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PlayStation 2 - Avatar: The Burning Earth screenshot

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Avatar: The Burning Earth

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Avatar: The Burning Earth on PlayStation 2

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To unlock the 3rd Appa flying mission, have an Avatar the Last Airbender saved game on your memory card. When you load the game up, it will automatically unlock.

Enter the following code with the CodeBreaker PS2 to unlock all of the movies:

E22FBF57 06170285
97D78F1F 73FE5CCB
F4543403 353C54D3
8B52848F 8DA3AF25 | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following codes with CodeBreaker PS2 to unlock the corresponding Bonus Game:

Appa Adventures 430BF493 4866AA7E
Combat Arena 9392BB07 B66A59CB
Boss Battles DE1CD8B7 22AFE6AD
Chapter Select CDFFD493 5A9B4CC2  | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following code with CodeBreaker PS2 to have Double the Damage for each hit: 0DF514ED 6DD245F4. | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following code with the CodeBreaker PS2 to find all of the secrets:

9554019E 5C7A9254
E98C99A4 4E623990
E0B2746E DA549F23 | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following code with the CodeBreaker PS2 to have found the corresponding secret:

Secret 1 3B5DE9ED C4CEA639
Secret 2 77134CF8 5F14404D
Secret 3 0F4DEAE5 E1A37B26
Secret 4 C15358B8 71F3EC09
Secret 5 6B84DAE9 DA46EC53
Secret 6 8D9882A5 8CA8ED7E
Secret 7 961F9C3C B5DE864E
Secret 8 7BBAAE7B 3F6D9309
Secret 9 877DF619 D7A0A110
Secret 10 E98FE14A BA893351
Secret 11 21DEE890 3C60F1FE
Secret 12 17E33654 F87DF5B8
Secret 13 5505350F 7B7655D6
Secret 14 D298D38F 07C74F00
Secret 15 154344C7 1FC3DAB4
Secret 16 0F059A86 E0E67471
Secret 17 324566BF 02BB3915
Secret 18 72A5AD63 B30CB797
Secret 19 26058FAE C04D0616
Secret 20 81B606E2 C6EB18EC
Secret 21 C76F192D 05E56489
Secret 22 EA23494B 1234CD10
Secret 23 88F79869 2D0D1C67
Secret 24 76A18E18 B8E04944
Secret 25 49AF9451 670C811B
Secret 26 972139CD 346FCB11
Secret 27 72D22F3A 3F6758CF
Secret 28 3780F094 413867C9
Secret 29 ECC3260E B7A65F36
Secret 30 616305E4 B1817933
Secret 31 C02372E1 ACDA669E
Secret 32 6202F473 12C28B07
Secret 33 E0A67A6A 1D995E31
Secret 34 A912C2C1 BF4088D8
Secret 35 D1D8E93D 4FB15508
Secret 36 E0B2746E DA549F23  | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following code with CodeBreaker PS2 to have Unlimited Special Attacks: 33F6F603 AC2FB0CB. | Submitted by FlameFist95

Enter the following code with CodeBreaker PS2 to unlock the corresponding movie:

Movie 1 BE894FBE FF0BFA68
Movie 2 7507AA09 B7932191
Movie 3 12C4D1BE 5AE243C2
Movie 4 2548CAC9 6BC9FEB9
Movie 5 C064DE53 07072DA6
Movie 6 AF6F0A35 ECFCA526
Movie 7 215C16D8 15657AD0
Movie 8 D5C674DB 93D572CB
Movie 9 7C7253A4 8FABA05C
Movie 10 FD6468B3 9479BB6F
Movie 11 517B971F C32D3975
Movie 12 8B52848F 8DA3AF25 | Submitted by FlameFist95

At the code entry screen, enter:

Double Damage: 65049
Unlimited Health: 90210
Unlimited Chi: 66206
One Hit K.O: 28260
All Bonus Games: 99801
All Gallery Items: 85061
Max Level: 89121 | Submitted by JoeFong


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