect 10 Stars
Nitrous Increase - Collect 20 Stars

Driver posters are visible on the walls of the 1978 safe house.
Graffiti reading "Tanner Lives" can be seen on the walls of the 2006 safe house.
Driver strategy guides are found on a magazine rack in police headquarters.

On your third mission where Ray asks you to collect $1,500 and deliver the money to his Auto Shop in La Guardia, enter the La Guardia Circuit Race. Win first place under any difficulty setting. Upon completion of the race, the Circuit will close and you will not be able to race again. Save the game (provided that the autosave feature is turned off) and restart the mission. The La Guardia Circuit Race will then be re-opened, but you will retain the money you won from the last race. Repeat this to continue earning as much money as desired. Once you have the money you need, return to Ray's Auto Shop and to the green marker to make upgrades to your cars. This makes it easier to win the La Guardia Races. To complete the mission and continue the game, have at least $1,500 and go to the yellow marker at Ray's Auto Shop at the start of the mission.

Use this code to unlock every gun in the game. | Submitted by JackBromby

Use this cheat to never run out of ammo. | Submitted by JackBromby

Input ROLLBAR at the cheat screen in the options menu.

Enter ZOOMZOOM at the cheat screen in the options menu.

Enter GUNBELT at the cheat screen in the options menu.

Pause the game, go to settings, go to cheats, it will say enter cheat, and click on it then type in IRONMAN. It will say cheat unlocked, then go down to find the cheat and press over to activate it. | Submitted by RickyCross

Enter IRONMAN at the cheat screen in the options menu.

Pause the game and select the "settings" option. Then, select the "cheats" option and enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option, which can then be toggled on or off:

Invincibillity: IRONMAN
Indestructable cars: ROLLBAR
All vehicles: CARSHOW
Free garage: TOOLEDUP
Infinite nitro: ZOOMZOOM
All weapons in era: GUNRANGE
Infinite ammo: GUNBELT
Weaken the cops: KEYSTONE

You will notice there are more gaps let me know when you find out what they are Thanks. | Submitted by DaviddaGangsta

Look on the newspapers blowing around the streets, taxi signs, the safe house dart board, and the safe house refrigerator door to see photos of the development team.

The Atari logo can be seen on a neon signs at Times Square.

The Reflections logo can be seen as graffiti on some walls.

Stuntman posters are visible on the walls of the 1978 safe house.

Atlus Racer - Beat the Game
Negotiator Vehicle - Beat the Game
Ram Raider - Beat the Game

Atlus Racer - Complete the Game
Negotiator Vehicle - Complete the Game
Ram Raider - Complete the Game
Then & Now (Era) Change Option - Complete the Game

Enter KEYSTONE at the cheat screen in the options menu.

Enter TOOLEDUP at the cheat screen in the options menu.

Use this cheat for Unlimited Nitro on your vehicle. | Submitted by JackBromby

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