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Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

Unlock Friday MKII/ Dark Guide for Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories - PlayStation 2

This NPC is the dimension guide in which you can play the "dark" version of stages you have already gotten up to. These dark stages are challenging and much harder than the actual stage they are supposed to represent (the first stage has 3 lvl80 monsters). To unlock her you must press 5 buttons hidden throughout the town. These buttons are invisible and you must press X when you are near them to "press" them. The first button is located behind the knocked-down square column behind the Post Officer. The second is located behind Adell's house against the wall in the corner. The third is located on the very bottom right hand corner off the map where there is a patch of grass next to a tree. The fourth is located in a break in the wall of the left leg of the cross where the Petite Orc is standing in the middle. The last button is located behind the house located just left of the previous button. It will be against the wall. After pressing all buttons it should say "An eerie shadow lurks upon Holt Village". After doing this Friday MKII will appear under the tree located near the third button. Make sure to save before fighting her because if you are a low enough level and you lose it will results in a game over and you will lose all unsaved data previous to the fight.

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