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Army Men: RTS

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Army Men: RTS on PlayStation 2

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While playing a game, hold R2 and press Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, X.

While playing a game, hold R2 and press Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square.

The voice in the background says different dying words with certain soldiers. Whenever a unit dies, the voice says "Unit lost". However, whenever someone such as Riff, Sarge, and other soldiers with names die the voice says "Man down!".

Get 31 Gold Medals.

Hold R2 and press Triangle(2), X, Square, Triangle(2), while playing a game. | Submitted by Tristan

Square, Square, Cross, Triangle, Square, Cross.

Hold R2 and press Square(2), X, Triangle, X, Square, while playing a game. | Submitted by Tristan

Triangle, Triangle, Cross, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Cross, Circle.

Traingle, Traingle, Cross, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

To display different colors, press and hold R2 during gameplay, then press Square, Triangle, Square, Square, X, Circle.

To drop paratroopers, press and hold R2 during gameplay. Then, press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle.

Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross.

Enable the "5000 Plastic" code a few times. Build an HQ, then build four to five Barracks. Upgrade the HQ, then upgrade the Barracks. Have two Barracks making Bazooka Men and the others making Machine Gunners. Make the amount you want made high (about fifteen). When the first group of villagers leaves the village, send all your troops and heroes to protect them. Walk slightly ahead of the villagers and take out all Tan near the road. After the first group makes it to the extraction point, send your first group back to the beginning of the road (next to the town). By that time, you will have a large amount of Machine Gunners/Bazooka Men made. Select them all (except for the first group sent to protect the villagers) to one of the two Tan bases. They are located west and east of the middle of the stage. Destroy the bases so that the Tan cannot make more men or machines. At the same time protect the villagers with the first group of men. After you destroy one of the bases, send all of your men (and the new ones that have been made) to the last base to destroy it. Then, have your men search the area around the road for any remaining Tan. Note: The base located to the west is harder to destroy, but has a barracks as well as a garage.

To get 5000 Plastic, press R2 during gameplay, then press Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square.

To get more resources from your dumptrucks, press and hold R2 during gameplay, then press Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, X.

To get 2000 more Plastic, press R2 during gameplay, then press Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, X.

Blind Pass (Great Battle 2): Campaign mission 1
Basement Baloney (Great Battle 3): Campaign mission 2
Bathroom Blitz (Great Battle 4): Campaign mission 3
Flooded Follies (Great Battle 5): Campaign mission 4
Sandbox Shenanigans (Great Battle 8): Campaign mission 7
Tricycle Treachery (Great Battle 6): Campaign mission 5
Waterway War (Great Battle 7): Campaign mission 6

Hold R2 and press Square, Triangle, Left(2), Triangle, Square, while playing a game. | Submitted by Tristan

You do not have to bring a radio operator with your men to use him. You can keep him at your base where he is safe and use the air strikes he can call in when your men are attacking a target.

Blastoff! (Special Operation 8): Campaign mission 15
Hostage Situation (Special Operation 7): Campaign mission 14
Lord of the Ants (Special Operation 2): Campaign mission 9
Midnight Snack (Special Operation 1): Campaign mission 8
Road Block (Special Operation 5): Campaign mission 12
Sandy Breach (Special Operation 3): Campaign mission 10
Tan Some Hide (Special Operation 6): Campaign mission 13
This Old Fortress (Special Operation 4): Campaign mission 11


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