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Burnout Revenge

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Burnout Revenge - PlayStation 2

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When your Crashbreaker bar is at 99%, press X. You will only have to tap Circle two or three times to get a full Crashbreaker.

Enter the following codes with the CodeBreaker PS2 to get the corresponding Rank 3 gold medal:

Eastern Bay-Road Rage-Lower Link Forwards
87CA94E9 9C9AEEF0 Central Route-Traffic Attack-Long Forwards
972633B0 23F2D38A Eastern Bay-Race-Long Forwards D2583240 6A1888D9
Central Route-Race-Long Reverse 164D9686 DB2B74A7
Eastern Bay-Eliminator-Long Reverse 127F5138 A6D07A62
Preview-Lone Peak 5EC8FF0B 257A3632
Eastern Bay-Grand Prix 3 4930BD01 37AF747D
Eastern Bay-Burning Lap-Lower Link Forwards 9E7780B1 64806B02
Central Route-Burning Lap-Long Forwards 54F331EE E95CE61C
Central Route-Crash-Prawn Smackers 853B7B07 6ED70BB8
Eastern Bay-Crash-Intersection Dissection A3D73734 993E6FBA
Central Route-Crash-Tram-A-Tised EDC6D47E C0FAB0E8
Eastern Bay-Crash-Smashed In Translation 888165DF 42E259DA
Central Route-Crash-Street Car Set On Fire 2189C101 67BEB8B6 - Sent by [FlameFist95]

Get Elite Rank 11.

Complete White Mountain Challenge Sheet.

Complete Sunshine Keys Challenge Sheet.

Have a Burnout 3 savefile on your memory card, this car will be unlocked when you load up the game for the first time, after you create a profile.

Complete Central Route Challenge Sheet.

Complete Motor City Challenge Sheet.

Complete Eternal City Challenge Sheet.

Complete Lone Peak Challenge Sheet.

Complete Rank 10 GP Race.

Complete Angel Valley Challenge Sheet.

Game Detects Madden NFL 06 Game Save.

Complete Eastern Bay Challenge Sheet.

Finish the Game 100%.

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