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PlayStation 2 - Bloody Roar 3 screenshot

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Bloody Roar 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Bloody Roar 3 on PlayStation 2

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Go to the options screen. You can reach it from the main menu. Hold L2 and press Circle to unlock debug mode.

To unlock a hard difficulty setting, complete arcade mode without continuing.

You can get Uranus and Kohryu very easily, you only need to win the game with anyone and with the difficulty you want.
But, you can't use the continues, you can't lose the 2 rounds in a fight. | Submitted by Tamaki

Defeat more than 10 opponents to unlock a bonus mode. Keep winning to unlock more modes.

To unlock high speed mode, win 100 fights in survival mode with one character.

Successfully complete arcade mode without continuing one to unlock the highest difficulty level this only work in survival mode. | Submitted by CoryHudson

In arcade mode, fight 10 battles with the same character, then rank in with the same character in arcade mode to unlock Hyper Beast Battle mode. | Submitted by CoryHudson

To unlock low speed mode, obtain a ranking in arcade mode with all characters.

Obtain first place in arcade mode to unlock no blocking mode.

Finish arcade mode in first place to unlock No Guard Battle mode this only works in survival and vs.modes. | Submitted by CoryHudson

To unlock one fall mode, win twenty rounds in survival mode with one character. In this mode, the first character to fall will loose, but they will be invincible to all other attacks.

Obtain first place in sudden death mode to unlock one-hit knockdown mode.

Complete survival mode by winning nene figts to unlock the Sudden Death Survival mode. | Submitted by CoryHudson

In arcade mode, fight 20 battles with the same character, then rank in at surivival mode with the same character to unlock Sumo Wrestling Battle Mode. | Submitted by CoryHudson


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