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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 on PlayStation 2

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Have 16 or more characters available/unlocked, beat Novice level, then buy from capsule shop.

You can buy the Adept World Tournament; it consists of four rounds and sixteen people. For winning, you will receive 30,000 Zenie. You will get 15,000 Zenie for being the runner up.

Have 32 or more characters available/unlocked, beat Adept level, then buy from capsule shop.

You can buy the Advanced World Tournament; it consists of five rounds and a thirty two contestants. For winning, you will receive 50,000 Zenie. For being a runner up, you will get 25,000 Zenie.

When choosing a character at the selection screen press Left.

Select Goku in Dragon Universe and right when you begin fly to Grandpa Gohan's house. | Submitted by Jamie

Buy from Skill Shop when you got all Ultimate Move skills.

Buy it from skill shops when you got Baba Crystal Balls Movie 00.

At the start of Dragon Universe mode, fly over to Raditz's spaceship. You should see a "???". Enter it, and you should get him.

Alternately, keep checking the Sayian Space Pod, and at one point you will be able to go to it and find Bardock. This was found near the end of story mode when playing the first time.

If you go in to the capsule shop and don't like there capsules just go out and back in. Keep on doing it untill you are satisfied. | Submitted by Matthew

Buy it for 75,000 for each character at skill shops when you got Baba Crystal Balls Movie 01 and get all breakthrough each playable character in DU.

Bardock Capsule
Start a game with a Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 save on your memory card.

Bibidi's Pot Capsule
Start a game with a Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 save on your memory card.

Silver Membership Card Capsule
Start a game with a Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 save on your memory card.

To unlock the Cell Games, defeat Cell when he breaks in the Dragon Arena. | Submitted by KenFougere

The cell games tournament is the final tournament you can get in the game. You can get it by defeating cell when he breaks in in dragon arena. The best part is you can use fusions and absorption in this tournament. It has 5 rounds and the com is on hard difficulty. Enjoy. | Submitted by Ranjev

Defeat Cell when he has "broken in" in Dragon Arena.

To get Sibaman, defeat Nappa when he breaks in Dragon Arena. Same for Cell Jr., except defeat Picollo when he breaks in. | Submitted by KenFougere

At the level select press circle and you will get the destroyed version of a stage. (Doesn't work on the levels inside buu,world tournament arena and the hyporvolic time chamber.)

To access a charcter's different outfits, press left on the D-pad before selecting your character.

To sidestep to avoid a death move or a dash attack, press down and X when the move is used or just before the enemy is about to attack. This will mean that you get a small time to ether fire a death move of your own back to to do a combo attack. To duck and bob to avoid enemy hits and to look cool at the same time, tap the X button when a blow is about to be landed.

Keep looking all around the map as soon as you start. Pick a point and go in a small angle so that you move out just a little bit at a time. You will see a marker appear with "?????". This may take some time, and you may find some money or capsules, but you will find the Dragon Radar along with two Dragon Balls in the first area. Do the same type of search pattern on each area to find everything; even places to fight and level up, along with friends who will give you skills and even a level up or two.

Use the following trick to win in Dragon Rush about 80% of the time in every match. If you start Dragon Rush, first: X; second: Triangle; third: Square. If your opponent starts Dragon Rush, use Square, Circle, or X.

First choose goku in DU mode and get all the dragon balls before you fight majin buu. Then continue the story till you fight Broly. Then go to the world tournament to get Gogeta. | Submitted by Ranjev

To defeat the z modes easily start DU and play it till your last with very easy level. Before your last match turn your level to z and then beat the final fight and you will complete the game on z mode.

