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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Avatar: The Last Airbender on PlayStation 2

Enter the following code with the CodeBreaker PS2 to have 1 Hit Kills: 7D317F9C 4B062CAC. | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following code with the CodeBreaker PS2 to unlock all of the unlockables:

FE5CDC2A C75B8538
647F2268 9B5848A1
B510B8C4 E0F17A59
3B5BD8CD 9F467058
C6B3F9E3 0D044EA5 | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following codes with the CodeBreaker PS2 to unlock the corresponding card (1 - 100):

Card 1 2B2BE219 00FFE01F
Card 2 2B17E219 00FFE02F
Card 3 2B13E219 00FFE03F
Card 4 2B1FE219 00FFE04F
Card 5 2B1BE219 00FFE05F
Card 6 2B07E219 00FFE06F
Card 7 2B03E219 00FFE07F
Card 8 2B0FE219 00FFE08F
Card 9 2B0BE219 00FFE09F
Card 10 2BF7E219 00FFE0AF
Card 11 2BF3E219 00FFE0BF
Card 12 2BFFE219 00FFE0CF
Card 13 2BFBE219 00FFE0DF
Card 14 2BE7E219 00FFE0EF
Card 15 2BE3E219 00FFE0FF
Card 16 2BEFE219 00FFE10F
Card 17 2BEBE219 00FFE11F
Card 18 2BD7E219 00FFE12F
Card 19 2BD3E219 00FFE13F
Card 20 2BDFE219 00FFE14F
Card 21 2BDBE219 00FFE15F
Card 22 2BC7E219 00FFE16F
Card 23 2BC3E219 00FFE17F
Card 24 2BCFE219 00FFE18F
Card 25 2BCBE21A 00FFE19F
Card 26 2BB7E21A 00FFE1AF
Card 27 2BB3E21A 00FFE1BF
Card 28 2BBFE21A 00FFE1CF
Card 29 2BBBE21A 00FFE1DF
Card 30 2BA7E21A 00FFE1EF
Card 31 2BA3E21A 00FFE1FF
Card 32 2BAFE21A 00FFE20F
Card 33 2BABE21A 00FFE21F
Card 34 2B97E21A 00FFE22F
Card 35 2B93E21A 00FFE23F
Card 36 2B9FE21A 00FFE24F
Card 37 2B9BE21A 00FFE25F
Card 38 2B87E21A 00FFE26F
Card 39 2B83E21A 00FFE27F
Card 40 2B8FE21A 00FFE28F
Card 41 2B8BE21A 00FFE29F
Card 42 2B77E21A 00FFE2AF
Card 43 2B73E21A 00FFE2BF
Card 44 2B7FE21A 00FFE2CF
Card 45 2B7BE21A 00FFE2DF
Card 46 2B67E21A 00FFE2EF
Card 47 2B63E21A 00FFE2FF
Card 48 2B6FE21A 00FFE30F
Card 49 2B6BE21A 00FFE31F
Card 50 2B57E21A 00FFE32F
Card 51 2B53E21A 00FFE33F
Card 52 2B5FE21A 00FFE34F
Card 53 2B5BE21A 00FFE35F
Card 54 2B47E21A 00FFE36F
Card 55 2B43E21A 00FFE37F
Card 56 2B4FE21A 00FFE38F
Card 57 2B4BE21A 00FFE39F
Card 58 2B37E21A 00FFE3AF
Card 59 2B33E21A 00FFE3BF
Card 60 2B3FE21A 00FFE3CF
Card 61 2B3BE21A 00FFE3DF
Card 62 2B27E21A 00FFE3EF
Card 63 2B23E21A 00FFE3FF
Card 64 2B2FE21A 00FFE40F
Card 65 2B2BE21A 00FFE41F
Card 66 2B17E21A 00FFE42F
Card 67 2B13E21A 00FFE43F
Card 68 2B1FE21A 00FFE44F
Card 69 2B1BE21A 00FFE45F
Card 70 2B07E21A 00FFE46F
Card 71 2B03E21A 00FFE47F
Card 72 2B0FE21A 00FFE48F
Card 73 2B0BE21A 00FFE49F
Card 74 2BF7E21A 00FFE4AF
Card 75 2BF3E21A 00FFE4BF
Card 76 2BFFE21A 00FFE4CF
Card 77 2BFBE21A 00FFE4DF
Card 78 2BE7E21A 00FFE4EF
Card 79 2BE3E21A 00FFE4FF
Card 80 2BEFE21A 00FFE50F
Card 81 2BEBE21A 00FFE51F
Card 82 2BD7E21A 00FFE52F
Card 83 2BD3E21A 00FFE53F
Card 84 2BDFE21A 00FFE54F
Card 85 2BDBE21A 00FFE55F
Card 86 2BC7E21A 00FFE56F
Card 87 2BC3E21A 00FFE57F
Card 88 2BCFE21A 00FFE58F
Card 89 2BCBE21B 00FFE59F
Card 90 2BB7E21B 00FFE5AF
Card 91 2BB3E21B 00FFE5BF
Card 92 2BBFE21B 00FFE5CF
Card 93 2BBBE21B 00FFE5DF
Card 94 2BA7E21B 00FFE5EF
Card 95 2BA3E21B 00FFE5FF
Card 96 2BAFE21B 00FFE60F
Card 97 2BABE21B 00FFE61F
Card 98 2B97E21B 00FFE62F
Card 99 2B93E21B 00FFE63F
Card 100 2B9FE21B 00FFE64F | Submitted by FlameFist95

Collect all Set Items through level 6.

Select the Code Entry option at the Extras menu, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Infinite health
Enter 94677 as a code.

Infinite stealth
Enter 53467 as a code.

Infinite copper
Enter 23637 as a code.

Infinite Chi
Enter 24463 as a code.

Double damage
Enter 34743 as a code.

One-hit dishonor
Enter 54641 as a code.

All treasure maps
Enter 37437 as a code.

Character concept gallery
Enter 97831 as a code.

This is the machine you must fight in order to find Katara. Dodge the fire bending. Try running left to right, then right to left. Continue this until you see a flashing light near it, then attack it. Hit it with Aang. You may use a Chi attack but just a plain attack should work just as well, however it takes time. You will have Saka (Katara's brother) fighting with you to do double damage. Once it has around a quarter of its HP gone, the machine will start throwing fire around. Keep a safe distance from this attack. It causes no real threat to your or your partner as long as you stay as far away as possible.

Whenever you are in battle you can go back later to get more experience.

Enter the following code with the CodeBreaker PS2 to have Infinite Health:

93FD6304 FF42173C
06B0ADA9 F7303EFA | Submitted by FlameFist95

Collect all Set Items through level 3.

Enter the following codes with CodeBreaker PS2 to unlock the corresponding 'Max' effect:

Max Health: 0E1B3312 3FDCE7C6 85C48F05 CA7BA95A
Max Chi: 91B3626B EE1388FB CDCA5FE9 9D2C5D48
Max Armor: 50B4995D 785003A1 4638C6B0 AA75A4EC
Max Life: 4D01D6BA 5B9C7A0F 741E38F4 93F2170F
Max Focus: CE9C8479 965493A3 5201DCFA 1516DB15
Max Copper: 05161FF6 2E181AED F5873C6F 67F702E2
Max Strength: DA192F69 F8AC8344 6085A34F 63A706B6
Max Agility: 644FCD3C D955A48F D46D7239 E9346CD4 | Submitted by FlameFist95

Collect all Set Items through level 5.


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