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Cannon Fodder

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Cannon Fodder on PlayStation 2

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Watch out for piles of rocks or ruffles of grass, as these often conceal mines. Shoot them and you'll be safe to pass. Trip wires are also dotted about some levels, these are also easy to see. They look like a silver or black line stretch across a walkway. To disarm them, simply fire at the area around them.  | Submitted by DarkRealms

Try this : On the map, type [Ctrl]+FODDER, then [Enter] to get to the next level. Use the same techniques as used in the Cannon Fodder 1, as this game is basically the same but with a variety of scenery. Watch out for the flying debris that the buildings release when you grenade them. | Submitted by DarkRealms

Head to the top right and collect the grenades, then down the right hand side for more, before you kill all the men.  | Submitted by DarkRealms

Conquer this phase in an anti-clockwise direction, but do it slowly as you will encounter a very large amount of enemy soldiers. There is a building at the top of the right hand side but don't blow it up until you have collected the grenades.  | Submitted by DarkRealms

Look out for the rockets, to avoid simply stop and when a rocket has been launched at you make a moving attack. Some grenades can be found at the left hand side of the tent, up the top if the level. To save on men blow it up, unless you are short on grenades, then you'll have to collect it. | Submitted by DarkRealms

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