For this you must have a character that knows an ultimate attack (like "Big Bang" or "Spirit Bomb"). Also, this is much easier to do if you can get their baselineki guage the same or higher than the cost of the attack. For example: if you want Goku to use the "Sirit Bomb"(which is actually "Sper Dragon Fist"), which costs 5 ki guages to use, get Goku to SS3 or SS4. Then, just stay alive until your opponent goes into hyper mode and keep flying backwards so you don't get hit (which you should almost always do when your opponent is in hyper mode) until they are right about to exit hyper mode. That is when you enter hyper mode and because they cannot move for about 4 seconds, you have just enough time to use your ultimate attack. NOTE: in case you don't know what the basline ki guage is, it is the point where you will automatically recover ki, also the bars will be bigger than usual and will recover faster when you charge your ki by yourself. | Submitted by Jonathan

Level - Code

Z Mode ( Goku's Wish ) - Beat Dragon Universe on Very Hard once
Z2 Mode ( The Path to Power ) - Beat Dragon Universe on Z Mode once
Z3 Mode ( Endless Path to Power ) - Beat Dragon Universe on Z2 Mode once

First, when you get up to Buu Saga, goto the Plains near Goku's House. After going there, fight Gohan as Majin Vegeta. After you finished fighting him, keep going through the red parts of the map until you hit up to Kid Buu. Let Kid Buu beat you, then put No in the Continue screen. After that fly a bit back, and you'll see 2 reds touching eachother. Go push X on the left one, and you can fight Buu agian, but when you win, you can fight Broly.

In "Dragon Arena Mode", enter this code:

)@&$iDI-zC!$H)hmtyVTTMjJrBnRewJYr&M | Submitted by KenFougere

Go to Dragon Arena mode and enter this code : YpQZPruNbzchTjRIY%bfacMjY&&NkdHqvgym | Submitted by KenFougere

To unlock Freiza's space Ship, a move that is the same as a Full Senzu Bean that only Frieza can use , look closely at the map in the second level (with Frieza and the Ginyu Force). You will see a little island in the middle of the map. Go to it and get the item, which is Frieza's Space Ship.

Press Circle Instead Of Square To Get The Destroyed Version Of A Stage.

To get Omega Shenron,(The Real Way!) put it on very hard mode and play as Goku, then get to the part when Gohan is absorbed by Buu. Then go to the middle part of the middle yellowpart on the map. It should say "Mountains". Press X and Supreme Kai should talk about "Wicked Magic". (Broly) Then continue on with your journey. Instead of K. Buu, you will fight Broly. Then you'll get the invitation from Gotenks. Before you fight, the dot will be at West City. Omega Shenron will talk, then fight you. you'll start to fight as Gogeta. After that, fight Gotenks.
(TIP, Dragon Turnback: Once you get Whirlingspin and Dragonthunder and the enemy is right in front of you, use Dragonthunder, then Whirlingspin, the enemy should bounce to you, then bounce back.) | Submitted by KenFougere

Find the Dragon Balls in Dragon Universe Mode:You can find: 2 Dragon Balls in Saiyan Saga, 2 Dragon Balls on Namek, 2 Dragon Balls in Cell Saga, 1 Dragon Ball in Buu Saga. When you have all 7, you can wish for a Breakthrough Capsule, Memories or some rare Green Capsules. | Submitted by Chris

In the jap. ver. of the game you can get the "Golden Monkey""Golden Oozaru". I don't know how but its true. I've seen a screenshot. | Submitted by KenFougere

To get Hurcule, you have to Piccolo's DU Mode. Get to the part where you have to fight Super Buu. Don't go there yet. Instead,go to the Western Desert. Search there until it says "Desert". Land there. you should talk to Hurcule. Then go to Hurcule City. You should talk to Videl. After that, you should get Hurcule. | Submitted by KenFougere

Start a new story in DRAGONUNIVERSE. Go to Kami's Lookout and level up. Then save your game data and quit DRAGONUNIVERSE. Start a new story in DRAGONUNIVERSE and repeat this process.

If you're having trouble with your Z fighter, just delete all your levels on it and turn DU mode on Z to get 1500 - 4500 points. Z2 and Z3 will get 4500 points or more in each round. | Submitted by KenFougere

Start two player or practice fighting mode with player 1 as Goku and the second player can be anybody. Then after the word "Fight!" leaves screen don't press any buttons on either controllers. Wait about 8-10 minutes and Goku should stare blankly into the screen.

During practice mode (training) press select and your energy will be at max and again for min (Note: If transformed it will just go up) | Submitted by Chris

These are located in Goku's Dragon universe. All 3 membership cards can be found on an island, just north of the Golden-Gate looking bridge. After going through Goku's Dragon Universe a few times, all 3 will be there to be collected.

When you unlock Uub (kill Kid Buu using the Spirit Bomb) he only has to fight 3 characters to end his game (you still get credit when fighting on super hard, Z, Z2, and Z3). However, dont collect the dragonballs after the first time you beat DU otherwise you will have to fight Omega Shrenron which is nearly impossible to do in any of the Z modes.

During the load screen if you rotate the stick things or press many buttons saibamen will grow and if you grow enough a red one will appear.

The cards can either be bought in the shop after you spend a certain amount there, or found in Dragon Universe by a character of high enough level. In DU, the cards appear at the same place for each character every time. For Goku, (probably the easiest character to get them with) they appear on an island just West-Northwest of the main continent. It doesn't matter how many times you go through DU, it is your character level that matters.

Silver Membership Card Character Lvl 2+, or spend 1,500 zenie in shop or have budokai 2 save.
Gold Membership Card Character Lvl 15+, or spend 100,000 zenie in shop.
Black Membership Card Character Lvl 30+, or spend 250,000 zenie in shop.

Go to Dragon Arena, pick your Saibamen. Then fight the highest level Yamcha you can fight. If you selfdestruct on him he will automaticly die as he does in the series.

Beat Dragon Universe with one of the 11 characters on the Z 3 difficulty setting.

You cannot buy the next tournament in line even if you beat the previous one unless you have the required amount of characters. Novice requires 8, i think you start off with that many anyways. Adept requires 16, playing through dragon Universe with Goku should get you about 8. Advanced requires 32, almost all of the characters in the game are required, and for some reason doubles and triples of the same characters are counted as seperate people ( kid Gohan, teen, and adult, as well as the Buus and the 2 Trunks'). NOTE: someone gave a list of how to get the characters, which although is very useful, is not 100% acurrate. For example, you do not have to defeat Broly twice to get him, although in some circumstances like the diffuculty level, you might. And Videl ccan be found by playing Gohan and looking on one of the islands at the south end of the map. It will not be a red dot and I'm not sure when you get her except it's at the very beginning. You will know you will get her because you will be talking to Yajerobi. | Submitted by Jonathan

Here is the transformation list for every character.

Goku: Kaioken, Super Saiyan 1,2,3,4
Kid Goku: none
Kid Gohan: unlock potential
Team Gohan: Super Saiyan 1 & 2
Gohan: Super Saiyan 1 & 2, Elder Kai Unlock Ability
G Saiyanan: none
Goten: Super Saiyan
Vegta: Super Saiyan 1, 2 & 4
Trunks: Super Saiyan 1 & 2
Kid Trunks: Super Saiyan
Krillin: unlock potential
Piccolo: Sync with Nail, fuse with Kami
Tien: none
Yamcha: none
Hercule: high tension
Videl: none
Supreme Kai: none
Uub, Bardock, Raditz, Nappa, Ginyu, Recoome, #16, #17, #18, Gero, Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu & Omega Shenron: all none
Frieza: 2nd, 3rd, final, 100% & Mecha Forms
Cell: 17 absorption, perfect form, super perfect form
Dabura: Demonic Will
Cooler: Final & Metal forms
Broly: Legendary Super Saiyan | Submitted by KenFougere

Buy it for 50,000 for each character after you unlocked all character.

The most recommended character in the game is Kid Buu. If you choose him in duel mode or dragon arena, be sure to put 'Kamehameha', 'Vanishing ball', 'Warp Kamehameha' and senzu bean in the skill list. With this you'll have 78.2 percent of winning. | Submitted by Ranjev

Dabura:In story mode defeat Dabura with Teen Gohan

Great Saiyaman:In story mode defeat cell with Teen Gohan or Kid Gohan

Bardok: In the beginning of DU fly over to Raditz's spaceship, you should see a ???. Enter it and you should get him.

Brolly: Beat him on the second time through as Goku instead of Kid Buu.

Gogeta Capsule: On a time through as Goku/Vegeta.Instead of fighting Uub/Brolly,you receive an invetation from their sons to fight in a fusion. Just win that fight.

Cooler: After beating Frieza under where you beat him, should be SS Vegeta. Beat him and Vegeta will tell you about him. Go to Cooler's red mark and beat him.

Vegeta: Play through dragon universe with goku

Fat buu: Play through dragon universe with goku

Kid buu: Play through dragon universe with goku

Kid Goku: Complete Dragon Universe mode with Broly

Teen Gohan: Complete Dragon Universe mode with Kid Gohan

Gohan: Complete Dragon Universe mode with Teen Gohan

Great Saiyaman: Complete Dragon Universe mode with Gohan

Goten: Defeat Goten in Dragon Universe mode with Gohan

Vegeta: Defeat Vegeta in Dragon Universe mode with Goku

Trunks: Complete Dragon Universe mode with Vegeta

Kid Trunks: Defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode with Vegeta

Videl: Go to plains (point 4 on map) with Gohan

Captain Ginyu: Defeat Captain Ginyu in Dragon Universe mode with Goku

Recoome: Defeat Recoome in Dragon Universe mode with Goku

Frieza: Defeat Frieza in Dragon Universe mode with Goku

Android 17: Defeat Android 17 in Dragon Universe mode with Piccolo

Android 18: Complete Dragon Universe mode with Krillin

Dr. Gero: Defeat Dr. Gero in Dragon Universe mode with Yamcha

Cell: Defeat Cell in Dragon Universe mode with Teen Gohan

Majin Buu: Defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode with Goku

Super Buu: Defeat Super Buuin Dragon Universe mode with Goku

Kid Buu: Defeat Kid Buu in Dragon Universe mode with Goku

Uub: When fighting kid buu use the spirit ball technique and win

Vegito(Goku): Defeat Super Buu as Goku in Buu's Body in DU

Vegito(Vegeta): Defeat Super Buu as Vegeta in Buu's Body in DU

Gogeta (ssj2): After defeating Broly In Dragon Universe Mode Defeat Gotenks At The World Tournament Arena

Gogeta (ssj4): In Vegeta's DU instead of fighting Kid Buu go find Goku who is now a Super Saiyan 4. Defeat him and you will get this Fusion.

Trunks (young): Defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode while playing with Vegeta.

Gotenks: Buy in the capsule shop.

Dr. Zoidberg: Defeat Syn Shenron in his Omega form using base Kid Goku.

Android 16: In Krillin's Dragon Universe mode. Got to one of the islands near Roshi's house and take hime to Bulma in West City for repairs to get him.

Oceanic Shenron: Beat Omega Shenron with broly 5 time without losing

Kujila: Get everyone to at least level 10 in the Dragon Arena

Cell JR: Piccolo will randomly appear in Dragon Arena, beat him to get Cell JR. | Submitted by Chris

Beat Dragon Universe with all of the characters to unlock Dragon Arena. | Submitted by Chris

In dragon universe mode, you can unlock 21 original voice data in the bonus section, by using special abilities with the opponents with all the characters.

voice data 00: goku vs raditz - use kamehameha
voice data 01: piccolo vs raditz - use special beam cannon
voice data 02: tien vs nappa - use ki blast cannon
voice data 03: kid gohan vs nappa - use masenko
voice data 04: krillin vs frieza(third form) - use destructo disk
voice data 05: goku vs frieza(100% full power) - use super saiyen
voice data 06: yamcha vs dr. gero - use senzu bean
voice data 07: piccolo vs cell - use fuse with kami
voice data 08: vegeta vs cell(absorb 17 form) - life more than 2500
voice data 09: vegeta vs cell(perfect form) - use final flash
voice data 10: teen gohan vs goku - use super sayan
voice data 11: teen gohan vs cell(super perfect form) - use father-son kamehameha
voice data 12: vegeta vs majin buu - use final explosion
voice data 13: goku vs majin buu - use super sayan 3
voice data 14: win after time limit passes 60
voice data 15: gohan vs super buu - use elder kai unlock ability
voice data 16: goku vs kid buu - use super spirit bomb
voice data 17: vegeta vs ss4 goku - use super saiyan 4
Voice data 18: SS4 Gogeta vs. Omega Shenron/Earth. Use 100X Big Bang Kamehemeha
voice data 19: broly vs gohan - use gigantic meteor
voice data 20: uub vs goku - use ki cannon


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